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Rangers fans criticise Ibrox player pictured at Euro 2020 final

Some Rangers fans have chosen to criticise a certain Ibrox player who was pictured at the Euro 2020 final at Wembley on Sunday night.

Winger Jordan Jones has uploaded images of himself at Wembley Stadium for the game between England and Italy – but some of the Ibrox fanbase thinks it should signal the end of his Ibrox career.

Jones, who was part of the Rangers side that was part of the team that fell to a defeat against Tranmere Rovers on Saturday shared the photos on his Instagram story with fans quickly spreading it across social media.

While the players are likely to have been given a day off, Rangers are sure to be unhappy at the player who is also seen disregarding social distancing in such a large crowd.

With Rangers taking on Arsenal next weekend in their third pre-season friendly, it wouldn’t be a surprise if Jones was kept apart from the rest of the Rangers squad in the meantime.

The Northern Irish international hasn’t exactly shown himself in good light during his time at Rangers, previously breaching Covid rules and being suspended by the club then loaned out.

That saw him spend the second half of the season with Sunderland and having to force his way back into the first-team picture at Rangers. However that place could be at risk again.

After missing months after a self-inflicted injury on his Old Firm debut then being suspended for breaching Covid rules, some thoughts the Rangers player would try and keep a low profile rather than appearing to have made another poor decision.

As mentioned, Rangers fans criticise the Ibrox player who was pictured at the Euro 2020 final…

@christywhyte1: Are they not meant to be in a bubble?

@DannyWalton11: Surly the team are back in a bubble now pre season has started 🤷🏻‍♂️

@georgej1971: He’s clearly done at Rangers

@CraigSim: You’d think he’d be keeping his head down

@SergioGeorgino: Should be sacked for that man bag

@gers_fan55: Hopefully he trying to find a new club can’t see him starting for rangers anytime soon

@weegie71: That boy will never learn

@Reidie55: Sacked in the morning, breaking rules not staying in bubble.

@BatuMack: Hopefully down signing for another club

@RyanKerr_1: Can only assume he’s been told to find a new club, if not then he will be told to go find one after this 🤦‍♂️

@Ml19dy76: Never mind he should be in a bubble with his own team, he’s supposed to be in pre season training, not having a jolly to england.

@RangersBanter17: He should be in the bubble should he not?

@kirsten93_: Hopefully the bubble of another club soon.

@Shamen360: Showing his priorities here. Should be up here working to get into the team. Poor show.

@Number5513: That photo could very well end his Rangers career

@1_paulbennett: Guys a bum

@jacktulloch5: Waste of space. Should be training

@DowManDichter: He’s thick as fuck isn’t he?

@Stephen72113940: He’s done.

@Hagis_Left_boot: If this is legit this fanny never fucking learns.

@tattoo_stew69: Bye bye JJ. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

@TremendoHendo72: Is JJ as thick as he looks?

@Louu_5594: Misbehaving again, sacked in the morning. Wee idiot!

@waynefawcett: Should he be there? Potential Covid outbreak! Don’t see tav or Connor risking it.

@PapacSassy: I’ll forgive him for potentially going outside the bubble and bringing Covid back and knackering our chances for the Champions League all for some shitey international match. But for that bag alone his contract must be terminated.

@theliftman07: Is he not still under COVID protocol rules??

@baigriec: Is this cunt trying to catch covid

@Volks2208: Good lad 🇬🇧

@Disciple006: I actually respect this guys’ ability to not give a single fuck. Guessing he’s also down there looking for a new club?

Rangers boss Steven Gerrard was left fuming after the Scottish Premiership champions suffered a surprise defeat on his return to Merseyside.

‘I’m not happy with the result. There were large pockets of control and you could clearly see our style but over the 90 minutes, it was nowhere near Rangers standard in the final third,’ Gerrard told Rangers TV.

‘You have to take into consideration it’s our second game and we’re coming in fatigued but the level of players we’ve got here today I expect us to create more and get a couple of goals each half.

‘Disappointed in the result, frustrated with our final third play but really happy with pockets and how certain individuals have gone about their business.

‘People jumping out of the way of tackles and being soft and weak, I can’t tolerate that, he said.

‘We had a couple of real good two on one moments where we could have been better, the goal we conceded is embarrassing from our level last year.

‘As we move along we’ll get stronger and better. It’s frustrating to lose the game today but big picture, the result isn’t important but the takeaway is we have to improve in the final third.

‘There were another eight positives to take away from today and they’re not here with us. It’ll all work itself out.

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