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Neil Warnock rages at referee as footage of Charlie Austin incident emerges

Neil Warnock rages at the referee after Middlesbrough’s game with QPR in midweek as footage of an incident involving Charlie Austin emerges.

Boro took the lead thanks to Uche Ikpeazu’s penalty in the first half, however Jonny Howson scored an own goal shortly after half time to level the scoreline.

QPR defender Moses Odubajo was then sent off before Chris Willock gave the West London outfit a shock lead.

There was still time for more late drama with Matt Crooks equalising for Middlesbrough, before Willock went and got his second of the match to win the contest for Mark Warburton’s side.

“I can’t fault the excitement,” said Warnock after the Championship fixture. “I thought it was a cracking game. Disappointed with the goals, disappointed we didn’t score more so disappointed with everything really.

“I think the goal knocked us a bit and we got caught on the break from our attack. I thought we were a bit soft tonight and one or two of our lads could have put a foot in earlier but we didn’t and we were passive.”

Warnock also slammed numerous refereeing decisions, claiming Queens Park Rangers substitute Charlie Austin headbutted Grant Hall.

“I see Charlie Austin headbut Grant Hall and nobody else sees it. It’s just amazing really,” Warnock added.

“I thought he headbutted him, when you look at the video it looks like a straightforward headbutt to me.

“The referee said he saw it and thought it was a clash of heads. I think when you look at it it’s a little bit different.”

After Neil Warnock rages at the referee as footage of Charlie Austin incident emerges, fans reacted on it all..

@iRussJ: @ilesjv told you it was deliberate head butt. Straight red this. Shocking refereeing.

@JonRiley1975: Honestly the standard of refereeing in the championship is Sunday league at best and that’s probably a insult to Sunday league refs

@shinebritediam1: Can they take any retrospective action?

@abbeylyle: Honestly it was shocking mate all night , like it was a mint game and spoilt by the ref

@nmw1964: If Hall had retaliated he’d of been off . Admittedly not hard but it was a head but. No doubt the referees union will back their man up.

@mcdowall_brian: It doesn’t even need to make contact it’s the intent, shocking ref not sure if it can even be looked at as ref saw it

@LoftusRangers: Agree it should’ve been red. But Warnock complaining so much despite a soft pen, soft sending off and 10mins added time is a bit ridiculous. You had more than enough from the ref to win the game. Sorry but I’d be more concerned at your team’s performance

@1doublehandful: For match officials to miss this is just sheer incompetence imo. Hopefully on reflection this clear cut evidence will see him banned and rightly so. No place for it on or off the pitch

@Jon14183558: 3 game ban after the game

@scraggytees: It’s the good and bad of Warnock one highlight things that don’t go your way. And then smooth over deficiency teams you don’t want to play 11 v 10 we can add QPR to that list they lapped up the let us come at them hit on break game plan .no time to mourn another game Saturday

@wanaldinho: what the ref should be asked where was the intent to win the ball 1st off he is not even looking at the ball 2nd he has eyes on the player nothing else 3rd it’s a blatant movement with his head into someone else should have been sent off i hope it’s reviewed and gets 3 match ban

@67_mjm: That has to be a red

@louie_birkett23: @chazaustin10 Disgusting

@Jackleberryjack: @chazaustin10 is this what your kids look up to?

@randomranger: Retrospective bans can only take place if the ref doesn’t see the incident. In this case he saw it and gave a foul. Hall’s head seemed to get in the way. Silly Hall.

@QPRJake_: Austin was fouled first. It’s a stupid headbut but it’s soft, and if Hall let’s go of Austin then he doesn’t do it.

@DeanShabs: Dirty cheating twat. Along with a dirty cheating team. QPR are a fucking disgrace along with the shit ref and linesman last night. Hold on, the groundsmen still can’t cut the grass cos the QPR players are still rolling around on it

@danwba_: That’s shocking

@BenRobinson45: Gerrim banned

@mcdowall_brian: He got away with this!! When they were already down to 10, Ref saw it and took no action dies that mean they can’t look at it retrospectively?

@MikeyHobson3: No wonder Warnock felt so aggrieved after the whistle, call him what you want but this is fucking shocking and I aren’t surprised he was going mental after game

@KieranMclay: Just goes to show the standard of reffing in this league fucking joke man #boro #mfc

@wallsendredicko: Let’s hope this leads to a 3 game ban @EFL

@jackgunn2: Straight red! How the ref hasn’t give that is beyond me!

@UTFB97: What the fuck

@benoliver000: I genuinely cannot stand that bloke, massive twat

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