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Newspaper prints apology to Rangers fans in huge swipe at Scottish champions

A newspaper prints an apology to Rangers fans in a huge swipe at the Scottish champions before the cup tie against St Johnstone.

The Sunday Post have said sorry to the club’s supporters over the club’s failure to provide them with material ahead of the Scottish Cup quarter-final clash on Sunday.

The newspaper’s print edition featured a huge blank section to stomp home the point that they would have had something to publish if pre-match quotes had been provided to them. Eek.

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All that is stated in the space is an apology to Rangers fans which says: “In this space, we would normally carry an interview with the Rangers manager, a player or coach before the club’s Scottish Cup tie against St Johnstone today.

“However, the club has declined to offer the manager, a player or coach to the Sunday written media for interview.

“We regret that decision but, until the situation changes, we will continue to cover Rangers, as we always have, by finding our own interviews, and asking our own questions.”

www.fanbanter.co.uk – Fan reaction to the latest football news, gossip & funnies

Fan site IbroxNews stated: “Rangers hadn’t sent pre-match quotes to the Sunday Post then we would simply be speculating.

“However, the club’s tendency to block journalists and certain publications is becoming a bit of a worry because when you silence people, it usually means that something is happening that the public might not be too happy about.

“We saw it not so long ago when The Athletic’s Jordan Campbell was denied access to Ibrox to cover a game. He believed it was because of a report he’d written about Scottish football’s child sex abuse scandal.

“It’s just not a good look at all when a club starts to silence sections of the media that don’t happy-clap in their support and we’re not entirely sure what the Sunday Post has done for this to happen.

“However, we cannot just blame the club for any role they might have. The Sunday Post’s decision to print that is petty and will do them more harm than good.

“They have access to all sorts of quotes and you know what? Pre-match quotes from managers and players are some of the most boring stories you can write, which is why we don’t publish too many.

“How many times do we need to read about this Rangers player saying that team is decent and that we have to be prepared to play our best.

“It’s boring and club-pushed media content is usually the worst, which is why we’d rather see papers like the Sunday Post go out there and get their own interviews, they’re far more interesting.”

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Fans reacted as the newspaper prints their apology to Rangers fans in a huge swipe at the Scottish champions…

@strider80: Lot of noise about the media access at Rangers just now, and I’ll be seen as biased no doubt, but I’d say only this. The question shouldn’t be “why are they banned?”, it should be “what does the club gain from giving them free access?” Not like you need newspapers these days.

@KylEnsign: Completely agree. Most of them are purely Scottish versions as well – none of their readership are unaware of Rangers. Better to put out our own info and push to new markets, get international coverage from media

@cantbearsed_: I personally think the club should charge them for access with a pre set standard of conduct required. Not saying we should control what they write but an expectation of truth and morals (lol I know)

@mike_s_gray: Lack of self-analysis being done by the likes of Keevins on their industry. There’s a sense of entitlement for access which should be continually earned and justified.

@Im69RFC: Keep them out .. they made there own bed let them lay in it

@boomerMck: Noticed today in the Sunday Times no Rangers input to today’s game? Wonder what timpartial reporter pissed us off

@IbroxStandard: Bullies being found out then playing the victim… fan media is kicking its brown star… As you say . Why are they banned ? , they have done it themselves for years with no recriminations…now reduced to crying on social media , well played @RangersFC

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