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Non league club devastated as vandals smash up seats, boards and dugout

A non league club have been left devastated this week as vandals break into the ground, smash up seats, boards, fencing and the dugout.

Ashford Town (Middlesex) volunteers arrived at the Robert Parker Stadium on Friday, only to discover that some local yobs had left the ground in a right state,

It was clear to see that they perform acts of vandalism around the ground with plenty of damage caused and the cost of repairs comes at a tough time for clubs at this level of football.

On social media, the Tangerines explained: ‘As if things weren’t hard enough at the moment, some lovely people have taken it upon themselves to vandalise parts of our stadium! Our dugouts, fencing, seating, and boards have all taken a serious bashing.’

Anyone who might have more information which might help the local constabulary catch the culprits should call Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.

Earlier in February, Isthmian South Central Division Ashford Town applied for a share of Surrey County Council’s £100m Communities Fund – whilst also asking for support from fans.

The club explained: ‘These new all weather facilities would allow more football to be accommodated at the ground; especially for junior, youth, and other local grassroots teams. It would also help bring the whole community together for sports and recreation, as well as providing a host of opportunities for other local businesses to get involved in the development and support of this project.’

Fans reacted after seeing that the devastated non league club are now left with clearing up the mess left by the vandals…

@chris_burbidge: Shocking behaviour, like all supporters everywhere, I simply cannot understand their mindset. Hope you can get things repaired soon. Alas, you’re not alone facing this.

@MUJFC_Official: Sorry to see this @ashfordtownmx its such a shame people feel the need to damage the institutions that serve their communities. Sending you our support, lets hope those responsible are found and brought to justice.

@PaulHalsey1: Absolute joke with everyone struggling enough let’s hope there caught and made to pay

@FarnboroughFC: Absolutely disgraceful. Very sorry to see this. Some people clearly have nothing better to do. Words fail us.

@TennantRichard: Why do ‘people’ do this? Great club with friendly members. Despite the result, last year, had a lovely day there with @whitstabletown. Hope you get the help you require! Good luck!

@SurreySteve3: So annoying and upsetting for non league football clubs when this happens. It seems to have happened to more and more non league football clubs since our Supreme Leaders locked down the country last year

@BARRYBENNETTS: Sure a lot of good people at your club will restore to probably even better than before..good luck from West Cornwall

@BedfontFeltham: Sorry to hear about this. Some people seem to get a kick out of being mindless. Nothing better to do during lockdown.

@LarkStudios: So upset to see this mindless action. Stay strong guys!

@MarkFox34900032: What goes through peoples minds to do this

@MoleseyFC1953: Unbelievable ???? If only we could have couple of minutes with the reprobates to discuss……

@Stuartcripps4: Terrible. You summed it up with your opening words. Best to all at your club and hope you can recover. Wishing you well.

@RobMiller34: From a Ware FC Fan. Sorry this has happened to you guys. Hope you catch them. All the best.

@Buts11ATFC: This is truly awful, I love this football club

@Powelly_9: Why? What is wrong with some people? Hope you guys get things sorted

@GraceHough: Why. I ask myself why when some people work so hard for grassroots sports.

@oliver_shergold: Awful. How much will the cost be in repair? I’m sure some Twitter folk would chip in to help. I know I sure would and I’m on benefits.

@TheCurfews: Sorry to see this guys, hope the culprits are found

@HeavensAbove5: Shocking. What have they gained from this?

@Brian_Adshead: Totally brainless, why ?, just WHY ?

@GlenTayler: I just don’t understand people.. pointless

@adriandoyle062: Utter wankers

@twigtheblue: I’d like to be in a room with the culprits to explain the error of their ways. Despicable. I hope you manage to repair the damage.

@peterlell: So sorry to hear this to all concerned at @ashfordtownmx what is it with these scum of the earth, what they get out of this, no conscience or responsibility…please find out who these vandals are then go round their house and bash down their fence… thats if they’ve got one

@MalcolmPayne16: Low life idiots with nil respect. Pity no CCTV installed there to name and shame them

@RussWWFC: Should be found, made to pay for the repairs and given a £5000 fine for breaking lockdown rules.

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