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Neil Warnock has everyone laughing comparing VAR to Horizon computers from Post Office scandal

Aberdeen manager Neil Warnock has everyone laughing when he was comparing VAR to the Horizon computers from the Post Office scandal.

Neil Warnock surprised himself at how quick he was at coming up with the joke as he spoke to journalists after Aberdeen’s comeback from 3-0 down to draw 3-3.

The experienced manager humorously admitted that he thought he would be sacked when Motherwell took a three-goal lead within 26 minutes, courtesy of Theo Bair’s brace and an Adam Devine goal.

Make tougher to pick a squad due to Richard Jensen’s absence due to illness, Warnock at first put out one centre back and two full-backs.

However, his decision to make a double substitution after 30 minutes immediately paid off as forward Duk found the back of the net just 30 seconds after he and centre back Angus MacDonald replaced midfielders Shayden Morris and Dante Polvara.

Subsequently, Stefan Gartenmann and Duk once again scored to bring Aberdeen level by the 50th minute.

Both teams had goals disallowed with Aberdeen’s Bojan Miovski for offside and Motherwell’s Harry Paton after a VAR review – which could have potentially been match-winners.

Warnock expressed his skepticism towards referee Kevin Clancy’s trust in the VAR system, as can be seen below…

Warnock says in the clip: “The second to score a goal, might be 91st minute we score, you know, we keep going to get things out of the game, and we got it early on. And then, I mean, Duky was an inch away from his hat-trick in the scramble. And like I said, the VAR don’t believe in me.”

Interviewer: “Do you have get any explanation from the officials?”

Warnock: No, he said. It’s VAR is computer. I think. I think it’s the Horizon computer. Perfect. That was good thinking then that wasn’t it. Dear me. Come straight to me then!”

This came shortly after Neil Warnock ranted about VAR, after his Aberdeen side had a goal disallowed for offside, but is proud of his players for their fightback to draw 3-3.

Sky Sports interviewer: Neil, great game for us. Neutrals to watch. What did you make of it, seeing your team go three down and then come back to a remarkable three three draw?

Neil Warnock: Yeah, I thought they, you know, obviously showed a lot of character. We lost Jensen this morning with an illness, you know, which. Not his injury. He just didn’t feel well and we went with us. We went with what we went with. So it’s our fault, probably. You know, we played with that, with the three at the back and tried to get in, but it didn’t work out. We ended up with young Morris playing fullback, really, which we didn’t want him to do, but all credit to him. I thought they were really poor goals, but then when we changed it, I thought a lot more positive. Got that goal back and then the second goal was great and we talked at half time. I thought we could win the game, me, if we got the next one, which we did. I have to say, I thought the crowd was fabulous at three nil down. I thought they didn’t give a stick at all. I was quite pleased about that, really. I thought, bloody hell I would have got some more stick than that.

Sky Sports interviewer: Neil. It’s funny you saying that. I saw some of them leaving or else they were going for an early cup of tea, but they certainly came back and brought you on.

Neil Warnock: Yeah, and it was a good atmosphere. They played well in second half. Crikey. I think the three lads in midfield couldn’t give us anymore and Duky took his goal well. He was about an inch away, the VAR… you cannot tell me that’s offside. Have you seen it in the lines?

Sky Sports interviewer: I have.

Neil Warnock: I can’t see that offside at all, mate.

Sky Sports interviewer: You’ve seen it back and what’s your view?

Neil Warnock: I think Mr. McLean’s. I don’t know whether it’s the lines or what me, but I think that’s a ridiculous decision, that when we’re talking about goals and we need this and we need that, you can’t tell me there’s any difference between that red and blue line with Bojan and their defender. I don’t accept that, really.

Sky Sports interviewer: What have you made of VAR, just in general, since it’s come in? We’ve had a lot of discussions here in Scottish football and how it’s applied. What have you seen from it in your time?

Neil Warnock: I think it’s taken a lot of responsibility away from referees. It’s easy not to give a decision now because you know VAR is going to do it and until they get people that’s played the game in the VAR room, it’ll always be the same. You’ve got the referees in the middle. I mean, it’s worse in England, I think I’ve had three games here and they’ve all been good referees. I’m not used to, you know, I can’t complain about the refereeing, but VAR, I’m glad I’m coming to the end of my career. You can’t even celebrate a goal. You’d have been no good. How can you celebrate a goal now as a striker? You can’t, can you?

Sky Sports interviewer: Well, let’s talk about your striker, Duk. You’ve asked for players to take a bit of responsibility, take the pressure off Miovski. Duke certainly. Come on. And did that. Took him less than 30 seconds to get a goal.

Neil Warnock: Yeah, he was shattered at the end. I’ve just seen him in the dressing room there and I told him that’s the minimum requirement here while I’m here. He’s got to give that every game. And he was really shattered. I thought Jamie did well on the other side as well and Bojan played a game against two centre halves all the time. I thought he did really well without getting any chances. I thought he still caused problems. And the midfield three, I thought they grew into the game, really. So I was quite pleased. Apart from the three goals, I think from three nil down, you don’t get a better performance, really. I think we got three goals, could have scored more and we just got to get. We got to stop conceding stupid goals like that, really. I mean, there were schoolboy errors, weren’t they?

Sky Sports interviewer: When you got to three three, Neil, did you think you might go on? You’d so much of the ball. Did you think you might go on and win it?

Neil Warnock: Yeah, you just wanted that little bit. Like I say, I thought Bojan’s goal was a good goal, mate. And then Duk’s about an inch away from scrambling that one in for his hat trick. Really. You’re not going to get too many chances against know when. The lads, they’re quite good in the air, aren’t they, Motherwell, in that respect? But I thought we tried to play around the sides. Some great balls in from Jack. I thought the second a put some great balls in across the box there and a few tired legs tonight, but they’ll regroup, I’m sure, ready for Friday’s training with Hibernian now.

Sky Sports interviewer: Yeah, Hibernian. One of your old colleagues, Nick Montgomery. Are you looking forward to seeing him and team?

Neil Warnock: Absolutely. He’s a lovely lad. I gave him his debut. Him, Jagielka and Michael Tonge. And they never let me down. He was always seven, maybe eight out of ten every week. You knew what you were getting with Monty. He was straight as they come.

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Twitter users quickly made the clip go viral, as Neil Warnock has everyone laughing comparing VAR to Horizon computers from Post Office scandal…

@morey28: Got to love Neil. Such a character

@AalexB4: He is spot on var is as much use as the horizon invention… Love Neil warnock as he’s not afraid to speak his mind.

@JohnyHelzapopin: He is box office

@HannahJones454: What a guy 😂

@pablocords: God love him!

@preece8: 🤣🤣 this is another classic from @warnockofficial

@goronology: The delivery on horizon, perfect

@Carlwilks2011: Absolute class from the legend that is Neil Warnock🤣🤣

@BurneyMcr1: I do love him me (in Warnock voice)

@JENKS_UTD: He isn’t wrong though is he? 🤣

@BigNik81177572: Haha what a guy

@bigfatboab47893: Brilliant way to put it 😂😂😂

@JayStubbs07: Says it all when we are taking the piss out of VAR

@MightyMillers20: Never change Neil 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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