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Newcastle and AC Milan fans clash with flares thrown at each other

Newcastle United and AC Milan fans took to clash with flares thrown at each other in the lead up to the Champions League fixture.

A number of videos have emerged on social media showing the moment tensions boiled over as supporters of both clubs made their way to St James’ Park on Wednesday night.

Around 1,500 Milan fans were part of the march, which started at Old Eldon Square in the City Centre and went all the way to the ground. This was the same route that Borussia Dortmund fans took, walking through Blackett Street, Percy Street, Leazes Park Road, Leazes Lane and Leazes Terrace before going into the stadium.

Adam Pearson said in his latest YouTube video: “It’s quite hard to show certain images in this video, but just behind me on the left there is actually an old, I think it’s an AC Milan woman, just completely knocked out clean on the floor, she’s out of it completely, now it’s such a shame to see, and I had a chance to speak to some of the fans around the area, I’m going to show you bits of footage as well but essentially there’s been stuff going on between the fans, as expected of course with the Milan Ultra already having a situation over there where a Newcastle fan 57 years old was stabbed, it’s unclear whether it was the Milan Ultras or just a gang in Milan but unfortunately one of our fans was near killed over there.

“Over here the fans that came with a drum that had a police escort just before, just behind me there something’s happening while the AC Milan fans I’m going to try and get to the bottom of it in this video, there’s been flares going off, firecracker, there’s been all sorts going off in the march, I’ve just got here in time to see the end of the march so we’re going to show you the little bits of footage of what’s going on hopefully afterwards we can speak to some eyewitnesses and find out what’s actually happened.

“So I’m not sure what’s going on down the police are moving back now I’m not going to show you on the but like someone’s actually out of it I don’t know what’s happened down there like someone’s completely knocked out, it actually is an AC Milan fan as well it looks like someone’s just completely knocked out on the left.”

Eyewitnesses say that firecrackers and bottle were chucked back and forth, they had saw an explosion with police running over.

Adam adds: “I just want to try and get towards the bottom of everything over there, again I’m not going to show any graphic content if I can go up there now, I’m not going to just start shoving phones in the face, it’s obviously horrible someone’s clearly out of it. Definitely some happened after the explosion before so a quick clip where you see the police went after it was like a firecracker or just some form of explosive uh all of a sudden that woman’s down the ground so I don’t know exactly what’s happened, I’ve tried to get at the bottom of it.

“I believe it is an AC Milan fan, judged by the fact there about four or five AC Milan fans around now it’s that just random pedestrians as Milan fans but yeah bit of a strange one there, but in regards to everything tonight it’s going to be a feisty game.

“In regardless over there I hope that individual is okay, I don’t know exactly what’s happened but there is a woman unconscious behind me and obviously as fans are surrounded her paramedics and the ambulance is just there and it happened during an explosive when had a bunch of police officers as you saw in the video rushed over and started sit waiting fans for a couple minutes so um not entirely sure what’s happened I couldn’t give you a clear answer, my impression was again that there’s obviously the explosive but ultimately I don’t know if any Newcastle fan or Milan fan can get the bottom of that, hopefully she’s okay.”

Magpie Channel TV said on their video: “The flares getting threw was nasty, some blokes in some pants were setting on fire and then they threw it back and it was all kicking off.

“Then obviously the Milan lot with bandanas and that came down and we’re hunting after people that’s why it was a hold up. think the drum got taken off them for a bit. it was all a bit carnage to be honest.

“I missed the start of it missed the start of it finishing my scran, started a bit early so we lag it back up and we just missed a bit coming through the tunnel but the march started a lot further on than it normally does this time, obviously PSG started in the big market that was the first one and then the police moved it, Monument area for Dortmund and then after that it’s now started at Blackett Street underneath the tunnel so they’re trying to limit the amount that they actually do walk to the stadium, there are still 2 hours until kick off but the Milan fans are there now.

“I’m sure they get treater better than what we did in the San Siro that was a nightmare that being stuck in how high up we were you think they’re high up another seven we were way further high up and obviously we were caged in there canned in there no nothing, two toilets for 4,000 people, it was horrendous absolutely horrendous.”

The game itself saw AC Milan beat Newcastle 2-1 to send the Toon out. Joelinton had put the hosts ahead but goals from Christian Pulisic and Samuel Chukwueze meant there was no European football for the Magpies in the new year.

Things had been looking on the up for Eddie Howe’s side, who knew they went into the game outsiders to reach the last 16 going into matchday six.

They had to win against AC Milan, but also needed Paris Saint-Germain to lose or draw away to Borussia Dortmund.

By half time, it was going in Newcastle’s favour with Joelinton breaking the deadlock and PSG being held in Germany.

And then a Dortmund goal led to more celebrations at Newcastle, only for it to fall apart when Christian Pulisic got the leveller for Milan and PSG got a goal back, ending any hopes of Newcastle progressing through.

Player ratings (as per Sky Sports)

Newcastle: Dubravka (6), Trippier (7), Lascelles (6), Schar (6), Livramento (6), Miley (7), Guimaraes (6), Joelinton (8), Almiron (6), Wilson (6), Gordon (6).

Subs: Isak (6), Burn (6), Longstaff (6).

AC Milan: Maignan (7), Calabria (7), Tomori (7), Hernandez (6), Florenzi (7), Reijnders (6), Musah (6), Pulisic (7), Loftus-Cheek (6), Leao (7), Giroud (7).

Subs: Jovic (7), Pobega (6), Okafor (n/a), Chukwueze (7), Bartesaghi (n/a).

Player of the match: Joelinton

🍿 The rollercoaster night in Group F of the Champions League:
8:33pm: Newcastle score, PSG are 3rd
9:10pm: PSG go behind and still 3rd
9:15pm: PSG equalises but remain 3rd
9:19pm: AC Milan equalise against Newcastle, PSG go 2nd
9:35pm: Mbappé scores, PSG are top
9:36pm: Goal ruled out, PSG go back to 2nd
9:43pm: AC Milan score and go 3rd

Newcastle manager Eddie Howe, speaking to TNT Sports: “I thought there were some really good bits, we were dominant at times, but probably needed the second goal. We didn’t defend the two goals well enough.

“It was very much end to end. Both teams were desperate to win. We wanted to win the game and we were trying to head for the Champions League so we had to be brave.

“They had to be brave. It made for a very good game. We did create chances and we’re absolutely devastated not to go through.”

On the handball decision against Paris St-Germain having a bigger impact now: “I think it would be foolish of me to look back and start bringing up old stuff. We had the opportunity tonight to do what we had to do and we didn’t take it. We couldn’t have tried harder, I don’t think we left anything on the pitch.”

On what he’s learned being in the Champions League: “So much. The value of the squad first and foremost, that’s what’s exposed us, the fact we haven’t had the ability to utilise the squad we’ve created. We’ve gone into games very limited in what we can do and that hasn’t helped us.”

On whether this will make them hungrier for the Premier League: “You always have to use disappointment – the setbacks – as motivation and fuel for your fire to make sure you continue to achieve.

“We’ll go back to the Premier League and try and do as much as we can to be consistent and stay up there.”

This is what social media users said as Newcastle and AC Milan fans clash with flares thrown at each other…

@MaccaLiv19: So glad our country was the first to get hooliganism out of its system. Be assed with this shite every game

@BrandonRedhead: “We demand full allocation because we don’t cause any trouble” gimps

@Robertlfc_: Who tf do Newcastle think they are picking fights with every club in that group stage

@Jordancooper12: Old Bill firm 1-0 ac Milan

@nathscfc: I swear Newcastle has been active every single champions league night so far 😂

@N_Macca74: The 6th time on the bounce that there’s been trouble at a Newcastle UCL match.

@philipkeersnufc4160: Bloody hell hope you stay safe Adam HWTL! ⚫⚪

@user-hs3dg8jy3t: It’s a joke the violence that can arise from a game of football. Sad really…

@alancong: why are them lads smirking and laughing shame it wasent one of there family who was hurt bet they wouldent be laughing then would they

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