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New world record set by two non league clubs with 54 penalties in shoot-out

A new world record has been set by two non league clubs with 54 penalties being taken in an astonishing shoot-out on Wednesday night.

It came in the Ernest Armstrong Memorial Cup tie between Washington and Bedlington, with there more penalty kicks taken than there were people watching.

The crowd of 40 were entertaining when a 3-3 draw played out in the 90 minutes before Washington won 25-24, five penalties missed in total, with the game finishing just one minute remaining before the timer on the floodlights went off say Bedlington.

The Guinness World Record for the longest shootout was 48 attempts, so the record has been well and truly smashed.

Washington’s Bradley Chisholm seal a hat-trick to take make it 3-3 after 90 minutes, so quite the memorable night for him.

The cup tie at the Ford Quarry Football Hub in Sunderland between the Northern League Division Two sides beats the efforts it took for KK Palace to win 17-16 against Civics in a 2005 Namibian Cup shootout in 2005.

It also surpasses the recently set English shootout record of 44 spot-kicks, which saw Wolverhampton based Old Wulfrunians win against Bloxwich-based Lane Head, with the shootout scoreline 19-18 in a near half-hour long shootout.

Jack Marsh, the home side’s left-back and son of Old Wulfs chairman-secretary Simon Marsh, hit the winning penalty.

But his dad Simon nearly missed it as, midway through what was a tense finale, he had to drive half a mile down the road to the local chip shop to pick up the players’ post-match takeaway order.

“It was amazing,” he said a few months back. “It started at about 9.35pm and it was well after 10pm when it finished.

“After the 22nd penalty I went to get the team’s fish and chips. But, when I got back, the shootout was still going. I was back in time to see the penultimate one saved and then I saw Jack score his.

“It was 4-4 after the first five penalties. Then, when it went to sudden death, we had two chances to win it but missed them.

“After 11 pens each it was 8-8 and both sides then scored their next 10. But they missed the 43rd.”

Twitter users reacted after seeing a new world record set by two non league clubs with 54 penalties in shoot-out…

@bigcbeat: Unbelievable Jeff

@nathanbeadledfc: Washy continue superb form, Washy world records and taxes. Three things certain in life! #bleedblue

@CiaranLines: I believe that’s a world record penalty shoot out taken place this evening, beating the current record by one! A world record in Washington on a Wednesday night, who would have ever thought that would happen?

@twoht: I didn’t know that David De Gea and Peter Shilton had both been loaned to the Northern League.

@andymason86: @washyfc that’s a new world record for penalties congratulations

@matty121892: 25-24, wow 😆

@2Taity: washy absolutely massive

@UTM_Mariners: Holy moly 😮

@TonyBengtsson: They’ll be sodding knackered after that! 🤣

@itsrebeccaxo: 49 successful penalties and 5 missed. Great to be apart of the new world record

@Knighty681: That a bloody long penalty shootout

@AlbertTatlock20: I thought it was never going to end. Feel sorry for the Bedlington team after that

@TheDiddyman1: How on earth can penalties go to 25-24, were the keepers put in straight jackets!

@nufckaii: Some pen shootout that 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

@lifesapisstake: Realistically though this could be a marvelous chance for the @theofficialnl Northern League and the two teams involved to get some much-welcomed publicity if it’s marketed correctly.

@yeadaz: Canny pen shoot out

@malonei82: What time did Washington finish 😱

@nlfanchris: HOLY SMOKES! That penalty shootout between @washyfc and @BTFCOfficial 🤯

@RealJaffa_: Has to be a world record?! You’d be bored watching that I bet 😂

@foreverayellow: blimey this sounds like it went on for ages, got to admit i love a penalty shootout, however with how cold it is these spring nights, i wouldve had to keep moving my fingers and toes to keep warm haha fair play to the 40 that waited it out until the very end

@pauloakendale: damn it, i knew i should have attended the game, chose to opt out last minute LOL 

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