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New clear footage emerges showing Knollsy’s role in protecting West Ham end from Alkmaar thugs

New clear footage emerges showing Knollsy’s role in how he was protecting the West Ham end from the Alkmaar thugs in midweek.

West Ham qualified for its first European final since 1947 on Thursday night, causing a frenzied atmosphere in Alkmaar.

The Hammers’ place in the Europa Conference League final was confirmed thanks to Pablo Fornals, who scored during injury time.

The players, their supporters and families celebrated in good manner after the final whistle, but it sparked the fury of local ultra-supporters who stormed into the West Ham players’ family area, where their wives, girlfriends, and other relatives sat.

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As soon as it was clear what was going on, some Hammers stars rushed to protect their families.

This action may have put them in hot water however, according to reports.

The Telegraph claim that UEFA may look to ban Declan Rice, Said Benrahma, Flynn Downes, and Michail Antonio from European competition due to their actions.

The idea is that UEFA could wait until the final before imposing sanctions, but if the federation wants to punish Alkmaar fans for committing a similar act they have little choice but to also charge the players.

This is likely to cause a backlash among football fans, as it would create a precedent that could be followed in the future and further alienate UEFA.

 Joe Cole slammed the actions of AZ Alkmaar supporters after the match, telling BT Sport: ‘It’s absurd. Ridiculous grown men, AZ Alkmaar fans attacking the fans where families were sitting, our friends and colleagues. The players tried to break it up.

‘You have to look at UEFA and AZ Alkmaar with things like that. Turning up with balaclavas throwing punches, it’s just ridiculous.

‘The players are rightfully concerned, families, friends, kids over there. Ridiculous in the modern game, pathetic.

‘People talk about hooliganism in England. We don’t’ see things like that, we haven’t for a long time. We get a reputation for it. It’s other clubs in Europe, it’s pathetic.

‘We have friends sitting there. In the modern game, with the cameras in these places, find out who these people are and ban them for life. We were talking about bringing our kids to the final now you second guess when you see things like that,’ he added.

Dutch police later released a statement that read: ‘So far, no arrests have been made. Our aim was to disperse the crowd and restore order as quickly as possible, in which we succeeded.

‘The police will investigate footage of the incidents and try to identify supporters. Arrests may follow from this.

‘Together with AZ, the municipality of Alkmaar and the public prosecution service we will evaluate last night’s incidents, which we regret having happened. This kind of behaviour has no place in football.’

“I can’t explain what happened and why it happened,” David Moyes said. “Players were involved because it was the family section. That was probably the reason for the reaction.

“I don’t want that in any way to blight the night because the West Ham fans weren’t looking for trouble. Hopefully they’ll look into it. My family were there and I had friends in that section.

“You’re hoping they would try and get themselves away from it. I didn’t recognise it because I was too happy. Security wanted to take me inside but I had to make sure my players weren’t involved.”

“I’m no hero” – West Ham fan ‘Knollsy’ speaks out after praise for fighting off Alkmaar hooligans

Pascal Jansen, AZ’s manager, apologised for the trouble: “I feel ashamed it happened in our stadium. It should not be happening. You have to stay in control of your emotions.”

West Ham’s goalkeeper, Alphonse Areola, said he had family in the section that was attacked. “They were a bit far from the incident,” he said.

“We were a bit worried about them. Security is the most important thing in a stadium. It was a bit too open for the opposing fans. At the end, they managed to stop them.

“When families or fans are coming to the stadium we don’t want to see things like that. They want to enjoy the event and we want to enjoy it with them as well. We were worried about them.”

This is what social media users said as clear footage emerges showing Knollsy’s role in protecting West Ham end from Alkmaar thugs…

@red___square: 10 of your softies tried to lay him out, he didn’t flinch.

@BraadCorn: A few West Ham against a thousand 😂😂 the Dutch can’t fight

@Londonwanderer2: Knollsy 👏 YNWA

@Bluehezhez: Fair play to you big man. You defended your fans like a warrior against all those cowards. Hopefully your team fight as much today and beat Leeds. From an Everton fan.

@peter65536906: Absolute top bloke

@JohnEdward1810: Well done Knollsy, everyone is proud of what you done, football rivalry doesn’t come in to it, when someone does a great thing like this.👏👏👏👏

@simondgm1: Respect to Knollsy! 👊🏻 🍻

@BigBrexitGoat: Legend Knollsy, hope you get free pints all day ⚒

@CommonChrisC: Get to Spoons and give us your table number, I’ll buy you a beer lad! 💪🏻⚒️

@DonGillahan: I’ll say it again…. LEGEND

@WestHamPlace: This geezer isn’t gonna be putting his hand in his pocket once today. Legend ⚒

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