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Neil Warnock hits out at ‘disrespectful’ comments by Neil Harris

Middlesbrough boss Neil Warnock hits out at ‘disrespectful’ comments made by the recently sacked Cardiff City manager Neil Harris.

The Bluebirds appointed a new manager in Mick McCarthy less than 24 hours after giving Neil Harris the chop with the club 15th in the Championship table.

Neil Warnock, who was the boss prior to Harris, has accused his Bluebirds successor of making “disrespectful” and “detrimental” comments about his own successful tenure with the Welsh outfit.

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Harris came in as a replacement for the departed Warnock back in November 2019 and at the time was adamant that he wasn’t going to be ‘Warnock Mark II’.

Now that Harris is no longer with Cardiff, Warnock, who is now with 7th place Boro, admits he was left disappointed at some of the recently sacked manager’s comments.

Warnock said: “I didn’t say too much while Neil Harris was there, but I thought one or two of the comments he made when he first got the job were a little bit detrimental to me.

“‘I’ve got to change the mindset of the players who have been used to playing one particular way’. What’s that, winning?

“I just thought it was a bit disrespectful, if I’m honest.

“I hear Mick McCarthy has got the job,” he continued. “I hope he has. A big mate of mine is Mick and he’ll enjoy it.

“To come back from Cyprus after a six-week holiday there, got the sack and now he’s in a good place in Wales.

“Cardiff was very good for me. They were in a mess when I went there and we ended up going to the Premier League with a team that nobody thought we could do.

“I’ve got great, great memories there with Mehmet Dalman [Cardiff chairman] who was a super guy.

“I seem to only get the clubs who are in trouble, but I don’t mind that. I think that’s probably the way I am and the type of manager that I am.

“And I do enjoy it. When I stand on the touchline and I watch my team play like they did the other night, wow, I’m purring inside. I might not look it, but wow am I proud when I see them lads playing like that.”

There was plenty of reaction as Neil Warnock hits out at ‘disrespectful’ comments by Neil Harris…

@_MaxwellG_ 🤣👌

@joshfrancis_1: “What’s that?, winning” you tell him Warnock

@RChandrinos: Was waiting for him to say something about that 😂

@MikeyCCFC1969: Don’t think Harris was being disrespectful. In the last 18 months Warnock was here, our win ratio was low. Harris was referring to that. I love Warnock but nobody thought at the time he was disrespectful. Warnock saying he’s left a top 2 squad was out of order more than anything.

@grevoswfc: Haha his hairline is incredible too

@FrazerBranson: @I_Hopkins1 What a bloke

@I_Hopkins1: I love him and miss him at the same time

@turnergeorge99: Fucking love this man

@H5MZA_11: This guys a legend

@ThGaffa: Ffs this guy 🤣

@JohnKnox99: He’s brilliant

@AnalyticsQpr: Classic Warnock 😂

@Lloydtoghill: Good mate.. he just hammered him

@jonnybluebird: Roasted him

@dazz20: Some fans have short memories this man saved us from going down when it was a real possibility,following year got us in the premier league ,funny how boro were struggling last year get him in and look where they are now the man knows how to get teams up

@Phillip92336834: I agree i always found him like the boss in work when everything going great it’s because of him and when everything going wrong its the workers fault

@RichardCCFC: NW does like his attention, more dinosaur football to come from another defence minded manager. What can you expect when the football knowledge of our board could be written on the back of a stamp, we’re still left with Warnocks hoofers so no change. May aswell kept Harris

@jamieheath_: Nonsense. Warnock was our best manager in the 2000s that’s for sure

@perryman775: God, I love Warnock. #CCFC

@carlingblue: Fuck him up NW

@Clarkey995: Cardiff fans calling him out has backfired massively

@SeymourCCFC: I know it’s been said before but we were far too quick to jump on Warnock’s back, did wonders for the club.

@1HarryDriscoll: Just come home

@Titch_7: He’s not wrong. Harris has come across as quite disrespectful at times

@tomrees1927: Not gonna mention all the money you wasted Neil no? Left Harris with shit that you overspent on, granted he deserved the sack in the end but warnocks short term plan certainly didn’t work out well for us in the long run. Should have got rid as soon as we went up looking back

@neillreeshughes: Here he goes again 😂😂😂

@ccfc__17: There’s only 1 Neil Warnock

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