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New era at Truro City, with new updated crest, new nickname and new stadium

It’s a new era at Truro City, with a new updated crest, a new nickname and a new stadium all ready for the 2024/25 season.

Truro’s crest has been updated to feature Truro Cathedral more prominently with some colours changed above a St Piran’s flag while also removing the white tiger which covered much of the Cornish flag. The year of formation has been made bigger.

Along with a new crest, the National League South club have gone from the nickname White Tigers, to The Tinners, their original nickname which pays homage to Cornwall’s mining legacy.

In regards to their new stadium, in July 2023, the club announced work had started on a site to be known as ‘Truro Sports Hub’ at Langarth Garden Village, Threemilestone, west of Truro.

In November 2023, when new chair Eric Perez and a consortium bought the club, confirmed the club would move into a new ground at Langarth for the 2024/25 season, using temporary infrastructure where necessary and now they’re ready to move in and play matches there.

They are also poised to announce a new manager this week as replacement for Paul Wotton, who left the club to join Torquay United in May.



Truro City can reveal a new and updated crest ahead of club’s return to Cornwall in a new playing facility for the 2024-25 season.

Subtle changes have been made to the branding which the club have used for the past six years.

Truro Cathedral is now rendered in black on a white background with the St Piran’s flag sitting below the city’s most prominent landmark.

The main aesthetic features of the crest are no longer housed within a shield and they are given greater prominence than seen previously.

The white tiger will no longer feature on any club crest or associated branding and this will also see Truro City drop the White Tigers moniker, given its lack of historical connections with the club and the Duchy as a whole.

Truro will readopt its original nickname of the Tinners whilst also using City, to reflect the club’s status as Cornwall’s only city club.

The change of nickname will be reflected across all the club’s written material with immediate effect.

This new crest is the first of many exciting announcements ahead of Football Coming Home, with season tickets for next season going on sale this Friday, June 7.

Truro City show off their new Cornwall stadium after years of groundshares

This is how fans reacted to a new era at Truro City, with a new updated crest, a new nickname and a new stadium revealed…

@Blind_Tudor: @saj_anderson The Tinpotters more like 😂😂

@baynham7: Going to get overly abused with Tinpot comments now 🤦🏻‍♂️

@false9fanatic: “Up the Tinners”

Phil Rees: Only one Tinners in Cornish football and that’s St Just who have had that nickname for over 100 years… Truro not exactly renowned as a tin mining area. Surely they could have come up with something better than this.

Alfie Bale Morris: Tin Army ❤️🖤

@KeithDukeof: Why is this the opportunity for so many negative comments. Come on, give the new owners some encouragement, if it wasn’t for them we would be still playing in Plymouth. White Tigers is from the Heaney era. Let’s start afresh. Call me an old fuddy duddy of 75 years supporting TCFC!

@neilstephens315: Only one original Tinners in the west country @stjustafc

@WharlesWavies: Slick new badge for the new Langarth era. However White Tigers is the heritage so surprised to see the change.

@Elmhart: Plenty of clubs have a couple of nicknames, even if they have an official one, so not a problem really. Great crest, which is an improvement too.

@fcislocheng: I’d like something in Cornish. Like Wales have Y Wal Goch. What would a good Cornish nickname or tag be? 🤔

@DPatchCornwall: White Tigers sounded too Americanised. Good to see a more Cornish connection. Maybe more to do – stand names, kits, etc.

@AntonyBasher: I bet St Just are delighted you using their nickname. At least there are mines down west!

@AndyMillwallTr1: The Name of the Club, St Piran and the Cathedral, well done Enough Said 👍

@Accidentally95: Looks snazzy 👍

@Gidge25: The badge is slick and I like the change, however that nickname is not the one, lining ourselves up for years of ‘tinpot’ comments 😅

@SK223GT: Now this is cool!

@streetsouthern1: Much, much better, Cathedral badge 👍🏼🙂

@berwynfinlay: Love it, now let’s get the new manager announced and really get the build up to next season going ♥️🖤

@fcislocheng: No ‘tinpot’ jibes incoming…

That’s fucking beautiful.

@Billymortzfc: The tinpots 👌🏼


@FarThrumShay: In the place I did most of my growing up, a ‘tinner’ was a ‘bottler’!

@nonlgupdates: Nice new badge and a better nickname. I think we can support this. 😆😃

@SammyG1965: Tinpot by name, tinpot by nature.

@Hwilson00000: Liquidate

@Just_Dave96: Should change back again 🤦🏻‍♂️

@iAmQuicky7: Eh can you change your nickname? 😄

@migas_fcp: white tigers clear i’m afraid. up the tinners regardless

@Mkimber19: 😂😂😂😂😂😂 awful

@Jonahhawkins99: How can you change your nickname?

@SouthWestUncut: A worthy contribution to the Tinnitus awareness campaign 👏⚽️ ‘The Tinners’ FFS 🤣

@hornchurchins: Tinpot tinners 🤣🤣🤣

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