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New footage shows Port Vale fans PUNCHING Swindon players during pitch invasion

New footage shows Port Vale fans PUNCHING Swindon Town players during the pitch invasion after the League Two playoff semi final second leg.

Robins ace Mandela Egbo hit back at the ‘scummy’ fans who attacked him after Thursday night’s encounter which was marred by the scenes that played out after a penalty shootout.

Hosts Port Vale beat Swindon on penalties to book a place in the Wembley final with a shot at promotion, however instead of celebrating there were ugly scenes involving the home fans and away players.

The game went to spot kicks after finishing 2-2 on aggregate, with Swindon defender Ellis Iandolo miss in sudden death sending the Valiants to the playoff final at Wembley.

Home fans ran onto the pitch at Vale Park after the 24-year-old skied his kick over the bar, with a number of Swindon players appearing to have been attacked by a group of home supporters.

With the visiting players left gutted standing in the middle devastated at what just happened, a group of Port Vale fans jumped the barriers and went straight in their direction.

There was also a melee as some of the Swindon players attempted to make their way towards the tunnel with Egbo one of the involved and took to Twitter.

The defender wrote on Twitter: “How you scummy fans get two free shots and only manage a scratch?

“And I’m supposed to keep my cool – if I react I’m the bad guy right?”

New footage shows Port Vale fans PUNCHING Swindon players during pitch invasion

Swindon boss Ben Garner also spoke out about the ‘disgusting’ scenes seen in the Premier League and EFL in recent weeks.

“What they [the Swindon players] have had to put up with coming off that pitch… players have been physically and verbally abused,” he said after the game.

“I know I’ve seen it in some of the other play-off games, I don’t know where we’re going as a country it’s absolutely disgusting.

“That is dangerous, that is so dangerous. Players have been hit, players have been kicked, players have been spat at, players have been verbally abused.

“It’s just not on. Fans think they can come on and they can have a free hit and a free pop and no one player can react to it. If you did that on the street you’d end up in a tear up.

“I just don’t understand it, I just don’t know where this is coming from. Disgusting. It’s disgusting.”

The post-match clash at Vale Park came after objects were thrown at Harry McKirdy, Darrell Clarke had a bust-up on the touchline and Patrick Vieira was involved with a scrap with a taunting Everton fan.

Football reporter Ian Danter was at Vale Park for talkSPORT, and said: “Watching the post match pitch invasion at Port Vale tonight was thoroughly depressing.

“Elements of both sets of supporters were an utter disgrace. Home fans of advancing years who would rather taunt local radio guys from Swindon rather than celebrate a trip to Wembley.

“Never mind the fans who tried to accost Swindon players as they tried to leave the pitch, and all the Swindon fans breaking seats in the away end to lob into fans taunting them over the defeat. 

“All pathetic.”


Port Vale’s Darrell Clarke:

“I do want to apologise because I shouldn’t have done what I did on the touchline. My emotions got the better of me, so I apologised to Swindon and to Dion – good club, good player. I don’t know what came over me. I have had an emotional time and it is the first time I have been sent off.

“It’s hard to put it in words, the amount of love I’ve got for my staff, players and the owners. It is hard to say without sounding corny, but the support I’ve had since losing one of the dearest things to me in my life has been so unbelievable and overwhelming. It’s not for me, it’s for those people.

“We have got one more game to go against Mansfield, which is fitting because it’s where my eldest daughter came from. Nigel Clough’s a great man, they are a great club and it’s the town I was born in. An emotional day, but looking forward to the final.”

Port Vale assistant Andy Crosby: “Amazing effort by the whole football club and an amazing performance tonight to beat a very, very good team. We prepared for penalties as much as we possibly could, we knew exactly what was going to happen in every scenario and credit to every single one of the players. We are delighted to get to Wembley – just one more game to go.

“We wanted to be aggressive and intense from the start to try and force them back, to try and get them on the back foot, to press really aggressively and really high and not let them get into any kind of rhythm, which we certainly didn’t in the first half. They then had a lot more of the ball after that without really creating a lot of chances. They are a fantastic passing team, but we tried to play the game how we do.

“I’m not sure about the comments from their captain before the game slagging us off a little bit and saying we are a long ball team et cetera and all their players are better than ours. Maybe not the brightest thing to say before the second leg of a game. I’m delighted for all of our players. We’ve got 10 days now to look forward to playing in a Wembley final.”

“There was physical abuse out there, there was verbal abuse,” said Garner.

He told BBC Radio Wiltshire: “I’m very proud of the players for the strength they’ve just shown. There’s a lad with a cut on his nose, there’s been all sorts of abuse.

“I just don’t understand it, I just don’t know where this is coming from. I’ve seen it in some of the other games recently. Disgusting. It’s disgusting.”

Swindon forward Harry McKirdy called for the EFL to take action in a post on his Instagram page.

He said: “I’ll take the stick and the songs. But bottles, coins, lighters thrown at me and running on and hitting and kicking me and my team-mates. Too far. Something’s got to be done EFL.”

Vale co-owner Carol Shanahan added: “There is no place and no need for violence at football matches and the individuals involved are not welcome. As an industry we have to, and will, stand firm and together with the police to ensure we get on top of it as soon as possible.”

Garner adds that action needed to be taken by the football authorities, following a series of incidents.

Twitter users reacted as new footage shows Port Vale fans PUNCHING Swindon players during the pitch invasion…

@theposhfan: Pitch invasions need banning. Just watching the end of the Port Vale v Swindon game. Within 10 seconds of the pitch invasion starting, Swindon players are getting punched. Shocking. @EFL sort this out.

@Kozzy78: A big shout out to @Police_PVFC this evening…. They won’t let Swindon fans drink within 5 miles of the ground, but are happy to let Port Vale supporters just randomly attack @Official_STFC players.The kind of policing that Margaret Thatchers forces were famous for… 👏👏

@GT2_Driving: Port Vale win the shoot out and the fans rush on the field and start assaulting and abusing Swindon players as they walk off. What goes through people’s minds? What’s the point, you don’t look like a hard nut you just look like a twat. Brainless.

@Leigh_Moore: Port Vale fans running on a targeting Swindon players is disgusting. If the @EFL want to get a grip of this, punish the clubs by kicking them out the playoffs! Embarrassing.

@BenFUT22: Sorry but these pitch invasions need to stop 🤬
– Swindon players fighting the Port Vale fans
– Nottingham forest incidents
– Crystal Palace incident
Yes celebrate with your team but don’t attack opposition players🤷‍♂️

@brfcholzi68: The Port Vale fans attacking the Swindon players is another disgusting scene at the football. These dickheads need banning and have a stint in jail.

@Jobi180: Over to you @EFL let’s see if you’ve got the bollocks to do the right thing! Disgusting @OfficialPVFC fans, ruined their night for them. Swindon were not good enough on the day, we rebuild for next season but those fans are just pure scum. @Official_STFC till I die 🔴⚪️

@Nu_Joshi: Once again, a pitch invasion has ruined what should be a great night for Port Vale. No need to attack the opposition players, enjoy the celebrations with a bit of class #Vale #Swindon

@NannyVeg: I don’t like Swindon but those Port Vale morons who think it’s ok to attack the players are scum.

@StatthewMambach: Disgusting behaviour by the @OfficialPVFC fans. Pitch invasions are bad enough, but to run over to the Swindon players to create an altercation rather than celebrate your achievement with your own friends and family is appalling. Prison sentences for anyone found guilty….

@TrevorOakley1: Absolutely hate these pitch invasions. Too many idiots running on to the pitch is a recipe for trouble. Looked like a Port Vale fan bopped a Swindon player. Disgraceful.

@pritcharddd_: Vile @OfficialPVFC sort your fans out, watching on tv and can see your fans hitting Swindon players. Sort it out, vile behaviour

@JONRICH70: Watching the Port Vale fans trying to fight the Swindon players makes me fee physically sick. What a vile lot you are. No respect for you now. I hope those responsible get jailed and the club fined for the missing in action stewards. Sickening. @OfficialPVFC @Official_STFC

@DylanFGRbanks: @EFL Sort this stewarding and policing out, not fair on these players, beyond disgusted, Port Vale history and few fans think fuck the celebrations where’s the Swindon players, ruin football, not just vale but Nottingham forest as-well

@paulgslatter: Truly vile disgusting behaviour at Port Vale whose fans plumb new depths even by their low standards. The result was surprising: thought Swindon played some of the best football in League 2 last season

@StuartHill25: All these pitch invasions which are leading to confrontations, wheres the deterrent? What happened to sharp, vieira being goaded by an Everton fan, ugly scenes between port Vale and Swindon? Whats being done to stop this? @EFL @premierleague

@daneslxde: @EFL You need to pull your heads out of eachothers arses, sort out what happened after the Swindon and port vale game. It’s not acceptable for fan to be attacking players and fans, something needs to be done!

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