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Neil Warnock goes viral leaving viewers in hysterics as pundit for Leicester v Southampton

Neil Warnock goes viral once again leaving viewers in hysterics while on Sky Sports as pundit for the Leicester v Southampton game.

The legendary 75 year old manager pulled no punches, dropped hilarious one liners, reflected on his career and also talked about what he wants to do next.

Talking about tactics on Sky Sports, Warnock laughed that he never had the players to implement passing out from the back.

He said: “He [Martin] has that philosophy. That’s what he wants to do.

“He’s fortunate because I have never had defenders that could pass water let alone a football.

“It’s difficult, you have to adapt, you go to a club and you have to find a system that suits the players you’ve got. I have had to go in everywhere and put fires out.”

Warnock also claimed that he has “categorically retired” and is now doing a “bucket list”, which he’s adding to after asking his followers on Twitter.

His last job came earlier this year in a month-long stint at Aberdeen in Scotland.

Warnock also went into a rant about VAR, saying: “It’s a good time to stop when I look at VAR now.”

He also amused former Leicester manager Nigel Pearson, leaving him in stitches and joked ten minutes before games that Pearson would “have a whiskey or glass of wine with his feet up”.

On Leicester’s controversial opening goal, Warnock also joked: “It’s a tough one to give offside when there’s 30,000 home fans jeering at you, but they should have had the Coventry guy from the FA Cup, that would have been offside.

He’s a collection of videos put up by Sky showing some of the one liners and opinions from Warnock…

Neil Warnock also posted a tweet on Tuesday, saying:
“- 327 games played (tricky left winger πŸ˜‰)
– 36 goals scored
– 1626 professional games managed
– 300+ non league games managed
– 8 promotions
– A few rescue jobs
– No regrets! πŸ‘‹
Now for some new adventures , so if anyone has any bucket list suggestions for me, let me know 😊”

Within 24 hours, he got over 600 replies. He also talked about it on Sky Sports as can be seen below…

As mentioned, Neil Warnock goes viral as he has viewers in hysterics as pundit for the Leicester v Southampton game…

@MattYarwood1984: Fucking love that bloke. Absolute legend.

@henryadam_s: what a bloke πŸ’š

@letson98: Canny take this man serious anymore after his stint up here hahahah

@KyleGatfield97: Neil Warnock the fucking 🐐

@racingspoon: Sky Sports just cutting off Neil Warnock as he launches into a 11pm old pissed man in the pub ramble about VAR. πŸ˜‚ #LEISOU

@1cornishblue: I don’t think Neil Warnock likes VAR πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ He’s not alone. Worst thing that’s happened to football since the introduction of the PL

@ChrisPen1980: Think Neil Warnock summed it up. Forget the result. Forget the season. Go out for a curry and try and build some mental character. If we plan on going up, we need to be far better than that.

@thecuttybang: Neil Warnock; the championship is the best league in the world. – never a truer word spoken.

@IanParfitt: Great to see Neil Warnock and Nigel Pearson in the @SkySports studio tonight… two old timers talking sense with a dose of humour mixed in…. can’t beat it. πŸ‘Š

@_GeorgeSmith99: I could watch Neil Warnock all night. He’s in sparkling form on Sky Sports ahead of Leicester City-Southampton this evening. He really is one of a kind. I wish football had more characters like him.

@AlfieHouseEcho: Neil Warnock and Nigel Pearson in the studio. You are being treated. #SaintsFC

@Shipleyyyyyy: Fucking love you Neil

@andr94979:Β  His comments about Coventry city and VAR were epic

@henrollinson4: Neil Warnock is absolutely golden man 🀣

@andy_cov93: Neil Warnock on sky sports even making jokes of how ridiculous the offside on haji was πŸ˜‚

@saintgibbo: Changed my mind. I like Neil Warnock

@jack_buchanan_: Nigel Pearson and Neil Warnock on the same panel, this is going to be the best half-time ever

@FrenchieJonah: neil warnock said he would have chinned the sky sports interviewer if he was asked questions southampton managerrr was given AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!

@alexharris_92: Neil Warnock is absolute box office, what a man! πŸ˜‚

@RichardDyba: Neil warnock has definitely cheered me up what a funny cunt πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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