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Newcastle fans lash out at Jeff Stelling after his 13-word tweet

Newcastle fans lash out at Jeff Stelling after his 13-word tweet as the Magpies fell to a 3-0 defeat against Brighton on Saturday night.

Leandro Trossard broke the deadlock with a first-half injury time goal before Danny Welbeck scored from 20 yards to double the lead, then Neal Maupay sweeped in a third to give Graham Potter’s side a comfortable victory.

The result means that Steve Bruce’s side are now two points above the drop zone in the Premier League table, with a game in hand over team below Fulham, and have only won twice in 20 (TWENTY) outings across all competitions.

Sunday morning saw news that only angered Newcastle fans more, with Mike Ashley intending to stick by Steve Bruce despite the horror show at Brighton. Loud calls for Bruce to be sacked have been falling on deaf ears from the Newcastle owner and Ashley wants to repay Bruce’s loyalty, or should we say choose not to pay off the amount to sack him.

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Sky Sports presenter Jeff Stelling went viral for his tweet, which got over 4,000 likes within under 30 minutes.

It read: “Ok Newcastle fans please don’t hammer me. But NOW I think I understand!”

Only hours ago the Englishman defended Soccer Saturday pundit and former Arsenal star Paul Merson for his comments on the show earlier today.

@A_G_89 tweeted: “Haway man Jeff. Of all the reasonable, sensible tweets to reply to you choose this?

“He’s your mate and that. I get it. But @PaulMerse talks about fans being “stuck in the ginola, Beardsley days” … When the truth is, he’s the outdated one with no grasp of modern day football”

Jeff replied: “I get that United fans are furious and every Newcastle fan knows more about your club than we do. But our pundits call it how they see it – albeit from a distance.”

Newcastle fans and others couldn’t help but lash out at Jeff Stelling following his 13-word tweet, see what they had to say below…

@RossOnRasslin: took your time, sir Jeffrey. It’s been the same turgid shite all season long

@Biffarinho: Ha. You’ve sat there and allowed Merson and Sherwood to spout their drivel week after week. You are just as culpable Jeff. Shame on you

@StevieMagpie: Can’t we just bring on Shearer, Ginola and Asprilla for the last 20 mins? Asking for Merson

@TroughtonGraeme: Most of the pundits arent clueless they are just on the windup for soundbites because thats the world of media these days. No ex professional footballer would look at our last 20 performances and results and honestly say thats acceptable for a team with our squad.

@Longclaw9: These football pundits make me laugh. Same thing happened at Villa. All Bruce media chums called fans fickle and unrealistic. Just proved you don’t actually watch football Jeff, if you’ve only just realised

@IAmRedshaw: It’s embarrassing that it’s taken you this long

@GeordiePirate9: Usually a big fan of yours Jeff but it’s your job to be “in the know” yet it’s taken you months to see what we’ve said/known since the day Bruce was appointed at Villa? Think a full apology is required on your next show?

@ste71: We did tell you like October time noone knows there club and football than there fans Jeff

@ISTB87: We told you all months ago, the fact that you let Sherwood and Merson spout nonsense today was laughable, Jeff. 2 wins in 20 is pathetic by any standard.

@Man_about_Toon: Glad you and the Soccer Saturday lads are starting to understand the difference between not wanting to be relegated and expecting to be in the champions league every year

@RTL2311: Wanna tell that to the rest of the clueless pundits Jeff

@LiamNUFC98: It’s took you 19 months or so?

@danmc1411: Unfortunately like Steve Bruce Jeff, it’s too late, were hurtling towards league 1 never mind the championship

@The_Looney_Toon: Ps have a word with @PaulMerse. Bruce has to bloody go. I cannot watch this shite a moment longer

@NUFC_JJ: I’m a fan of you Jeff but you and @PaulMerse today. Shocking. The constant slagging off you give us fans, it’s horrid. We only want effort not bloody champs league😂👍nobody is an expert 24/7 you both proved that today showing a lack in class

@LeeNicholson94: But it’s a weekly conversation you guys have – we are unrealistic fans with over the top expectations …..

@FootyBeers: Worst thing is Jeff. We ALL saw this coming a long time ago. Fans know their club. Yet pundits still claim were not happy unless were too 6. Glad you finally get what we’ve been saying all this time

@gaztone90: Explain this to Merson, Jeff! He thinks we still expect the top 6!

@huds8118: It’s not just Newcastle fans Jeff. Fans of pretty much every club he’s managed has had to endure this. Yet the media for some reason have portrayed this image of him being hard done by. Dreadful manager

@ryannorman_: It’s took you long enough Jeff! How about you have a #NUFC fan call into your show next week so they can challenge your pundits about their comments!?

@ChrisGreen14: Big fan of you Jeff but it’s shocking it’s taken you and the fellow pundits this long to cotton on. We have been abysmal all season. How you and your colleagues have defended the worst premier league manager ever is embarrassing. Never met a man who deserves to be sacked more.

@DennisPage1: 😂😂😂 only just caught on we are shit. All the other pundits kiss Bruce’s ass and say we should be grateful.

@Magpietilidie: Don’t forget to remind all of the supposedly expert pundits who’ve regularly claimed that Bruce has been doing a fantastic job.

@MichaelNUFC_: Bit late

@Kris_Newcastle: Literally every bastard saw this coming. Maybe you and your pals will do well once in a while to not simply dismiss us, when this was always destined to end one way. 20 years and a 28% win percentage in the Premier League made it obvious.

@ThePhyll13: I’m sorry Jeff but… 2 wins in 20 and sitting alongside Merson and Sherwood about us ‘moaning and demanding European football’ was utterly disgusting and ignorant… 20 months ago we said this would happen and Sky, BT and BBC told us to keep our mouths shut and like this…

@Mark_D_Gillott: I’m not a Newcastle fan but it’s been clear what they have been talking about for ages and shamefully they are laughed at by pundits for being unrealistic in their expectations

@noelthejoker180: It’s unbelievable Jeff! He should’ve gone 10-15 games ago


Brighton – 66%
Newcastle – 34%

Brighton – 11
Newcastle – 3

Shots on Target
Brighton – 6
Newcastle – 1

Brighton – 3
Newcastle – 1

Brighton – 12
Newcastle – 5


Newcastle boss Steve Bruce to Sky Sports: “We were beaten by far the better team on the night. It was a very difficult evening.

“We have to take responsibility. It was at times too easy for Brighton. They were better in every department.

“Without the ball and with it was a big problem. We kept surrendering possesion back to them. We didn’t do enough without the ball either.

“We needed to get to half-time and didn’t quite get there. We were well beaten by a far better team.

“We know we’re a little bit short. When you’re 3-0 down it’s very difficult to chase a game.

“I’ll take full responsibility. We were nowhere near the levels we need to be. That’s a concern.

“Whoever got the result tonight would feel a huge lift. We have to dust ourselves down and hopefully can get a couple [of injured players] back. We have nine games to go. We had been doing well of late to a degree.

“You need big players in big games but it will take time [for them to get fitness back after injuries]. You can’t rush them back. We can’t make that an excuse. We were nowhere near the levels required.

“I’ve been in it [the game] a long time. It’s very difficult. We’re still confident we can get out of the situation. I’ll never give up the fight.”

On Isaac Hayden’s injury: “I’m sure he’ll have scans. It doesn’t look too good. It’s a knee injury.”

Newcastle winger Ryan Fraser: “The mood is the lowest it’s been. We just weren’t good enough. It was a must-win game after doing alright in the last couple of weeks. It didn’t happen for us tonight.

“We’ll have to look back on the game and see where we went wrong. Conceding just before half-time after the injury was a low blow. The second goal was identical to their first. It was a little bit too easy, we can’t let that happen again.

“We need to save our season now. We want to try and work on how we’re going to stay in the league. We’re not in the bottom three yet and we’ve still got games remaining. If we go and win our next game it looks rosy again. We’ve still got to play Fulham too.”

Brighton goalscorer Neal Maupay to Sky Sports: “Massive win. We knew before the game it was really important. Three goals, a clean sheet, a very good night for us.

“I’m really pleased [to end a goal drought]. I knew it was coming and I’m glad to be back on the scoresheet.

“[We scored] very nice goals. We were ready for that game. Our gameplan was really good. Everyone knew what to do. When we play like that with confidence, we’ve got quality – we know that. Sometimes we only play one half but we played a full 90 minutes today. That’s why we got the win.

“They hit the post a few minutes before the second goal. That was the turning point. I’m happy because this time it turned it our way and not theirs.

“Sometimes we play really well and haven’t scored. Or we score and then concede too many goals. We just have to believe in ourselves and keep working hard.

“Two wins in a row. Now we can have a little break and be ready for the end of the season.

“Before the game against Southampton we were a bit down but we can’t complain or feel sorry for ourselves.

“It’s just two wins in a row. We need to keep going.”

Brighton forward Leandro Trossard: “It’s a massive win, especially with that performance level. It was a great performance in every aspect. We can enjoy this one.

“I try to help the team with goals and assists, and I’m happy that it’s coming now. We played a really good game and it’s nice that we can score three and keep a clean sheet. It’s a really good feeling.

“The gaffer’s been here now for two years and we’ve learned a lot under him. This season we’ve played really good games. Obviously the results haven’t been there sometimes, but winning twice in a row is a really good feeling. We just need to keep going and trust in ourselves that we can win these games.”

On Neal Maupay: “I’m really pleased for him, it’ll bring his confidence even higher now. Hopefully he can go on and score more goals.”

On Danny Welbeck: “It was a really nice goal. I’m really pleased to play with him. His experience helps us a lot. I think me, him and Neal up front clicks really well. We need to really enjoy that.”

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