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Newcastle fans criticised for cheekily booing Pickford and wearing club shirts at an England game

Newcastle fans were criticised by rival fans on social media for cheekily booing Jordan Pickford and wearing club shirts at an England game.

England began their Euro 2024 preparations with a 3-0 win in their Euro 2024 warm-up friendly against Bosnia & Herzegovina at Newcastle’s St. James’ Park.

As the players were announced on the tannoy, one player who received a much less positive reception was boyhood Sunderland fan and Everton shot-stopper Jordan Pickford. Then Newcastle’s Kieran Trippier’s name was mentioned, with the stadium cheering loudly, even more so with him wearing the captain’s armband for the game.

Pickford is used to getting stick off Newcastle fans during matches against the Magpies, and takes it in good stead, knowing it’s tongue in cheek banter. He is also said to have been booed in the few touches of the ball he did have.

But it seems the wind up antics from Newcastle fans caused a stir with rival fans on social media…

Middlesbrough fan @xReeceL2002 wrote: “Geordie wankfest tonight

“Leave your club colours at home, I’m all for having games all over the UK but never again in Newcastle

“Booing Pickford… embarrassing

“Club shirts for an england game… embarrassing

“Strangest fan base on the planet, proper whoppers.”

But some defended Newcastle supporters by saying why shouldn’t they be allowed to wear a club shirt to an England game… especially if the club is English.

Pickford spoke leading up to the game about how well he gets on with Trippier…

Pickford, who grew up in Washington, Tyne and Wear, made his dream signing for the club he supported in 2002 when he was aged 8.

Pickford went out on loan for the likes of Darlington, Alfreton, Burton, Carlisle, Bradford and Preston, before linking up with Premier League outfit Everton in 2017.

He has been the Three Lions’ first choice goalkeeper for the last three major tournaments, reaching a World Cup semi-final, helped England reach the Euros final and most recently a World Cup quarter-final.

Jordan Pickford, who kept a cleansheet and had pretty much nothing to do all game, with Bosnia barely threatening, forgot he wasn’t playing for Everton on Monday night.

He accidentally walked into the Bosnia dressing room at half time, amusing those around him before quickly making his way into the home dressing room with his fellow teammates.

Two fans get into pathetic fight with each other before England v Bosnia at Newcastle

Twitter users gave their reaction with Newcastle fans criticised for cheekily booing Pickford and wearing club shirts at an England game…

@JakeGFLD: don’t forget they were chanting sunderland get battered at an england game 😬

@xReeceL2002: Fuckin embarrassing pal. I don’t like Sunderland, but I go england with Sunderland lads, and at the end of the day club is irrelevant when with england. Wouldn’t dare boo englands number 1 just cos he’s a mackem

@FootyShirtSean: Newcastle fans really embarrassed themselves with Pickford yet again. People complain about England games all being down South, then they get a game on their doorstep and spend it booing their own players 🤦‍♂️

@Hoppo101: Fair play to the Newcastle fans who was telling their fans to shut up for continuously booing Pickford through the game. At the beginning it was funny, even Pickford found the funny side of it but for 90 minutes bit weird

@BenC1877: Worst England game I’ve been to ever this. Full of Newcastle fans in their club shirts singing about Newcastle, booing Pickford. For a national team game was grim seeing our own players being booed by their own fans

@MagpieMediaX: Some fans at the England game are booing Jordan Pickford. Seriously – why?? Embarrassing our club and its fanbase. 👎 #England #NUFC #SAFC

@kendallrowanx: So stupid booing Pickford, haven’t you gone to support England who he plays for 🤣

@Scousepirlo3: As soon as Pickford saves a pen in the euros or pulls off a good save to win England a game , the Geordie’s will be all over him, Weird fuckers giving him shit last night.

@halliday_9: Pickford is one of us when he pulls on an England shirt, not keen on the booing. However much of a mackem bastard he is.

@ChrisLukeJones: By the way, booing Pickford is truly pathetic behaviour. Englands number 1.

@Bsw1995: Pickford getting booed on international duty man, them lot are fucking backward aren’t they

@Chris_BoroUTB: We were discussing pre-match what Pickford’s reception would be, I thought they’d give him a tongue in cheek boo when they read his name out then get behind him. They booed him every time he touched the ball 😳 Could tell the England regulars weren’t happy, rightly so.

@Ben_S1990: YeH fuck that. Gotta be some sort of weirdo to pay for tickets to go and watch your country then boo players because they play for a club team you don’t like. Proper proper weird

@mattcarlin12: Booing Pickford done it for me tonight. Wankers the lot of them

@xJared04: Quite comfortably the worst England home game I’ve ever been to

@ChrisLukeJones: By the way, booing Pickford is truly pathetic behaviour. Englands number 1.

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