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Newcastle Still Have a Chance at Recovering in the EPL

Newcastle has had a rough spell at the FA Cup, suffering a defeat at the hands of Cambridge. Regardless, the team has been able to bounce back quickly, and they intend to improve their odds significantly. If you are looking for the best soccer odds 1×2, Newcastle will definitely appear in them.

The team is now looking to rejuggle its soccer makeup and add new strikers. Following their defeat, they will have plenty of time to think through what their next move should be, but the good news is that there are some plans already laid out. 

As a result, Newcastle FC is yet to disappoint fans. Even though the Cambridge match prove da bit of a let-down, the club has been able to rally, quash any internal discontent and establish a clear direction moving forward. Newcastle is still #19 in the English Premier League, but with some luck, they may claw a few positions up before the season is out.

Soccer remains an ever challenging, but also an ever-evolving game. As such, Newcastle FC have several important games to settle in the weeks ahead. The good news is that the teams they will face aren’t the league’s strongest. Watford is only #17 in the league, and this will definitely give Newcastle FC some teeth to push through.

The more challenging games will be played against Aston Villa and Everton, both of which have been posting exceptionally good level of play over the last two years and they are on a trajectory to continue doing so for the remainder of the EPL 2021/2022 season. 

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