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Newcastle fan left in tears ranting on talkSPORT about VAR controversy for PSG’s penalty

A Newcastle United fan was left in tears when ranting on talkSPORT about the much talked about VAR controversy for PSG’s penalty.

Kylian Mbappe’s stoppage-time penalty denied Newcastle a big win in the Parc des Princes, coming after Alexander Isak’s first-half goal.

Nick Pope also made superb saves which at the time looked to take Eddie Howe’s team to a memorable Champions League win.

But the decision to award a penalty left one Magpies fan in particular raging, venting his anger on the radio station after the game on Tuesday night.

Newcastle fan, Peter, said: I’m so proud of my team tonight considering we’ve had no substitutions as Jason Cundy said, we had three goalkeepers on the bench and what the PSG need the need the most cheatingest VAR decision ever, that was never a penalty in a million years

Jason: I mean no one’s cheated have they though it’s just incompetence

Peter: It’s cheating, we were robbed

Jason: No it’s not cheating it’s incompetence

Peter: Well okay I’ll get rid of the cheating word

Jamie: No no I mean you look you’re passionate about it Pete you can say what you want

Peter: I’m absolutely good me team have give absolutely everything tonight can I say something tonight like we’ve got a 17y year old playing tonight and I hope the whole world who watched them in Lewis Miley what was you two doing at 17

Jason: Cleaning boots again

Jamie: The more I look at this decision Pete, I mean we got it on the screen here, the more I watch it in slow motion the more of a disgrace it gets it’s so bad

Peter: It’s making us cry watching it’s just making us bring tears cuz yes we PSG had chances I’ll agree with you there Jason but for our performance and for the players we’ve got missing at the minute you and Jamie cannot dispute we deserved a result tonight

Jason: Well yeah I mean look you you absolutely deserved something out the game you did not deserve a terrible decision towards the end but I think if you’re a PSG fan you’re looking at that going we could have won the game chances that we have they they could have won it I mean Pope made two really good saves you know

Peter: We’ve had the group of death and now last group game I’m so confident now we will battered them at home in two weeks and I’m telling you Dortmund will want the top that group and Dortmund will absolutely batter them in Germany

Jason: I think you know I agree with you I think that PSG will go to Dortmund they got to win right and then we know that they they win there

Jamie: Well Dortmund still need to top the group you know technically can if they beat them by three goals or more they will top the group so Dortmund are going to have to play their strong side because they want to top the group to go through as winners so it means that Newcastle really have got an opportunity to still go through

Peter: I think we’ll finish second

Jason: Are you going Pete you going to that game

Peter: I went to Dortmund and I went to Milan right but I didn’t cus I’ve heard so many scare stories cus I got a few friends who were in Paris right and have said it’s been so scary about their, plus night kicked off last night, have you see what time they kept the Newcastle fans in last night, I bet this won’t get mentioned on the national radio

Jason: Go on, do it then

Peter: The fans have been told they’re getting kept in for nearly an hour and a half after the game

Jason: Yeah this might be their own safety, so listen to this if you’ve got a message Pete for UEFA, keep it clean, have you got a message for UEFA and and the referee and the VAR decision

Peter: You can stick your VAR where the sun doesn’t shine and that baldy referee I wish I could see him so I could give him *beep*

Jason: Come on Pete, we don’t, no Pete we don’t condone violence Pete Pete Pete I mean you let yourself down there

Jamie: I mean what did you expect though, when you tease him like that

Jason: I didn’t expect to say…

Jamie: You do this every time you put in a corner and expect him to not come out with something like that

Jason: Wait I did not expect Pete…

Jamie: The guy almost crying talking about the decision and then you basically say yeah say this to UEFA

Jason: I didn’t expect Pete to turn all violent, you can’t come on he’s got, he’s got to compose himself there he had a chance and he let himself down, you can’t do that to the referee Pete

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Newcastle striker Alexander Isak on TNT Sports: “Unfortunate for us to get a goal against us so late. I think we started defending our goal a bit too early. It’s never nice to concede a goal that late.

“My first reaction was it wasn’t [a penalty]. It seemed cheap. I haven’t seen a replay. Hopefully it was a penalty. We have to trust the referees.

“We are very proud of the team. It’s not an easy place to come. They haven’t lost for some time here.

“We almost got the win. It is unfortunate. We always want to win, but this point will be important. We have it all to play for.”

Newcastle manager Eddie Howe said to TNT Sports: “I’m still coming to terms with it. I feel really flat but at the same time really pleased with what the players gave today. Their commitment, execution… We rode our luck. We ran out of luck at the end. I didn’t think it was a penalty.

“What you don’t take into account with those replays is how quick the ball goes. It hits his chest first. If it hits his hands first, well it’s still not a penalty because he’s so close. But you can make more of a case.

“It’s not a penalty when it hits his chest first and then hits his hand which is low. I’m not allowed to sum it up. I can’t say my inner thoughts obviously [I’d get in trouble].

“I thought the referee was having a good game up until this moment. He had been strong.”

On Newcastle’s defence: “Nick [Pope] was like he was against AC Milan away when we needed a giant performance from him. The players accepted we had to defend well and defend our goal like our life depended on it. It looked like we got there. They missed some chances, you can’t deny that.

When we’ve defended so well in that shape, with that personnel for so long, sometimes you make a change and it creates a mistake. Sometimes you twist, sometimes you stick. We decided to stick and obviously it didn’t work out.

“We’re still in it. That’s another thing we can’t forget. We could easily have come here and have not been in the competition anymore. We still believe. As much as it’s a huge, deflating feeling – it could be another story in our season.”

Twitter users reacted to the Newcastle fan left in tears ranting on talkSPORT about VAR controversy for PSG’s penalty…

@kevinrandall17: Come on man. I’m a Newcastle fan and the only way I’m ever crying is if/when we finally win something. It’s not like we’ve never had a kick in the nuts before

@KrisMonkeyDay: The most cheatingness VRA decision ever 😭😭.

@IainDawson94: Let’s all laugh at Newcastle 😂

@jakclark95: Am gutted myself but this a crease 🤣🤣🤣

@highburyhigh: Honestly Newcastle fans are the funniest. Karma. Do unto others… You all loved cheating against us. Take your medicine and move on 🤣🤣🤣🤣

@tonylaffo2: Best thing avin heard in a while that 🤣🤣🤣 fucking baby

@exile_1991: “We saw you crying on Talksport….” 🎵

@mccallionub1: See all these Newcastle fans didn’t have the same energy around the ridiculous decisions they got in the Arsenal/Wolves games? Keep crying ya wankers! 🤣

@LeonCallander94: Honestly can’t stop laughing at this, geordie tears are the best 🤣🤣🤣🤣

@Jimmy__MUFC: That’s a grown man on that phone 😂

@WadeSAFC: Ya da rings up on the radio and cries down the phone after a draw with PSG.

@highburyhigh: 🤣🤣🤣 stop it my sides are splitting.

@Ads_CTFC_82: Dry your eyes mate 🤣🤣🤣

@MiserableMackem: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA This is fucking GOLD. I’m crying listening to it 😭🤣

@AFCMod: Karma really is a bitch. On repeat

@BeanGre73226284: Crying with the fewwmmm 😂😂😂

@wantedssshhh: Newcastle were robbed but this is jokes

@hangover1990: Hahaha but it’s ok when it happens for your team 😂

@jackraffl: Surely a pisstske this 🤣

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