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New video shows Dortmund fans clashing with police, stewards and Man City fans

New video shows Borussia Dortmund fans clashing with police, stewards and Man City fans at the Etihad Stadium on Tuesday.

Erling Haaland struck an outstanding late winner against his former club as Manchester City came from behind to snatch a 2-1 victory over BVB.

The prolific Norwegian was kept quiet by his old team-mates for much of the Champions League game but clinically volleyed in six minutes from time.

England international Jude Bellingham had put Dortmund in front after the break but Man City levelled with a stunning strike from John Stones on the 80th minute.

Haaland, who scored 86 goals in 89 appearances for Dortmund before leaving in the summer, then struck his 13th in nine for his new club and that was after he hit the post earlier in the game. 10 of those goals cam in just six Premier League matches. 

The win gave City the outright lead in Group G ahead of back-to-back games against Copenhagen.

Throughout the game, things threatened to over boil in the stands, a number of objects were thrown between the sets of fans and on to the pitch, but stewards and police stepped up their presence to prevent fighting.

There was a lot of ‘hold me back’ from the Dortmund end, however whilst trying to thrown some fists, pushing and shoving from the Germans saw them knock their own fans to the ground.

Erling Haaland on BT Sport:

“We showed what we are in the end. I’m proud of the last 20, 25, 30 minutes. Two great goals.”

Asked by the reporter if his former club knew how to stop him, Haaland said: “They didn’t stop me, I scored! But yeah, they played well, and I was quite sure I was going to be followed the whole game because they know me very well.”

Man City boss Pep Guardiola:

“We had a lot of problems to get our rhythm,” said Guardiola.

“We were so passive in our transitions. We struggled. We played in the wrong gear. When we realised we were 1-0 down and changed the dynamic on the field [by making three substitutions], it gave us another rhythm. This is who we are.

“After Sevilla, people said it was all over, it was done. I tried telling them it is not done. The Champions League does not wait. The Champions League does not forgive you.”

Haaland’s finish took all the headlines but the City coach had begun the press conference with a plea to discuss Stones as well as Haaland. That goal was the moment that changed the game. “In the first half, John Stones does not try that shot, he tries the extra pass,” he added.

“We cannot play the 60 to 65 minutes we played. We are a different team.”

Social media users had their say as a new video shows Borussia Dortmund fans clashing with police, stewards and Man City fans…

@Nparaphh: Mate should’ve seen the police scrapping them, lvl 2 was just as bad

@Nparaphh: Never had so much beer chucked at me in my life

@SZ_ctid: They were giving KDB so much abuse on the corners too, didn’t think they were like that tbf

@Blooz_Jay: city giving it the bigun behind the old bill 😭😭😭

@GSuggsMCFC: Loads of Dortmund fans trying to get to our lot. They were hitting the police and all sorts but fuck all happened to them. Then they got the riot police out but they still did fuck all when they were throwing shit at us. Typical.

@antmarkmcr: Yep always the way Uefa will fine city for the trouble lmao 🤣

@GSuggsMCFC: Telling you mate. If we went over there and carried on like that it would be a different story

@chloeingham294: bvb fans trying to get the police, laughable

fowlplay_dj: Geezer really shadow boxing in the yellow hoody 😂

mcfclad: haha trying to throw punches but couldn’t get past the police then sent their own fan flying

@BeersnBlues: If that seat gets thrown back it’s an instant ban. Why do we bend over backwards for these dicks, when we go to euro aways we get treated like shit, the police wrap these lot in cotton wool!

munt71: Ha ha hold me back hold me back 😂😂😂😂

joe.wiggo: u see the city fan take the police hat 😭

brookseymcfc: German moshpit 🥴

arryofull: The kid in the yellow snood starts shadow boxing and gets knocked all over by his own fans 😂😂😂

markthompson36: YA YA ZEE GERMANS 😂😂😂😂

stevebyorkshire84: Pretend we’re angry and we’re going to do something 😂

odonnell92: Shit Bayern Munich 🤣🤣🤣 that’s class


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