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New Premier League Rule To Have A Huge Impact On Arsenal, Chelsea, And Tottenham After Major U-Turn

There is a new rule that the Premier League introduced in a recent meeting. Starting the coming season, clubs will be allowed five substitutions in every Premier League game. However, the matter is not yet concluded as stakeholders are scheduled for a meeting in London to vote again.

The final determination in London will mean that teams will make five replacements if the rule is upheld. All along, bigger teams favored this decision, but smaller sides did not seem to favor it. They feel that bigger teams with huge financial strength will have a greater advantage.

The majority of Premier League football fans are looking forward to this decision since the top teams such as Manchester City, and Liverpool will become more competitive. These are also among the most favorite teams to bet on. Moreover, they are not only popular in Europe but globally including in African countries such as Kenya. As such punters will be sure to find impressive odds on the best betting sites with registration bonus in Kenya among other online sportsbooks.

Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp Favor the Decision

Currently, all other top five European leagues allow more than three substitutes. The Premier League is the only division that has restricted the number to just three for every game. Fingers crossed that this ruling comes to effect in the next few months. Additionally, starting next season, the Premier League will allow teams to have a maximum of nine players on the bench. 

Last year, Pep Guardiola, the Manchester City manager, expressed concerns that it was surprising to see that England is the only country where clubs are restricted to just three changes per game. Having coached in Spain and Germany, Guardiola noted that the Premier has a higher percentage of muscular injuries compared to leagues in other countries.

During the lockdown period where games were played without fans, the rule to have five substitutes was applied. However, the Premier League reverted to the old ways of three reserves last season. Jurgen Klopp, the Liverpool boss, holds the same thoughts as his Manchester City counterpart. Klopp has coached in the German Bundesliga and is a huge advocate of the five substitutes rule. Last month, Liverpool was scheduled to play on Sunday, Wednesday, Saturday, and Tuesday. Klopp noted that it was a horrible encounter because he could only make three subs.

Liverpool and Manchester City have dominated the Premier League in the last five years. This season, Arsenal, Chelsea, and Tottenham are the immediate chase group that feels disadvantaged by this new rule. They have been attempting to get to the top without any success. Liverpool and Manchester City have the strongest squads in the Premier League. When every player is fully fit, they have plenty of options. 

How the Ruling Will Impact Tottenham, Chelsea, and Arsenal

Tottenham, Chelsea, and Arsenal also have strong teams to give the top two a run for their money. However, the options on the Man City and Liverpool bench are phenomenal. For example, if Liverpool is drawing 0-0 with Arsenal under the new law, Klopp can easily freshen his entire attack without an impact. On the other hand, Arsenal will struggle to bring in fresh defensive players from the bench to counter the Liverpool substitution.

The new rule is likely to trigger massive transfers where Arsenal, Chelsea, and Tottenham are expected to bring in new players to bolster their squads. These teams are definitely planning to match the strengths of Manchester City and Liverpool. In the coming season, the top two teams will still enjoy an edge above the rest courtesy of this new rule, leaving the top four contenders with a serious battle to overcome.

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