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The premier league has been the most exciting league globally and not for it fan base but because of their achievement on and off the pitch have brought in lots of investment. In fact, the league has the most return in investment, which in turn bring many investors into the league as a sponsor or to buy one the historic club plying their trade in the league.

Though the rate of acquisition by the foreign investors has recently been subduing, many would fan would fancy their club taking over by some sport-loving Mongol which could try to transform their favorite club into one hell of a competitive team vying for possible going instead of participating

Manchester City is a credible ideal of the above notion on how money influence can help a team fight on all front for all titles both locally and Continental wise as the citizen finally reach the final of UEFA Champions League for the first time in their history despite bowing out to Premier League rival in the final

However, the likes of Manchester United and Chelsea have been enjoying such opportunities for long since billionaire took over their club and have been doing well to attract success over time since the acquisition of both club.

Also Liverpool are beginning to expand their franchise and dominant in the league since FSG took over the Anfield team in about a decades time winning champions league and league in the process.

However, Newcastle United is of the latest to reach such grandiose take over with which they’ll be competitive rather than the state of fighting the battle of relegation which they found themselves over the course of two premier league campaign now.

Though the deal broke down in last minute of the fort attempt even though Mike Ashley has been putting out the idea of his need to cash out on the team for over half a decade. However, as it looks, the takeover will finally materialize and the magpies will be taking the baton of the richest club in the premier league for Manchester City

Moreover, the worth of new Newcastle united owner is rumor to be ten fold of the richest club in premier league while it is far ahead of the Paris Saint-Germain which is touted to he the club with the richest owner in world football

However, going back to the premier league, Newcastle united will not only just be a title compound contender, but the Saint James Park outfit will also be a rival to any premier league giant club scooping any player to their side with ease

The Newcastle upon Tyne team will have enormous cash at their disposal to build their way to the top like Chelsea and Manchester City have done in the past. More so, as a club with rich and deep history, coupled with financial boom that the magpies will be enjoying, scooping credible players to their side will be easy on the long

Although, many Premier League club will be hoping that the new rich club club can’t spend their way to an instant success while banking on the FFP rule. However, Andrea Traverso, the UEFA’s director of financial sustainability and research, has previously hinted on it plausibility

While he was reiterating that “COVID-19 has generated a revenue crisis and had a big impact on the liquidity of clubs,”

“This is a crisis which is very different from anything we have had to tackle before. In such a situation, obviously, clubs are struggling. They have difficulties in complying with their obligations”. He emphasized earlier this year

“I think, in general, rules must always evolve. They have to adapt to the context in which clubs operate”. He further explained.

With the plausibility of FFP not being in absolute power, Newcastle United can easily boggle their way to the top while dining with the elite club in no time leaving behind the likes of Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspurs who have refused to invest wisely in the players in the right proportion

More so, the like of West Ham United who has begun to fancy their chance of participating in UEFA Champions League despite having a low budget compared to the big guns will be hampered on the long provided the new owner of magpies spend heavily while the FFP is been relaxed for the moment

Moreover, the likes of Leicester City, Aston Villa and Everton will have to be extraordinary to have a taste of Champions League Europa League while a successful season of these clubs could only amount to their qualification to the newly introduced UEFA Conference League.

In fact, with such impeccable timing, Newcastle United can easily build their way to the top within two to three years of restructuring while throwing big money to players, which will disrupt the salary scheme of the league in the nearer future.

Conversely, the acquisition of Newcastle United can bring change in the era, while having a successful season could amount to Europa League for the big guns like Chelsea, City, United or Liverpool due to the increment in the competitive edge that the acquisition will bring along

Though, with Newcastle United assumed spending power, the level of their competition in the league will raise the bar of having to qualify for the champions in not so distant future which could break the chain of Top four.

While the big guns in the Premier League currently sit at the big six, there is a huge tendency that it could easily amount to top seven clubs which invariable denote the champions and Europa League qualification in the league

This could eventually open a wider competitive nature among the big guns – because any slip up at could mean a Europa League instead of UEFA Champion League, thus leaving behind the average and the lower clubs to compete against the relegation and UEFA Conference league

Moreover, Mike Ashley is currently smiling at the bank while he is also leaving behind a stable financial structure for the incoming investor to build on.

But the takeover will eventually subdivide the league competition into two leaving the oligarch to compete for the best according to the stats and odds of the previous precedence and the minors to struggle for their survival only if Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspurs could spend more and Newcastle United use this medium to build there way right on time.

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