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Nicklas Bendtner sentenced to 50 days in jail

It has been revealed that Nicklas Bendtner has been sentenced to 50 days in jail in Denmark for assaulting a taxi driver.

The Rosenborg player was arrested two months ago after CCTV footage showed him hit the driver in the face before going on to kick him.

Bendtner, whose previous clubs includes Arsenal, Birmingham, Sunderland and Nottingham Forest refused to pay a £4.80 fare and has since admitted to the hitting but said he acted with self-defence.

The cab driver, who was left with a broken jaw, was fined £350 for using his telephone while driving and not wearing his seatbelt. – Fan reaction to the latest football news, gossip & funnies

In a statement, the Danish international said he regretted his actions: “I was involved in an extremely unfortunate episode. I could not imagine it would develop as it did, and of course I’m extremely sad that the outcome became as unfortunate as it did. To Rosenborg fans and audiences, I regret that this has happened. I’m sorry with all my heart that we are standing here today.

“To my dear teammates, I regret that this will steal focus in an important time. I thank you for your understanding. I have never been a fighter but I protect those I love on and off the pitch.”

Rosenborg’s statement said: “We defend Nicklas as a person, but not for the act he has been convicted of in this case…”.

“We take the matter seriously and understand that our response will be of great interest. This is a difficult case with many different perceptions of it. It is not easy to know the right reaction.

“In terms of Bendtner’s availability for the match on Sunday, this will solely be determined by sporting factors.”

The player has been sentenced at a hearing in Copenhagen, plans to appeal and was also fined £177.


Football fans took to Twitter to mock Nicklas Bendtner, some saw the funny side because of his ‘Lord’ title fans give him – take a look at those tweets on the next page.


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