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Newport boss furious at shocking social media comment left by fan

Newport County boss Michael Flynn has been left furious at a shocking social media comment which was left by a fan pre-match on Saturday.

The Exiles have reported messages that joked about his daughter being kidnapped to club bosses.

They climbed to fourth in the League Two table with an excellent 3-1 win against promotion rivals Morecambe on Saturday night.

However, it was marred for their boss due to comment left when fans reacted to his team selection.

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Flynn was informed on the comment that was in incredibly bad taste following some shocking events this week as made aware in the media.

“What they say outside of here is a joke,” said Flynn after the game. “My daughter sent me a message before the game of somebody abusing Ryan Taylor.

“They said that he must have my daughter kidnapped and that’s disgusting. My daughter is 20 and can understand this. For people to bring that in is disgusting.

“They are supposed to be supporters of the club and I will be notifying the club because I don’t want my daughter brought into anything.”

“There are people that just want to be negative all the time and I am not wasting time on them,” continued Flynn.

“They will be the first ones who come and tap me on the back when it goes well. I have got no time for people like that.”

“Ryan’s hold-up play was excellent. He was superb and allowed Padraig Amond to make runs on the shoulder then linked up well with Nicky Maynard. Ryan was a handful,” said Flynn.

A club statement read: “Newport County AFC strongly condemns the comments made by a supporter towards manager Michael Flynn prior to our Sky Bet League Two match against Morecambe on Saturday.

“As a family and community club, we will not tolerate social media comments that are threatening, abusive, discriminatory, insulting or that contain obscene language, irrespective of whether such comments are aimed at other supporters, the club, its staff, or volunteers.

“Newport County AFC would like to remind its supporters that we take matters like this very seriously.

“Those found guilty of online abuse will be subject to temporary or permanent bans from the club’s social media pages, user accounts being reported to the relevant authorities, and potential temporary and permanent Rodney Parade stadium bans.

“The club is currently investigating this matter and will take swift and appropriate action.”

Twitter and Facebook users gave their reaction with the Newport boss furious at the shocking social media comment left by fan…

@CymruOllie: An awful comment but a well written, dignified statement from the club. Hope Michael Flynn, his daughter and the rest of the family haven’t been affected by that “fan” .

@jamesallenw: Good statement but if it becomes clear who it is, ban them for life from the stadium. We really don’t need ‘fans’ like that. Full support to MF and family.

@JPouch: Disgusting comment to make!! Obviously not a true fan!

@mrpaulthacker: Flynny will not let it affect his superb abilities as Manager of Newport County. He is a strong character and will dismiss this person’s comments. But I hope the idiot that wrote it gets what he deserves. And Flynny…..we as true County fans are with you all the way mate!

@Lottesometimes: Never acceptable in any case, but especially this week people should have had more sense. Full support for Flynn and family

@NathanSpafford_: Michael Flynn is one of the brightest young managers in the game. His future is very good and his ceiling very high. Comments like this to any manager are unacceptable but in this case, ridiculously moronic also.

@Gareths0: Good. Throw the book at the idiot. Completely unacceptable

@Ryan_Russell__: Some of our fan base is actually the worst, I was in the same year as his daughter in school and that’s bang out of order to mention the gaffers family and personal life into football just because he picks certain players.

@Phil_TheTrain: Awful comment to make. Hope this “fan” is banned from Rodney Parade.

Mark Whittingham: F###ing disgusting

Roy Beale: Hope they get the bastard.

Andy Lawrence: Makes you feel ashamed reading shit like this. Some absolute morons who truly believe they can say what they want online. Find them and ban them for life

Jeremy Corfield: Someone gonna get a kicking, that is damn right disgusting

James Harty: Some people are just not wired right

Danny Chapman: I saw the comment yesterday can’t remember the guys name though & it’s been deleted what an idiot. Don’t think he was a county fan though just one those clowns that comment on the county Facebook page.

Kevin Sharpe: Hope they find the person disgusting

Adrienne Pope: Totally disgraceful I hope this is dealt with.

Paul A Thacker: Just shows that the world is full of brain dead morons. Hopefully Flynny will not let it affect his superb abilities as Manager of Newport County. We all know he is a strong character and will dismiss this person’s comments. But I hope the idiot that wrote it gets what he deserves. And Flynny…..we as true County fans are with you all the way mate!

Andrew Perry: Disgusting hope they get the piece of shit responsible for this.

Liam Whiskey: Some proper wankers about fair play wouldn’t say it to his face shocking

John Morgan: Scum. Karma will catch them out, always does always will

Paul Nocivelli: Hope the police take this as seriously as it is. Disgusting.

Melissa Gay: Social media at it’s worse! Hope the police are involved and this person is cautioned. Doesn’t matter what the topic is a ‘normal’ person just doesn’t act in that manner!

Luke Jones: Some one is in the shit(idiot). And it was only last weekend we was discussing language on here and about Respecting others

Duncan Jardine: Needs to found identified and dealt with by Police, Life ban from County too.

Danny Donovan: Find the low life, name and shame them, irrespective of what age they are

Chris Herbert: Keyboard warriors unfortunately every club has them all you get is negativity even when we win

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