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New CCTV footage shows scary moment of Gillingham players in car crash

New CCTV footage from a nearby house shows the scary moment of Gillingham players in a car crash in the middle of a street earlier this week.

A video via KentOnline first surfaced showing the aftermath of the incident, where a BMW carrying players of the League Two club crashed into a wall on a residential street.

There had been some confusion as to how this was cause, but now a new clip shows just what happened, with the vehicle spinning around and driving over the brickwork on Woodlands Road, Gillingham at around 10.50am on Thursday.

It then hit a wall and followed through into a parked car on the driveway with the footballers luckily walking away from the accident.

Jonny Williams, Cheye Alexander, Timothee Dieng, George Lapslie and Macauley Bonne were all involved, but seemingly came away unharmed.

The car was soon taken away on the back of a lorry with one a local resident saying there were no ambulances on the scene but police did turn up.

“The players got picked up by colleagues in other cars and then the driver [of the BMW] waited.

“Police were there waiting for recovery, but it looks like the car has been recovered now.

“It looks like it’s caused a lot of damage. The neighbours are shocked. The guy who lived there was opening his curtains as it happened so he saw it.

“This road has a school on it. It’s lucky it’s school holiday time or people could have been hurt.”

Twitter users gave their reaction after seeing new CCTV footage which shows the scary moment of Gillingham players in the car crash…

@RedhouseSunday: Can’t park there mate

@Kbrewers96: That’s another 3 points! They’re pissing the league

@rammieib: 1) hope everyone is ok 2) driver needs banning. That’s ridiculous speed

@Robbiedaviesjnr: Put more curl on that than Roberto Carlos, and still hit the wall. The gulf between international footballers and league two players is there for all to see. You’ve got to beat the first man lads, 2/10 for effort, 7/10 for the wall, done it’s job but crumbled too easy

@Marc_Smi7h: Good to see Bonne’s knowledge of the offside rule is as good as his driving !!!

@CabezaJake: Hopefully they get done for speeding and dangerous driving

@toffeeste83: They all seem to have walked out fine. Don’t know how

@StiffDarrell: Hope their all ok🤞🫶🙏👍

@ct_nicholls: Awful car awful driving.

@08obrien08: Great parallel parking

@RP2218: I mean hope there all okay, but why you driving like a dick for?

@Josh37857718: Don’t buy a car if you don’t even know how to control it ffs 🤦‍♂️

@D3r8y_: Luckily no kids walking on the pavement ffs

@GRichards93: Seen some poor driving in my time but that takes the biscuit

@jphardie84: Hope all ok but defo speeding on a 30 road

@BigTom0491: Drive like a twat, you get what you deserve

@Slade1Alan: Extremely fortunate there weren’t pedestrians, cyclists, motorbikes or other road users around, definite case for a ban

@patrickmason007: What the fuck were they doing

@TheGJRichards: No sympathy I’m afraid, only sympathy I have is for the person’s car and garden wall they’ve ploughed into. Drive like an idiot this is what can happen. Thank God no one was out walking or there were no kids about.

@slater3291: Driving like muppets In a built up area too. Disgusting behaviour, throw the book at them!

@IanParfitt: Extremely lucky that nobody was badly injured or worse – looks like a 30 mph zone to me!

@MartCAFC45: Wankers driving too fast

@MarkCAFC1905: That’s what happens when you drive like an absolute cunt lucky no one was there or no one in the car was seriously hurt the fucking idiot.

@Jordhy123_: Ffs they’ve got a league title to win

@phil_dfc: Hope they get done for dangerous driving. That’s absolutely embarrassing

@kirstygrol: Indeed everyone ok but I’d be fuming if they smashed into my car. Absolute dickhead driving.

@GraemeAsh9: Absolute disgrace could of been kids pedestrians walking along there footballers with toys they can’t handle give them pedal bikes if can’t handle cars

@alfie_t8: No sympathy obvious that they’re speeding and lucky that no one was walking down the path

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