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Neil Warnock to step down from his role at Huddersfield with replacement lined up

Neil Warnock to step down from his role at future Huddersfield in his latest press conference ahead of the midweek game at home to Stoke.

The 74 year old clarified his future at the club in his latest press conference ahead of the midweek game at home to the Potters.

After his side picked up three points thanks to a two-goal victory over Rotherham United, the Terriers boss had been the subject of speculation prior to Saturday’s game.

He was asked to speak more after the match, saying: “Well, there’s a press conference on Monday, I’m sure you’ll be there. One o’clock, I think it is. So we’ll discuss it there.

“Whoever’s in charge next week, next month or next year, it was important these players produced this kind of convincingly dominant performance to show they don’t have to squeeze every point out from stone. Amid all the questions currently swirling around, this is ultimately the most important answer that could give: if the players do what they’re capable of, everything will be just fine.”

Going into Wednesday’s game against Stoke, Warnock has managed 23 matches across his second and third spells at the club.

He has overseen nine wins, five draws and nine defeats, and has a win ratio of 39.13%.

Played: 23
Won: 9
Drawn: 5
Lost: 9
Win ratio: 39.13

Warnock also told BBC Radio Leeds he would be be preparing his side and taking charge of Wednesday evening’s match, but it is understood a mystery overseas boss has already been lined up in preparation for Warnock’s departure, and to be announced by the end of the week.

So what did he say in the press conference on Monday?

Chief executive Jake Edwards said as per ExaminerLive: “I’d like to address a couple of things that were swirling around over the weekend. I can confirm Wednesday will be Neil and Ronnie’s last game at the football club.

“I’d like to express our huge gratitude for everything they’ve accomplished over the past 7 months. Few management duos could have kept us in the Championship and they’ve solidified their legendary status. There is much love for them and they are welcome back here with open arms.

“Kevin and I were delighted when they agreed to stay on. All parties were clear it would not be a long-term appointment but would help us to establish the new regime at the club.

“We’ve made significant progress on and off the field with several key executives appointed. We are working on many projects including commercial, the academy, the stadium, and we’ve made great progress on the field thanks to Neil. He’s getting so much out of this group and we’ve seen that in recent weeks. We have great players and have seen some great results over the past couple of games.

“We feel we are ready to move forward with our long-term plans to drive the club back into the Premier League and to make a longer-term managerial appointment. We have discussed that and the timing of it with Neil, and after spending time with his coaching staff he has graciously agreed now is the time for that to happen.

“In closing I want to say my time here working with Neil as a manager I’ve learned a lot, I’m so impressed, and I’m privileged to call him a friend. We can’t thank him, Ronnie, Carl and Ian enough. Everyone at the club is going to be turning out and wishing you guys every success on Wednesday to go out on a high note as you deserve.

“It was always a short-term engagement and we’ve been very open and honest with our dialogue. As I’ve said, we’ve progressed in a number of areas and brought that stability to a level, and that’s thanks to Neil.

“We wanted to make the decision from a position of strength, which is unusual. Neil is right, it’s the most important decision we’ll make, and we didn’t want to make it from a position of weakness, when you often make the wrong decision. When the right candidate is available you have to make the decision and we’ve had good grown-up discussions. Neil has poured his heart and soul into this and he’s a winner, but as a club this is the decision we had to make.

“We plan to announce the successor by the end of the week.

“Neil has got us really well set up. He’s handing the successor a great foundation to build upon.”

Neil Warnock said:

“We’ve actually done what we set out to do really. As Jake said, Kevin has a three-year plan to reach the PL. When Dean brought me back he pleaded for days and days and changed my mind and I said I’d come back and help while I was wanted.

“Once they told me they wanted to bring someone in…yes, I thought it would be about Christmas time, but once they told me that I think they had to move on quickly. If you’re not wanted you want to go straight away. I don’t mean that how it maybe sounds – we always said we’d be straight with each other and that’s what we’ve done, and Ronnie and I wish them all the best. I’ve told the lads there’s no reason not to push towards the play-offs now.

“My health is good, I’ve never felt better! If anything I’ve got the buzz again. I’m sure when February comes round people will be asking me again.

“I’ve always said to Kevin, it’s his club and that I’d go whenever he wants me to go. I think it was the right thing that I came back, I don’t think it would have helped anyone to come in in pre-season, but we’ve made a lot of progress.

“I can’t tell you who the new manager is because they’ve not told me, so I assume it’s someone I don’t like!

“Jake told me after the West Brom game, I told the players Friday morning, and I told Sorba and Koroma to pull their fingers out Saturday morning and they both scored!

“The fans have been so incredible, I can’t tell you, so receptive, even after we lost 4-0 twice on the trot. I have a history at the club now and Sharon always thought the world of Huddersfield. That won’t change.

“Dean decided it was ready to change [ownership], Kevin has come in, and good luck to them.

“I’m disappointed and I’ll miss my players. Individuals, the way I give them stick and laugh at them, that’s what keeps you young. I have such a great group of players and I’ll miss them loads.

“The last one I signed, Wiles, is going to be super. Rudoni, I love him, Ruffels is maybe the best left-back in the league now…I’m sure I’ll be in touch even when I’m not involved. They’re a good group, they’ve listened to everything I’ve said and I think they’ve enjoyed the ride. I think the humour has gone from the game now and I told them to enjoy that.

“It’s the club’s, that’s correct. But I always told him I’d do it until they were ready and then if they let me know I’d go, and they have let me know so you can’t say fairer than that.

“I’ve not fallen out with anybody. Jake’s come to me and said they want to move on and management’s the next step. I think management is the biggst decision they’ll have to make really.”


We can confirm that, following extended discussions, Neil Warnock will depart his role as Manager of Huddersfield Town later this week.

The news was announced in tandem by Chief Executive Jake Edwards and Warnock at a press conference at the Millers Oils High Performance Complex on Monday afternoon.

Neil will take charge of the Terriers for the 132nd and final time when we host Stoke City at the John Smith’s Stadium on Wednesday evening.

Huddersfield Town Chief Executive Jake Edwards explained:

“I must start this statement by, on behalf of everyone at the football club, expressing my huge gratitude to Neil and his assistant, Ronnie Jepson, for the incredible job they have done at the club over the last six months.

“Keeping this club in the Sky Bet Championship, given the position the team was in when they arrived in February, was nothing short of amazing, and built upon their already lasting legacies at this club as a management team and, in Ronnie’s case, as a player too. They are both, undeniably, Huddersfield Town legends, and have cemented their positions in this club’s history.

“Our owner, Kevin Nagle, and I were so grateful when Neil and Ronnie agreed to stay at the club for the new season. All parties were clear that this was not a long-term appointment, but that it gave us important stability on the football side whilst the change of ownership was completed, and the new regime established itself at the club.

“At this point, we now feel we are ready to make a longer-term managerial appointment. I’ve had detailed discussions with Neil and, alongside Ronnie, Carl Serrant and Ian Bennett, he’s agreed to step aside to allow us to do this.

“Again, I cannot thank Neil and Ronnie enough for everything they have done for this club. I know they want to leave on a high with a result against Stoke City in midweek, and I’m sure they will get the send-off they deserve from the players and supporters.”

This is what fans said with Neil Warnock to step down from his role at Huddersfield with a replacement lined up…

@FanHubHatter: Fair play, the job he done keeping you up was miraculous.

@FelixMitchell1: what a pair of legends, what a job you’ve done fellas, brought the club some unity and stability that was needed, we need a statue built for the both of you, lets go and finish on a high on wednesday!, UTT! 💙🤍

@OliverEatonUK: I have never known a manager come in at a point where all hope was lost and completely turn things around both in mindset and through performance. That final run-in was the most emotional, joyful and scariest time as a fan. Happiest of endings. Thank You Neil. 🫡 #htafc

@thepitofclay: Mixed emotions. Happy that it seems amicable, faster than expected. Very Happy that he’s is well, & has the buzz back. I feared he was ill, glad to hear he’s not. Uncertain about the future, but just grateful we had him back! All the best and thanks again @warnockofficial #htafc

@SGilly223: How to lift all the doom and disillusionment from a fan base, fill it with excitement and a desire to turn up on a Saturday and then obliterate it all away again sharpish 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ Hope whatever this is works out…….. 👑 Neil

@Inmanry: Neil and Ronnie have done an amazing job. Legends of the club! We always knew this would happen eventually and I just hope the club have got it right with the next manager, it’s a massive appointment! #htafc

@Terrier4eva: Why not let him stay until Christmas and bring in a new manager before the January transfer window. He has got the backing from the supports. He has brought the team spirit back. It’s stupid to do this now. Can see a few going in January possibly after this. Sad to see him go 😔

@EdRollsOff: Ridiculous. Just 1 uneventful season is all we ask for!

@tommy_lufc: Until you appoint him again next season.

@michaelcarter29: Thank you for the memories Neil Warnock(Legend) and Ronnie Jepson and Crew UTT 🔵⚪️

@kingofchops: Absolutely gutted. Thank you for everything Neil. You made us smile again!

@YorkshireFPL: I think the club have done the right here. Taken control of a complex situation. If they’re ready to make a long term appointment, and pulling the trigger on Warnock, it better be someone good.

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