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‘Never been treated or spoken to like that’ – Reporter on interview with Sutton’s Steve Morison

‘Never been treated or spoken to like that’ – Reporter Ahmed Nur spoke on his interview with Sutton’s Steve Morison on Saturday.

Sutton are currently fighting to avoid relegation from League Two, and despite coming back from falling behind early on in their game against Colchester, Morison’s side had a chance to snatch all three points, only to see their spot kick saved with 10 minutes remaining.

Cameron McGeehan’s early opener for Colchester was cancelled out by Charlie Lakin’s equaliser with Sutton missing an opportunity to secure a victory when a spot kick was saved by Colchester keeper Owen Goodman.

Sutton still sit at the bottom of the fourth tier, with 23 points from 24 games, 7 points from safety, but teams above them have game(s) in hand.

BBC London’s Ahmed Nur. interviewed Sutton United boss Steve Morison after the League Two fixture, but it has since gone viral as the views and likes racked up in days that have passed… click play on the clip below to listen to it.

Ahmed Nur tweeted: “That was the hardest day of my professional broadcasting career. I have never been treated or spoken to by a manger like that ever. I appreciate that things don’t always go to plan i.e. result, but there’s no need to take it out on me. Really down after that. 😕”

He added: “Crikey, that escalated quickly. No, I won’t make a podcast off of this. 😂 I’m still coming to terms with it all. I do love my work and won’t be put down by one weird occasion. I appreciate all of you who have reached out. Thank you is small words, but have a lot of meaning. 🙏🏽”


Steve: Proud of the players, thought they worked extremely hard. They’re running, they’re running their heart out for the football club and that’s all you can ask. And yeah, we could have, could have been standing there now winning the game 2-1 and unfortunate we.

Ahmed: Didn’t created a lot of chances in this game. You gave Colchester a real battle. Ultimately unlucky today with two key moments, the clearance off the line from their defender and Harry’s penalty miss. Were there any decisions behind Harry taking the spot kick?

Steve: No, very random question.

Ahmed: Interesting, because obviously there aren’t many players on the pitch that could take a spot kick, but…

Steve: Anyone could have taken them. Harry put his hand up and took the penalty and there’s no. I don’t really understand the question, but anyway, that’s fine. Let’s move on.

Ahmed: Considering the performance, as you say you’re proud of your players, could you have done anything differently to be able to get the outcome in your favour in this game?

Steve: Yeah, put the one in the back of the net.

Ahmed: Anything more than that?

Steve: Put it in the back of the net twice.

Ahmed: Oh, really? Defensively it’s now twelve games without a cliche sheet. It’s becoming a bit of a challenge keeping goals out even though the results have been seesawing in between from time to time. This cliche sheet problem must be something you are trying your very hardest to address. How can you see a way of getting, stopping teams from conceding scoring goals against you?

Steve: Yeah, stop conceding goals. Not going to start telling you what we do on the training ground or stuff like that. So yeah, stop conceding goals. Yeah, be honest, mate, the line of questioning is really weird. I don’t really understand it. I don’t really get what you’re trying to get at. Harry Smith stepped up to the penalty, missed. That’s life. That happens. Don’t win, don’t lose. If I could stop people from scoring goals, then I’d be a manager of the best club in the world because everyone concedes goals and, yeah, I don’t know what you want me to say.

Ahmed: All right, finally, then Tuesday, we’ll focus on that.

Steve: Gotta win.

Ahmed: Thank you.

BBC London radio presenter: That’s Steve Morison with Ahmed Noor, who’s still at the point at Gander Green Lane. Ahmed, you okay?

Ahmed: Phil, that was very hard. I’ll be very honest with you. That one. Really, really difficult. In terms of both how Steve’s expression, I wish you could see it was one of. He clearly did not want to speak to anybody. I don’t think he gave much of a friendly response to the club presser either. Quite frankly, it’s not looking good. And that’s not because of just Steve Morison. With all due respect to him, I understand it’s a hard job. He’s got a lot to do. But I’ll be honest, that was one of the hardest post match interviews I’ve had to do in my career. And I’ve found myself in very unusual situations in my time doing this, but that was definitely one of the hardest, particularly with Sutton as well.

Here’s how Twitter users reacted as the reporter reacted to his interview with Sutton’s Steve Morison…

@Brooke_Smedley: Ask stupid questions, get stupid answers

@sport_quo: I think the question surrounding the penalty was weird but the other questions were fair. Sounds like the manager just got frustrated with the penalty question and then kept that frustration throughout the interview. A very difficult interview to listen to.

@lewyitfc: Wow! That’s incredibly painful!

@Savigma: Mate, you’ve come out a lot better than him in this. He was the same at Cardiff too. I’m certain he actually got sacked because of it. He just won a game for Cardiff, we’d won 2 of our first 3 games of the season, and after his press conference I hated him. He’s a horrible guy.

@Joe_DMB: The interviewer is a Sutton fan & it seemed to me that the questions were born out of another frustrating & disappointing game for Sutton, another we should’ve won but got away. Morison’s not a man I’ve warmed to, always seems on the defensive. Under a lot of pressure though.

@cumulojimbus72: Yep. Agreed it’s awkward. But you can understand frustrations shortly after full time. The penalty question was leading and a bit strange. Players miss penalties – happens. And clean sheets aren’t easy. And they are in must win territory now. Bit abrasive though.

@mikeyd105: To be fair the questions are ridiculous. “Are you working on trying to keep clean sheets?” What can be possibly say? “Nah, gonna keep shipping goals”. Pointless questions are only going to rile up stressed out managers

@trevispheres: When you’re the manager of a team 92nd in the league, you need all the friends you can get. He hasn’t done himself any favours here. I’m pretty sure you’ll still be in a job long after he’s lost his. Don’t beat yourself up about it, you acted professionally throughout.

@craigbird: I was expecting worse to be honest. In fact I’d stop all post match interviews as the questions are usually inane. I mean what answers were expected from those questions. Not an easy job I admit but find questions that give an option for the interviewee to open up.

@bobbankvillage: He’s got a reputation for being a bully in Cardiff with colleagues, playing staff and the media. Don’t let him bring you down.

@OllieAnderson93: So asking a manager his thinking behind a player taking a penalty who is a striker and top goalscorer at the club is a fair question after he’s missed it? When they’ve just lost a massive must win? If he’d have scored would he have asked the same question?

@MatthewTorbitt: Line of questioning was fine, he was just miserable and rude. Keep at it fella.

@ValleyFloydFred: Your lines of questioning are completely valid. His answers were amateur and lacked any depth. He’s clearly frustrated but he sounds out of his depth and extremely stressed. Clearly forgetting that if he loses this job, his reputation is key in landing another

@adam_ts: Heard this on the radio after Charlton. All fair questions. Sutton manager clearly under pressure and should have been more professional.

@skybluetom87: Morrison is a cock. These people have a job to do.

@TomGill1533: How is a professional football manager bewildered by such questions? If he didn’t understand the line of questioning then he’s he’s clearly out of his depth; all level headed, fair questions, there really wasn’t much for him to comprehend; he’s come out looking awful.

@ryaaaan1993: He’s always been an absolute grade A tosser. Also never struck me as having much in the way of brain cells so unsurprised he’s not making it in management.

@nevernot2gether: The questions aren’t great but you’re a fucking prat if you treat someone like this while they’re doing their job.

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