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Non league club forced to groundshare to prevent folding

A non league club have been forced to groundshare in order to prevent folding, they have stated in a statement on social media this week.

Midland Football League Premier Division side Newark (formerly Newark Flowserve) say that they have agreed a season-long groundshare with an unnamed Nottinghamshire club.

The Supporters Club will be holding a meeting with the management and committee to answer any questions about recent events and the future plans the club.

Credit: Gibbos92


Following a period of uncertainty regarding the future of Lowfields and Newark Football Club, centred on the issue of a Section 25 notice (under the Landlord and Tenants Act 1954) and the subsequent necessity to vacate the site.

We are now in a position to announce we have agreed a season long ground-share opportunity with a Nottinghamshire club for the 2021/22 season and thereby assuring the continuance of the football club.

We would like to thank everyone who has supported the club in our attempts to stay at our home – Lowfields – and greatly appreciate and respect the efforts by members of the community and our fans and supporters.

These efforts were unable to secure our continued operation from Lowfields or indeed the longevity of the grounds.

However, we do not believe they were in vain, as they showed the depth of feeling for the Lowfields site as a community asset, and a location for sporting activity.

Unfortunately, with very few options left available to us we have taken these steps to assure the future of the football club.

We are in discussions to ensure that the football club returns to Newark, where it belongs, for the 2022/23 season.

More details on the ground-share and any progress on the discussions will be released over the coming weeks.

As mentioned above the continued support of our fans and supporters has been instrumental in the clubs progression over the last 4 years, and is something the club do not underestimate.

We hope you will continue to support us through what will continue to be a difficult period and through a long, tough season both on and off the pitch.

Our aims are to secure the future and status of the football club and to return to Newark, back to the community we have been made to feel an integral part of.

Even though we will be operating away from the town and its surrounding communities, we will continue to support the community in every way we can.

Fans reacted with the non league club forced to groundshare in order to prevent folding…

@lfc_jayj: Shit that a ground like that as to go there are very few around this area with decent facilities and even more in lincolnshire , don’t these people that make these decisions know what they are doing to communities

@JustinDB1974: Sad to hear this, enjoyed my visit at the start of the season with Deeping (not the result though)

@KelvinFavell: Went once, made very welcome, planned further visits. A real shame. Had a great set up.

@RogerRangus: Really glad you’ve been able to find somewhere even as a temporary fix, we know only too well at Worcester the impact that homelessness has on the club. Let’s hope you can get a new ground of your own again soon.

@southwellcityfc: Good luck. Hope you find a long term solution. Ridiculous it comes to this. Same for @wb_fc.

@miffy_newark: Where we going then? Basford? Carlton?

@RussWWFC: Good luck guys, sad that I never got to visit you at Lowfields.

@TCFoad: Really is a disgrace this, more housing, less infrastructure. Surely if the last year has taught us anything it’s how important community is and this really was a community asset. Anyway, we move on. We’ll still follow our team. Up the Newark!

@terrydotcom: Sad news mate. Feeling angry and frustrated that a property developer can do this without any opposition from the authorities. The council needs to take a long hard look at itself.

@miffy_newark: Ridders, keep the faith mate, you produce a very good pitch up there. Just make sure you are on the mower again when we get our own ground again.

@MrShivas: Rubbish mate – you’ve done such a great job

Darren Rowberry: Although not ideal, it’s good that the future of the club at step 5 is assured with a plan to get back into Newark in the near future. At least with the FA restructuring we should have a new league to play in & a lot less away travelling to do

Jay Martin: Shit that a ground like that as to go there are very few around this area and even more in lincolnshire , don’t these people that make these decisions know what they are doing to communities

Andy Jackson: Come on then Newark and Sherwood District Council where are you? This had been going on for years! This town wants needs and deserves this level of football. Why aren’t you helping? Disgraceful.

Mark Brooks: Wish the club all the best and hope you are able to return home in the near future.

Andrew Wells: We will follow and support the club no matter where we end up.

Mark Brian Neal: Great news that the club is continuing, which ground will you be playing at

Sandy Bannatyne: Where have Newark and Sherwood District Council been in this matter? It’s disgusting that you have to move Elm Avenue is still sitting empty. I wish Newark FC the best of luck if anyone can tell me who the person in charge is I’d like to talk to them about some fund raising ideas. It’s about time you had your own ground to play on. Sprit in our town is far more important than new housing estates

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