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Newcastle fans explain ‘Last Christmas’ reference in Jason Tindall’s ‘cheeky joke gone wrong’

Newcastle United fans have had to explain the gone viral ‘Last Christmas’ reference in Jason Tindall’s ‘cheeky joke gone wrong’ message.

Eddie Howe’s assistant manager opened the video, with it taken in the Premier League club’s visit in a local hospital as they were to spread festive cheer.

Tindall can be heard saying: “To all you Geordies out there and all the Newcastle fans around the world, we’re wishing you a very Merry Christmas. And, hopefully, it’s not your last Christmas.”

He added a wink at the end, but rather didn’t know whether to laugh or be feeling rather awkward by it, as you’ll see in the reaction to it below.

Magpies supporters do however go on to explain to those left confused that Tindall had been serenaded by Newcastle fans in the lead-up to Christmas with a take on Wham’s “Last Christmas”, which was a Christmas No.1 for the first time in 2023.

Against Fulham, fans sang: “Last Christmas I gave you my heart, but the very next day you gave it away. This year, to save me from tears, I’ll give it to Jason Tindall!”

And after the game Eddie Howe said: “I had no idea what was happening (Last Christmas).

“I’d not heard that before, and I don’t think Jason had either. I’d like to find out what the meaning is – I’m sure I will. Jason’s still singing it in the dressing room, I think!”

Newcastle fans explain ‘Last Christmas’ reference in Jason Tindall’s ‘cheeky joke gone wrong’, this is how Twitter users reacted to it…

@NUFC_DazzaD: Cheers for hoping I don’t die in the next year Tindall, appreciate it mate

@HarryWilding_: Guessing it’s meant to be a reference to his chant to Last Christmas but it’s definitely come across more serial killy 😂

@interBlue11: The fact he’s in a hospital as well 😂

@Dav1dOLeary: Not just that, who thought “yeah that’s fine, we’ll put it out… “

@josh_seward: I don’t care that the fans sing Last Christmas and change ‘someone special’ to ‘Jason Tindall’. Saying this in a hospital, metres away from patients, is fucking weird.

@tedtodorovic: What does tindall mean ‘hopefully it’s not ur last Christmas’ ahahahahah

@NUFCblogcouk: Just realised Tindall’s line is a nod to his “Last Christmas” chant… What a relief. Sounded like he was about to go on a Boxing Day killing spree 🤣😅

@BenHolden_: Hahahahahahhahahaha With no context Tindall saying he hopes it’s not everyone’s last Christmas sounds sinister as out. Merry Christmas ya filthy animals! #NUFC

@bluewhitewall: “Hopefully it’s not your last Christmas!” 🤣 Jason Tindall with another football heritage.

@SavMondo: I’ve been chuckling about Jason Tindall’s Xmas message all day. Thanks 😂

@J_G_1988: Can’t beat a bit of tindall saying I hope it’s not ya last Christmas 😂😂🖤🤍👌🏻

@durhamchris1983: Erm…. What a weird thing to say in a hospital

@Lj9Liam: what on earth 😭😭

@Devyn_NE: Did I just get threatened by Jason Tindall on Christmas?

@shelleyj89: I actually can’t believe they left Jason Tindall’s bit in.

@tod1877: fucking hell 🤣

@LukeTugby: There’s a chant about him to the tune of Last Christmas. It’s meant as a joke but it comes across real creepy. Can’t believe it wasn’t edited out

@jonnyupt: Doing it in a hospital with a wink 🤣😫. #Partridge

@tarnished1369: Toon fans chanted a song about Jason Tindall to the tune of Last Christmas. Was referencing that but can understand why it came off mildly threatening 😅

@Alfie_e7: “Hopefully its not your last Christmas” whilst he proceeds to wink at me. Cheers jason mate 😂👍

@NUFCJack___: what does tindal mean by that i’m now scared

Editor: “Ok Jason, just give a quick message wishing people well and remember you’re in an hospital full of sick people. ”
Jason: “Say no more mate..”

@t_gxdberLFC: I don’t know what’s worse, him saying it or the editing team leaving it in🤣

@cal_gregory: The fact that he’s said it and the fact that they actually put it in are both just crazy

@MarchyNUFC: Mad Dog casually revealing his mob ties I don’t know how to feel about this

@TQ_Pilgrim: Thinks he’s being clever with a little reference to Whams hit……..not remembering he’s in a hospital full of terminally sick people 🤦🏼‍♂️

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