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Newcastle fans left reeling as Steve Bruce makes admission after friendly win

Newcastle United fans were left reeling as Steve Bruce makes what seems like yet another bleak admission after his side’s friendly win.

The Magpies boss watched on as his team edged it 3-2 against League One outfit Doncaster Rovers, with over 3,000 spectators of the Premier League side’s fanbase travelling to Yorkshire.

The match was described to be decent and an open match to watch, with players getting minutes on the pitch and the new season draws even closer.

With three weeks until the new campaign, as of Saturday the 24th of July, which is day 46 of the summer transfer window, not a single signing has been made by Newcastle as yet.

Steve Bruce talked about the transfer situation, saying: “We’re going to still have to be patient.

“I know that’s awful from me but we haven’t the biggest of budgets.

“In the market we’re looking at – loan market in particular – we’re going to have to let the big, big clubs go to work.

“With Joe Willock, we just have to be patient with it.

“Will Arsenal let him out? Will they sell him? – those are the questions we keep asking Arsenal.

“We’ll keep bashing away at one or two things.

“It’s been difficult for every club.

“Managers always want players but it’s very difficult when you haven’t got a lot of money.

“Midfield is the main area.

“We’re weaker than we were last year because we haven’t got Joe Willock.

“We need to keep improving but it’s very difficult with limited funds, but I’ll keep bashing away to try to improve us, little by little.

“Muto – we’re trying to find a solution (for his future).”

The following have all spent over £20m on players this summer, some of them a huge amount more: Arsenal, Villa, Brentford, Brighton, Crystal Palace, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, Man Utd, Norwich.

Watford have signed at least seven players and spent over £10m+, Burnley have paid out £12m on a centre-back, Everton have brought in a few players and look set to continue spending more than £20m, the likes of Wolves and West Ham could well do the same.

As well as Newcastle, Chelsea, Tottenham and Man City are yet to bring in any players, but you just know the three ‘big six’ clubs are bound to do some sort of business.

As mentioned, Newcastle fans were left reeling as Steve Bruce makes an admission after his side’s friendly win…

@SammStoreyy94: Does this bloke just constantly want to keep putting us down?

@DANGERUS_DAVEY: Other big big clubs like newly promoted Brentford.

@gw850: Basically we’re waiting patiently for the deadwood from other clubs to become available? The stuff of dreams 🤩

@PurdyJanet777: So we are now in an even lower tier. He previously spoke about the ‘big clubs’ but now there are ‘big, big clubs’. What a totally inspirational leader 😫

@GJ_1892: “the big, big clubs” What like Brentford?

@Toontweeter: I can’t keep listening to his drivel – Ashley’s running of the club is bad enough but to hear him talking like this for a third season man – it’s becoming unbearable!

@DarthHod354: In other words let others buy top players and then loan their fringe players and hope they all turn out like Willock. What a transfer strategy!!!

@bazcollins30: That last line Raiser is the reason this club is broken!!! Let everyone else sign who they want and we will pick up any scraps that are left! Newcastle United are existing only.

@neilTheMagpie: I’ve had enough of him already 😳

@mag_1892: He’s seriously the most negative manager we’ve ever had. Constant lowering of expectations

@ISimpson73: Sorry but that cuts no ice, Ashley knows he’s the owner for this season, it’s up to Bruce to make it clear what we need. It’s all very well blaming one of them but Ashley, Charnley & Bruce have a responsibility to the club & supporters.

@LLagay2011: Good lord. He really doesn’t help himself at times. Why this constant playing down of our team? It’s about time Ashley and the board are NOT given a free pass. Arbitration ain’t happening for 6 months minimum it’s no reason for them to down tools and let the club rot

Ajer – Brentford
Lemina – Nice
“Big, big clubs”
All he ever goes on about is how the actions of the “big clubs” determine how we operate. Don’t know if I can hack another Bruce season. #NUFC

@Luketoon42: Shoots himself in the foot every time this bloke man, why does he do it? 😂

@MichaelMidd90: I don’t like this man

@MarkLawson500: Hopefully Ashley will get his just deserts with the ST uptake + a half empty stadium, it’s what he fully deserves!

@TjrCole: Pissing on chips before the Season has started, we’re screwed. Wouldn’t surprise me if ASM does one.

@Andrew_hay85: EMBARRASING!!!! 😡

@JamCam80s: Such a depressing bloke

@Peter46812910: God help him when the stadium is full


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@nufcaam: I’m surprised this bloke managed to say “I do” on his wedding day with fucking it up.

@DSilius: Same as before and it will be another let’s just stay in the league and do as little as possible not do what Leeds, villa or West Ham did and actually have a go. But what do you expect with Bruce as manger and Ashley as owner

@dayveea1: We cannot and will not compete against the likes of Brentford #NUFC

@DamianPearce89: I’m done already

@TheHonestJohns: They shouldn’t let him talk.

@Phil_of_Shields: Steve Bruce. Never not putting his own club down.

@wilf_toon: Dear me 😂

@ingram1_d: Im selling the original frying pan used to smash his face in if anyone wishes to put a bid in?

@soneilluk: Make it stop!!! Honestly, cant listen to his nonsense for another season.

@DavidJG80: Horrid comments from Bruce. Thoughtless.

@FredNufc: That’s hope of signing players out the window, haven’t even got the 12 million the spend 😂😂😂 he’s in for a rude RUDE awakening for his first home game of the season. #NUFC

@RobL987: Get him out of our club! Stop talkin about ‘the big clubs’ what manager or fan talks down their team like that. Shat on the narrative that were his ‘boyhood club’.

@Fcb1892: He sets him self up every time opens his mouth, I fucking hate him.

@GraemePurdyBell: Can he sincerely just fuck off belittling us all the time, he’s in charge of our club, one we all hold dear and he constantly puts us down and undermines us at every turn, I’m so fed up with his negativity.

@andy_husband1: God this is why I absolutely hate this man

@AnthPatterson: The bloke is a pathetic Ashley mouthpiece racing the club to the bottom. It’s not his lack of ability as much as the constant running down of what we could be & personal vendettas. He’s had an easy ride. That is about to change #nufc

@Mark74NUFC: I absolute despise Bruce. Such a negative pathetic man.

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