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Newcastle fan complains over punishment received for peeing on statue at Sunderland

Newcastle United fan Thomas Fleet complains over the punishment he received for peeing on a statue at Sunderland earlier this month.

The offender, who was caught urinating on a memorial statue of legend Bob Stokoe has been fined £250 but complained it was “too high.”

Fleet, 21, was charged with criminal damage after a video recorded by his mate showed the Newcastle supporter relieving himself, even doing the act over some flowers left by someone.

Fleet was left embarrassed after social media users pointed out that the statue of the person he was peeing on was also a hero and FA Cup winner on Tyneside.

Stokoe played more than 260 games for Newcastle, but sadly died after suffering from Alzheimers in 2004.

After the hearing at South Tyneside Magistrates Court in the week, a shamefaced Fleet said: “I’d like to apologise to the Sunderland fans. I wasn’t thinking.”

Lillian Yanes Hellevik, prosecuting, said to the court that the offence took place on Saturday when Fleet was “caught on CCTV footage” with his friend as he walked up to the statue, pulled his pants down and urinated.

Fleet was seen in the viral clip wearing the Newcastle United third kit jersey.

Ms Hellevik said: “The friend saw it fit to record the incident and that video went viral on the social media application TikTok.”

She said that the video had “caused an outcry” amongst Sunderland fans, with police being called and contacted in tweets.

She added that it had been “an impulsive act” and that the defendant admitted the offence in the police interview.

The court heard Fleet, a father of one, was already serving a suspended sentence for domestic violence related offences at the time.

Angus Westgarth, defending, said: “He was an idiot to do what he did and where he did it.

“It was disrespectful to many, many people.

“It was an act of stupidity. It wasn’t premeditated.”

He added that Thomas Fleet was “embarrassed and upset” about what had happened and that “he’s already paid quite a heavy price”.

Westgarth also argued the £250 compensation was too high and that the suspended sentence was for dissimilar offences.

Thomas, of Bertha Street, Ferryhill, was ordered to pay £250 compensation to Sunderland Football Club and a £40 fine.

Chair of the Bench Kay Gilbert said: “We are going to order you to pay Sunderland Football Club £250 in compensation.

“You committed this offence while you were on a suspended sentence order.

“We are not going to activate the suspended sentence because it’s a dissimilar offence.”

She encouraged him to work with probation adding: “You acted impulsively.

“We don’t want to see you back here again.”

Social media users reacted as the Newcastle fan complains over the punishment he received for peeing on a statue at Sunderland…

@motleytoon1: F**cking skiprat. One thing he did achieve was uniting both fan groups with the desire to give the peasant a good kicking 😡

@aligwasp: Fine not nearly enough, community service scrubbing public toilets with a toothbrush would be a more fitting punishment! Absoloute moron.

@AngolanGeordie: There is no respect nowadays. Turn up in ya best gear. I know had to try and oppress a judge on several occasions in my younger days (not my proudest times). Turn up in flip flops, the judge should of slapped the fcuk out the prick with them.

@calfoz: I assumed if you had a suspended sentence and you broke the law at all it activated the suspended sentence yet they didn’t activate his because the offence was dissimilar. Does that mean if you’re convicted of gbh, get a suspended, then do a burglary the suspended doesn’t activate?

@BlueLagoonPints: The tactical inclusion of his address by the echo 😂

@GeordieChris_F: Serves him right, the little rat.

@eggnchips2: Scum of the earth….

@deano733: Well the prick got the attention he was clearly craving

@Downsy102: What a dick

@mark1984toon: He’s a fucking knob. Rivalry and banter is one thing but shit like this is just stupid that need punishment. Dont class these kind of people fans

@Jillyweb09: Fined £250 what an insult to such a Legend. Newcastle United should ban him from St James Park too, hit him where it hurts.

@JewittMartin: Not educated enough to know Stokoe played for Newcastle, This is beside the point mind you. The idea that a non entity little scote thinks it’s fair game to piss on a statue is simply wrong

@Tonygolfnut1: Think I speak for all Newcastle fans and say this is shocking and he should be banned from SJP. Also best of luck getting promoted let’s get these all important derby days back again, think I speak for both fans .. we all miss them !

@HootingBadger: Seriously though what are we becoming? Two sets of people in the North East, most of us a certain age remembering the good days of the derbies, and working alongside each other. Feels like some of our fans on Twitter can pick a fight in an empty room these days.

@TrueBlu53783766: Brilliant and thank you. Light banter and football chants is one thing, but this was an act too far and degrades a great memory for so many. Make him clean the entire complex, especially the statue with his bare hands, film it and post it online. Then make an example of him.

@nufc454545rt: Great news now get him down to the statue when Sunderland play Sheff Wed and make him clean it in front of everyone

@kevindefty1: What about his mate who was filming it ?

@carl311812: Can you share the details of the person with @NUFC so that we can impose a stadium ban aswell please

@Tinalouise84: Good I hope they make him clean it up and give him community service, shocking behaviour

@andynufcolds: Make him clean it in front of newcastle and Sunderland fans

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