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Newcastle’s Jason Tindall breaks silence on jealousy from ‘the haters’ and talks going viral

Newcastle’s Jason Tindall breaks silence on jealousy from ‘the haters’ and talks going viral on social media in recent weeks.

Newcastle United coach Jason Tindall admitted that rival football clubs and their fans will be “jealous” of the Magpies.

Tindall was the target of Twitter trolling in recent weeks, however he has thanked Geordie supporters for showing him love with the Magpies sealing a Champions League place with a goalless draw at home to Leicester in midweek.

He says that, despite being on the official Twitter accounts of Athletic Bilbao and Borussia Dortmund as part of the social media stir, he won’t listen to those who say he was trying to steal the limelight away from Eddie Howe.

Tindall made it clear that the club’s hard work begins with Howe, with the boss and his team of backroom staff gone from planning a escape from the relegation zone to a successful Champions League pursuit.

Tindall told Chronicle Live: “You certainly could not write a movie about it. If you think for one moment that this would be our journey from Brentford in that first game, you just couldn’t.

“It has come a lot sooner than we thought it would. Everybody has played their part in different ways. It doesn’t just happen on a match day. There’s a lot of work going on behind the scenes which gets us to this point.

“Everyone works hard. No more so than the manager, the end result is the performance that everybody sees. We come out at St James’ Park and perform the way we do with the intensity that we do. The attacking side of football that we want to play.

“If you ask anybody if they are happy where Newcastle are now in this city they are just as happy as us.”

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When questioned about the Twitter account, he told reporters: “How it comes around I am not too sure. I did nothing different to what I’ve done in the last 15 years we have been together. But there is a lot of hate in football and people who like to hate. “There’s a lot of jealousy but I think it is a testament to Newcastle.

“A lot of people don’t like the fact that Newcastle are challenging at the top of the Premier League, they don’t like the fact Newcastle are now going to the Champions League. They’ve got to take it out on somebody and they’ve taken it out on me, but I take it with a pinch of salt.

“I’ve got thick skin, I laugh at it. I laugh at what gets said to me. But I have to compliment Newcastle fans because during that period they showed me a lot of love, and I thank them for that.”

Tindall said, as per Sky Sports: “It did make me laugh when I found out about the nickname ‘Mad Dog’.

“It’s a compliment to Newcastle — it’s a rival a lot of other clubs don’t want. I’m thick-skinned enough now not to take anything personally.

“A lot of people like to hate and there’s a lot of jealousy out there.

“A lot of people don’t like Newcastle challenging at the top.

“Long may that continue, whether the stick does or not, who knows but there’s been a lot of love from Newcastle fans.

“It is an amazing achievement for Newcastle to be in the Champions League. If you’d have said to us 18 months ago, Newcastle would be a Champions League club I don’t think anybody would have believed you – us included.

“At the start of the season if you’d have said we’d get there with one fixture remaining, we certainly would not believe it. That’s a testament to everybody, it has been an incredible journey.

“It’s a testament to every single staff member, the players and also the fans. Here at St James’ Park have played a huge part in the success we’ve had and the journey we’ve been on – we are very thankful to that.

“Eddie has been incredible. I don’t think he gets the plaudits he deserves in terms of being up there. He is up there with the best managers currently, to achieve what we have achieved at Newcastle and to do what he’s done is a fantastic achievement.

“You can go back to when we started the journey at Bournemouth, we started in League Two, the journey we went on there to the Premier League and to now come to Newcastle, a team fighting relegation, to be in the Champions League and third in the Premier, it’s testament to him. He’s the leader of the group and nobody deserves it more.”

Here’s how fans reacted as Newcastle’s Jason Tindall breaks silence on jealousy from ‘the haters’ and talks going viral…

@ConnorWhiten: there really isn’t

@AFCAMDEN: Take the high ground buddy. You’ll be better for it

@OCONNELLAFCFAN: Think if it was jealously, Pep’s assistants would be getting all the attention, not Newcastle’s assistant.

@ffsDH_70: That’s like Frank Lampard saying everyone is out to get him when the laughing-serious memes are flying around. Clearly everyone at Newcastle feel like their backs are against the wall, that they can’t differentiate friendly banter with actual slander 👍

@CorkyMorris: Jealousy? Oh dear…

@ItsLikeMichael: 😂😂😂 man said haters

@alanmcfall3: Maddog telling it how it is

@MAGSports: Jason gave me one of his tickets for a Bournemouth pre season friendly I was scouting – got me out of a jam. He didn’t know me from Adam. Top guy IMO

@JoeH1985: Haha this got out of hand. That Tindall Twitter account was quite clearly a light hearted piss take (I even thought it might have been a Newcastle fan behind it) and everyone thinks the haters are after us 😆

@gurns1882: Just isn’t that deep tho is it Jason

@MayneAndrew: Go on shagger lad ⚫️⚪️⚫️⚪️

@Jay13Silva: No one hates Howe or Newcastle, we often give them respect and congratulation of how far they’ve come. It’s just that you Jason my friend, can see your desperation to try be the face and attention of Newcastle.

@96LeedsAlex: What a weird stance to take…

@laurenn0607: I just knew he’d be a southerner. It makes sense now

@_Joeyyyyyyyy_: incredible how a human being can be this self-obsessed. if anything this just proves that there is actually truth in the joke.

@IanBower10: What a fooking legend!! Along with all the other backroom staff #HWTL

@AWWilde1: Damn right I’m jealous…..man looks like a model and gets to work with Eddie and the lads, living the dream!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

@ReeceDa70578549: Man loves all this attention

@Jayden_WBA: Why would anyone be jealous when it’s a joke 🤦‍♂️

@ataylor80: “I’ve got thick skin… which has shade of bronze to it all year round”

@MaxwellA98: So many rattled here!!!!

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