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New Cheltenham boss tries to reassure fans amid unrest as he speaks in first interview

New Cheltenham Town boss Michael Flynn tries to reassure fans amid unrest as he speaks in his first interview since taking the job.

It was a week ago when he reportedly agreed to take over from Darrell Clarke who left for League One club Barnsley, leaving the fans saddened.

The Robins suffered relegation from League One at the end of the 2023/24 season, then Gary Johnson then was announced as the club’s new Director of Football in recent weeks, with Aaron Downes reportedly to be named assistant to Cheltenham Town’s new head coach having last been at National League South side Torquay United, with Johnson.

Interviewer: Michael delighted to to welcome you to Cheltenham Town, first of all how does it feel to be the new manager of this football club?

MF: I’m really excited it’s um you know I’ve had a a good rest now from after leaving Swindon I’m rejuvenated I’ve been to a lot of clubs looked around refreshed um tried to educate myself more spoken to CEOs you know people in the game and you know I’m ready to get back on the saddle as they say.

Interviewer: We’ll talk about this club in particular a club you’ve come up against during your time at Newport what do you remember and know about this football club?

MF: I know that is a a good football club in a very nice location, the supporters get behind them, it feels like everybody are pulling in the right direction and like you look at the work Michael Duff did here you know he they’re a very very good team Darrell [Clarke] was unfortunate last season that he couldn’t quite keep them up but you know I’m sure he would have if if he he was in charge longer so it’s a team that I’m looking forward to to managing it’s going to be about stabilising you know getting getting the players to believe again and the whole place but I’m sure that we’ll give it a a right good go and um you know myself and and Gary

Interviewer: You mentioned Gary there I suppose early conversations with with the board and Gary is about is about building this squad now ready for for a season in League Two

MF: It is and you know we’re we’re already starting conversations and hopefully trying to get some players over the line as soon as possible because when we come back for the start of pre-season we want the group to bond as quickly as possible and and to be to be part of that team ethic so it’s um it’s going to be a long summer now you know I wasn’t expecting to to be back in so so soon I was looking to go on a few more holidays but um delighted that I’m back in and I’m really looking forward to get going in when when we return

Interviewer: You’ve got a wealth of experience in League Two that’s key in those little moments isn’t it but how important is it to knit that with quality on the pitch as well to get the best out there

MF: It’s the utmost of importance but you know we’ve got to get the recruitment right you know we we will discuss together go through it we’ll agree we’ll disagree but ultimately that you know it’ll be my head that’s on the block or I’m the one that was getting the statue built you know it’s there’s no in between in football but we’ll be thorough in everything we do it’s not just about their ability it’s about you know affordability it’s about their attitudes it’s about their injury records we’ll do our due diligence and make sure or try to make sure that we get the right players and the right characters to represent this football club

Interviewer: Pre-season be starting about a month’s time the lads will be back in soon what can the lads expect from you and what can the fans expect from a Michael Flynn team

MF: They’ll have a tough pre-season um my team’s got be fit they’ve got a you know show me that they won’t throw the tow in um but it’ll be enjoyable we’ve got to create that commander between everyone and not just the players it’ll be with the supporters it’ll be with the staff um and within the community as well because we’ve got to to embrace that and want to be part of this football club

Interviewer: And just lastly a message as suppose to the fans season tickets have surpassed our highest ever in a League Two season so the fans are there the fans are ready what’s the message to them

MF: The fans have always got beyond the team you know I went to a game last season when they were struggling and they were right behind them it’s tough when things ain’t going good but that’s when you find out the true characters of people they they stick through you through thick and thin and Cheltenham fans have done that over the years you know with the promotions but also with the relegation so let’s consolidate let’s stabilise the club again now on the pitch and then we’ll hopefully surprise a few teams

Cheltenham chairman speaks out amid unrest from fans after departure of Darrell Clarke

This is what Twitter users are saying as the new Cheltenham boss tries to reassure fans amid unrest as he speaks in his first interview..

@KevinMcken33546: Good interview saying the right thinks let’s crack on now and build that squad

@Hoppo101: Let the food time role.

@lennonskinner1: He can’t keep goals out but if you have a good striker it will balance out..

@DeanSage3: Good luck getting anything out of Bloxham Mike

@Jack_jones067: Sacked by November

Phil Daniels: He looks annoyed already. Has he just seen his transfer budget?

Richards Astrophotography: 😂 not quite sure on the picture ! It’s like a local resident newspaper picture who’s angry at the Council 😂.. we’ve had some great managers and we’ve had some right stinkers.. let’s hope he’s one of the good ones !

Martyn Say: Mickey Flynn’s red and white army 🙌

Simon Brice: Not exactly looking happy is he

Mark Bidmead: Bad day at the office already 😭😭

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