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Newport investigate disgusting comments about Walsall boss Michael Flynn and his wife

Newport County say they are to investigate disgusting comments, by fans made, about the Walsall manager Michael Flynn and his wife.

The behaviour of some of the Welsh outfit’s supporters was appalling, with allegations made that they verbally abused him and his wife and threw stones at him.

Flynn stepped down as Newport manager last October after almost five years in charge at his home-town club, however during his new side’s 1-0 win at Rodney Parade on Saturday, the 41-year-old and his wife were targeted.

Flynn said: “I had some very unsavoury comments talking about my wife which I thought was a disgrace after everything I have done for this football club, to call my wife those, and I am not even going to repeat it, it was an absolute disgrace.

“I don’t mind the usual banter as they say, but to be abusing my wife in the crowd was absolutely disgusting, it probably makes the win a bit sweeter after those comments.

“They overstepped the mark, it just shows what lowlife they are really, if they think that’s acceptable, I don’t care what they say about me because you are going to get abuse everywhere, but don’t bring people’s partners into it.

“I wish those comments hadn’t come and I wish Newport well.”

Flynn also alleged that stones were thrown towards the dugout, adding: “It wasn’t just insults, stones were getting thrown by the supporters behind [the dugout].

“I can take abuse towards me but when they start bringing my wife into it and throwing stones, it’s not good.

“I’m not going to make a complain, I don’t want Newport to get in trouble.

“I’d probably just say have a look at the CCTV and ban the clown who did it – simple.”

Newport County said they were “aware” of Flynn’s comments and issued a statement, saying: “The club will be conducting an internal investigation alongside Rodney Parade and will act accordingly based upon the conclusion of the investigation.”

Flynn is also a former Newport player, having three spells before taking the managerial reins and saving them from League Two relegation in 2016.

After that famous escape in what was his first managerial job, Flynn then took Newport to two play-off finals and had numerous FA Cup runs that earned not just plaudits but much needed funds for the club.

Current Exiles boss James Rowberry had said before the League Two game that “the fans, I am sure, will give him (Flynn) a warm welcome” and Flynn did receive a standing ovation from large sections of Newport fans before the game.

However, sadly there was a section who chose to instead abuse the former manager and his family.

“They’ve got short memories, what myself and Hatts (assistant Wayne Hatswell) and the players have done here was phenomenal,” Flynn added.

“I left on good terms, I have nothing but respect for the football club and it’s only a small few – like usual. The rest of the fans were respectful, lovely ovation, but some people think it’s okay that they can say what they want.

“It’s upsetting really, but it’s made the win sweeter if I’m totally honest, those comments.

“You’re always going to get something, but when they cross the line it’s a shame.”

Newport County released a statement saying they will investigate the matter.

“Newport County AFC are aware of post-match comments from former manager Michael Flynn in relation to alleged treatment he received from a small minority of County fans during today’s fixture,” they said.

“The club will be conducting an internal investigation alongside Rodney Parade and will act accordingly based upon the conclusion of the investigation.”

Fans reacted as Newport investigate disgusting comments about Walsall boss Michael Flynn and his wife…

@ExiledBen: Sorry about the abuse. It is only a very small section of the “fans” that have done that. Flynn is a legend of the club & now deserves a promotion on his CV.

@ftblexiles: Sorry about the abuse Flynn you will always be a legend at what u done at county 🙌🏽

@_i_am_jonny_boy: Great to see Flynny back at the county today. As always, honest words as we were the better side. Credit to Walsall, that’s the way to win away fixtures. Gutted that any abuse was hurled his way. Good luck for the rest of the season to all the lads at Walsall

@RobinGreenwell1: This is hard to watch – the man is clearly upset and close to tears. It’s a minority I know, but fans should not be allowed to do this to someone, particularly one who’s done so much for their club. The offenders need rooting out and banning. I hope Newport take this seriously!

@GarethWilliamsg: Hope to see Flynny back at RP one day. And whoever verbally abused Mrs Flynn will be found I’m sure and banned. Best of luck Mike.

@NCAFCBen: Whatever Newport fan(s) gave Flynn abuse today you need to really have a hard think about your actions and what he’s done for the club over the past few years you selfish pricks. He does not deserve any abuse whatsoever.

@oliversmith1407: Shocking Newport fans. Hope we give them all a bad reception when they come to town

@Matty__P_WFC: Your fans should be ashamed of themselves, listen to Flynn

@upthesaddlers: Chat shit, get Flynned.

@j_rainer4: Disgusting that from Newport fans after all he did for your club. MICHAEL FLYNN’S BARMY ARMY 🔴⚪️

@HR19WFC: Booing an ex loanee too strange bunch

@mozza180: Doesn’t surprise me considering how daft that stand were all game. Claiming for handballs when it smacked our player in the teeth 🤣 tbf though the ref did fall for most of the shouts

@Smila17: Dirty sheep shagging cunts chin up you mongy bastards

@Jake__Kimberley: Absolute cunts.

@CymruOllie: Completely out of order. Anyone abusing Flynn,his wife or any family member isn’t real fan and luckily Flynn will know that but it doesn’t justify it or make it any less abhorrent. Hope they are identified and dealt with.

@ExiledBen: This is horrible to read especially after what the man did for us. Hope whoever it was gets banned.

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