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New footage of ‘incorrect’ drop-ball call for Liverpool that had Nottingham Forest outraged

New footage emerges of the ‘incorrect’ drop-ball call for Liverpool that had Nottingham Forest outraged especially come full time.

The match between Nottingham Forest and Liverpool on Saturday ended in chaos and controversy due to referee Paul Tierney’s handling of a head injury incident involving Ibrahima Konate.

Despite Nottingham Forest being in possession of the ball at the time, Tierney awarded Liverpool an uncontested drop ball.

When Tierney stopped play in the 96th minute after Ibrahima Konate went down in the Liverpool box with an apparent head injury, Callum Hudson-Odoi had been in possession of the ball, but play stopped with Luiz Diaz kicking the ball back toward the Liverpool goal.

Play then restarted with an uncontested drop ball that was given to Caoimhin Kelleher but according to Sky Sports News, this should have been given to Nottingham Forest.

Liverpool went on to win a corner at the other end of the pitch before scoring a 99th-minute winner through Darwin Nunez to move four points clear at the top of the Premier League table – leading to chaotic scenes at full-time. Forest had regained possession before Nunez eventually scored the winner.

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IFAB law 8.2


The ball is dropped for the defending team goalkeeper in their penalty area if, when play was stopped:

the ball was in the penalty area or
the last touch of the ball was in the penalty area

In all other cases, the referee drops the ball for one player of the team that last touched the ball at the position where it last touched a player, an outside agent or, as outlined in Law 9.1, a match official.

All other players (of both teams) must remain at least 4 m (4.5 yds) from the ball until it is in play.

Forest owner Evangelos Marinakis made his way onto the pitch at the full time whistle in anger as others remonstrated with the officials over the controversial decision, with Steven Reid, a member of the Forest coaching staff, getting a red card from Tierney.

Following the match, Forest’s referee analyst Mark Clattenburg said he had not spoken to Tierney about the incident and added that it was “too early” to say whether the club would send a letter of complaint to the PGMOL.

Clattenburg said: “What we will be doing is speaking to the PGMOL, with my relationships that I have with the PGMOL and the Premier League, and we will discuss what happened on the field of play today, and we will look at the course of action in the future.

“Under the laws of the game, the team that has possession when he blows the whistle to stop the game – he is entitled to stop the game because it is a potential head injury – but whoever has the possession, the ball goes back to that team and the other team retreat one metre.

“They changed the law because they did not want a contested drop ball. So, years ago when we had contested drop balls, players used to swing legs and people could get injured so I understand the law change. But the laws state that certainly if the ball is outside of the penalty area and you have possession of the ball, you get possession back.

“In that crucial moment, Nottingham Forest have got the ball in the corner so they can absorb the time, see the time out to get the result, 0-0. The ball has gone back to Liverpool and they have won a corner. People can say they could have cleared their lines but from that initial moment players can lose concentration because they feel there has been an injustice.”

Clattenburg said that he will be speaking to the Forest hierarchy about the matter. “I will sit down with the board and the owners to explain what has happened. It is difficult to explain it.” But there has been no dialogue with Tierney himself. “No, I went to go into the dressing room but he would not let us in.”

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp said: “It happened exactly the same as it did in the first half, just the other way round.

“I expected it to happen exactly like that because it happened like that in the first half.

“If it wouldn’t have happened in the first half I would have asked the question as well.

“I would now assume that is the rule – to be honest, I wasn’t sure – because twice it happened and twice it was handled exactly the same, so I don’t really see the reason for the discussions because that’s it.

“I don’t know how many passes we had to play to arrive there and score the goal, but I understand 100 per cent the excitement, and the anger from Nottingham of course.

“But I would say it was twice, and twice the same, so that is consistent.”

Nottingham Forest manager Nuno Espirito Santo, speaking to BBC Match of the Day…

On events leading to Liverpool goal: “I don’t want to talk about the referee, sorry.

“We are frustrated, we are disappointed, we are sad. We did a good job and the City Ground, as always, was amazing for us. The disappointment is not giving the supporters what they deserve.”

Similar to Man Utd game? “We have chances, we don’t score and then we get punished at the end.”

On performance: “It was good. We created moments and clear situations. The boys did really well. We are sad, it will take a while.”

Speaking on Match of the Day, Alan Shearer said the referee had dropped a “big clanger”.

“He’s got it totally wrong,” he said. “Hudson-Odoi has the ball and then he blows.

“He then gives the ball back, unchallenged to the [Liverpool] goalkeeper, which is totally wrong.

“It should be a Forest ball on the wing where it was touched.

“I get the time point – one minute and 50 seconds – to a certain degree.

“But if you drop it to where Forest should have had it, everything changes.”

Jermaine Jenas added: “I think it is a shocking decision.

“Forest have got Liverpool under pressure, Hudson-Odoi might get anther corner, there might be another shot on goal.

“And to release that pressure in that moment, at that point of that game, is massive. It’s a big one for Forest to have to take and move on from.”

This is how fans reacted as new footage emerges of the ‘incorrect’ drop-ball call for Liverpool that had Nottingham Forest outraged…

@Notrucksgiven80: Even worse than I thought it was!!!! Look at him even taking a look to see if game was going on

@SagaciousFellow: This has triggered me so much. Morgan the only one arguing, but he can’t say too much because the power tripped ref will give him a 2nd yellow. He had a bs one previously for ‘time wasting’ too

@Gibbon36: You had a corner Yates comes flying in with his boot high takes out Konate and Kelleher. Play restarts then 1 minute later you kick the ball into touch. Another minute later we get a corner after another phase of play. You fail to clear and we score.

@lukeherbert: Dislike Liverpool as much as the next person but either way this should have been a foul for Liverpool anyway for the high boot by Yates.

@Official_Grant: Irrespective of whether the player was injured, Forest should have contested the drop ball. Reality is that Liverpool would have then offered to pass it back to them.

@lukecfc5: Genuinely if in this situation the player was injured the rules need changing so the keeper doesn’t get the drop ball. It should be a throw in aligned to where the incident happened to the attacking team. Too much ‘gamesmanship’ going on in football at the moment.

@TheSkyBlueHub: I thought the ball went back to the team who’s player last touched the ball so it’s right Liverpool got the player as their player touched ball last 🤔

@nffckez: What fans of #lfc have to understand is that yesterday wasn’t just a bad decision. It was the latest in a series of bad decisions which have fucked us over. It’s nothing against them, it’s not their fault, but for us this is a weekly thing and it’s getting beyond a joke #nffc

@Jerseysurf71: AND… No mention of the ref doing the exact same thing in Forests favour in the first half?!!!!! 🤷🏻‍♂️😳 Wow could you be any more biased @jjenas8 @alanshearer and @BBCMOTD. I guess your all too far in bed with oil states and the establishment eh

@CrookNuggetGang: Paul Tierney showed yesterday just how corrupt the @premierleague really is .. what an absolute fucking disgrace football is due to the bent & corrupt officials they wheel out.. these cunts are on 50k plus a year its embarrassing.. blatant cheating infront of millions #NFFC

@Jonny90nffc: I’ll tell you what aswell, we need to appeal everything in this psr hearing, fuck the lot of them, make it the fiasco that the Premier League clearly want it to be, even if it’s a minimal deduction just appeal it, backs to the wall, siege mentality from now on. #NFFC

@jimmers1976: Same decision was made in the first half and the other way around… it’s only considered shocking because Liverpool scored a couple of minutes later and Liverpool bad is a thing. The most shocking thing here is the punditry

@dean652l: Slept on it, and still fuming 😡. Not one to believe in conspiracies, but it’s now starting to feel like an agenda….. too many so called errors… #NFFC

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