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Ninth tier club regrettably resign from their league with immediate effect

Ninth tier club Bitton AFC regrettably resign from their league with immediate effect, it was confirmed in a statement on Thursday.

At the time of the announcement, the club sat bottom of the Western League Premier Division, taking four points from 13 games played.

Unfortunately they are one of a huge number of clubs extremely worried for the next few months. See more on that HERE.


It is with deep regret that Bitton 1st Team have been withdrawn from the Toolstation Premier Division by the Club.

The decision has been taken with a heavy heart but in the interest of the whole club and its future sustainability which is imperative.

The club would like to thank the supporters, sponsors and management for their contributions this season and importantly the players that had committed to the long arduous journeys to date and to complete the season which has proved to be financially one step to far for the club. The club would like to put on record the positive attitudes and commitments that have been enviable, and you are all wished every success going forward.

The club will now reflect and decide on its options going forward.


The Toolstation Western League have recieved an email from the Chairman of Bitton AFC stating that they have resigned from the Toolstation Western League with immediate effect

Bitton’s playing record for this season will be expunged and the league table adjusted accordingly.



This is what fans said to say as the ninth tier club regrettably resign from their league with immediate effect…

@BasePyramid: Sad to hear this. Really enjoyed a trip there a few years back.

@MadGas1: Moving forward. There should be complete transparency regarding how much clubs are paying it’s players against how much money the club makes. Every club should be made to live within its means and not rely on ego-maniacs with lots of money to prop teams up.

@NeilMaggs2: Very sad – top club @BittonAFC and always enjoyed playing there 😢

@maljcoad: Real shame, but it is happening to too many teams at the moment

@MarcusBrody15: At least they lasted longer than #LizTrussPM

@Gas_Eloise: Sadly I think they overspent and the cost of living crisis right now make them pay for it. Really sad to see and I hope they bounce back sometime.

@imf_brev: A real shame for Bitton, three points further from safety for us, and now I’ll never get my Rapha umbrella back that I left at their ground earlier this season……

@alex_elkay21; A sad situation. Too many clubs going under and dropping out whether it be in football or rugby. There needs to be more transparency.

@JakeB2021: Very surprised by this. Always pushing for the league title in recent years. Overspending comes to mind

@nailseaTGas: Real shame to see this sadly can see this happening more

@mrjacktanner: Great shame, visited them for a groundhop start of the season, nice little club. Very uncertain times for non league clubs ahead, especially if EFL get their way with scrapping TV blackout

@ulyssesjoe: Such a shame. Memories of that sloping pitch again such a shame

@plod1956: Sad to see this from my old club. 🙁

@athurston_1996: From FA Vase semi finalists two years ago to this. Shocking change in fortunes and proves once again money can’t be thrown at every problem.

@GlosSouthcarpet: money isn’t everything loyalty is the most important in any football team. Team’s paying players in this league or other leagues Will be in trouble as soon as the big backers go. It spoils the game even at this level

Wroxham – @The_Yachtsmen: Very sad to hear this. We had a good game against them in the FA Vase Q/F a couple of seasons ago.

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