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Nile Ranger leaves Newcastle fans outraged by trying to flog 100 Carabao Cup final tickets

Nile Ranger leaves Newcastle fans outraged by trying to flog 100 Carabao Cup final tickets through his latest Insta story.

The club’s former player uploaded details via his social media account, selling the many tickets he has, but at high prices with fans since taking to criticising him.

@AdamP1242 pointed out: “I wouldn’t ever normally do something like this but I have reported Nile Ranger directly to Club Wembley.

“It’s disgusting to see a former Newcastle United with a history of online banking fraud trying to profit off the fans 😡”

He contacted Club Wembley, who are now investigating the matter.

Eddie Howe’s side are preparing to face Manchester United on Sunday afternoon at Wembley, in the club’s first league cup final appearance since 1976.

After Ranger advertised tickets for sale on his Instagram, the fanbase were less than impressed with his actions.

The 31 year old, a free agent, took to social media to post about the tickets, writing: ‘Tickets available Carabao cup’ and ‘SERIOUS ONLY’.

Ranger listed the prices: ‘Man United end £1150’ and ‘Newcastle end £2150’. He claimed that these were ‘market prices’.

Via Twitter, Nile wrote: “Tickets are available through a trusted marketplace, which guarantees all tickets. Prices are above face value, and the company is not affiliated with the football clubs or Wembley directly. Customers will be paying the company direct

“You are worried about reselling tickets
Go help victims of syria and turkey


Ranger was with Newcastle for four years, making 51 appearances before finally moving to Swindon in 2013.

It’s not the first instance of off-pitch troubles affecting the career of a forward.

Ranger was previously sentenced in 2017 to eight months imprisonment for admitting to conspiracy to defraud through the obtaining of bank details and the transfer of money.

Wood Green Crown Court heard Ranger conspired with Diane Bloss to use her bank details in February 2015 to move £2,090 between accounts.

During the proceedings, the court heard how Ranger had obtained Ms Bloss’s online HSBC account details and transferred the money to a Santander account.

Ranger pleaded guilty in conspiracy to defraud, but denied the charge of money laundering. This was left on the file.

He was convicted of an armed robbery in Southampton’s youth setup in 2007 and spent 11 weeks in Huntercombe young offenders institution.

Ranger was still in Newcastle when he was pictured with a gun, he was then penalised by the FA for homophobic comments made on Twitter in March 2012. He also received criticism for posting a photo of his name in £20 notes in that year.

He was also convicted in October 2012 of assaulting two officers and was given a conditional discharge.

After a week-long trial, he was found not guilty of raping a woman at the Carlton Hotel in Jesmond, Newcastle.

Ranger was in serious trouble while he was with Swindon in 2014 when he kicked down his own door. Ranger denied the charge of criminal damage, but was given a fine and ordered to pay the court costs.S

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As mentioned, Nile Ranger leaves Newcastle fans outraged by trying to flog 100 Carabao Cup final tickets…

@lspark89: Nile Ranger really is a piece of 💩 He’s not selling those tickets (if they even exist) for the victims of the Turkey & Syria earthquakes. He’s doing it to line his own pockets. The lads a fraudster!! Ashamed he ever wore the ⚫️⚪️

@Brennan719: Nile Ranger is a tout, he sells ticketss

@BbNufc: I highly doubt he has 100 tickets. It’s more than likely he’s trying to scam people.

@carltoop16: No lie this guy messaged me once asking for number as we had some mutual from his time at Swindon.. he told me@to send him 500 quid and I’d be a fully qualified ref 😂😂 this guy just a scammer

@DrFootballNUFC: Well played Adam 👏🏼 – that’s definitely not OK, and for him to do it so publicly 🤦🏻‍♂️

@TheMachine1981: That’s shocking.

@Ohh_Bugger: Should be reporting him (and others doing the same thing) to the police. They can look to see if it’s fraudulent (and let’s face it, they usually are), and consequently carry out any necessary action

@tinzy2022: What an absolute clown.

@lauren_schoffs: Have you reported to @NUFC too Adam? x

@KTD89: He won’t have 100 tickets. Better off reporting him to the police as he’s probably trying to scam people into sending him money.

@ToonHarris260: Deffo a scam

@aad51559be5b4ec: Good job Adam… I hate to say this, even though I supported almost all the ex-magpies for every path they accomplish, either in NUFC or outside of NUFC… but this is considered as an immoral act, no apologies for this one.

@paarsons: He’s always been a total bellend. Some things never change. Blokes a crook

@mbusby993_: Just when you think you’ll never see Nile Ranger being a scumbag again… Mugging off fans of the only club that would give him a chance.

@hindsy23: Nile Ranger has hit a new rock bottom

@EllwoodJayy: Once a knobhead always a knobhead. Ranger on the forehead tells all. #NUFC

@NathanMcpNUFC: Knowing this little rat and his past. He’s more than likely not even got tickets to the final and just trying to scam fans 🤬 #NUFC

@JackSimms1991: You just knew it would be Nile Ranger flogging tickets at ridiculous prices. Feel sorry for genuine #nufc fans. Guys a wrong un

@CoolioGeordie: Nile Ranger …… 🛎️ end.

@randallbell: Of course Nile Ranger is selling dodgy tickets 😂😂😂

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