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Neil Warnock and Blackburn player pulled apart in confrontation at full time

Neil Warnock and Blackburn player Jarrad Branthwaite had to be pulled apart in a dramatic confrontation at full time of Sunday’s match.

The game saw Rovers come away with all three points, however, things got tense after the final whistle as the players went down the tunnel.

In the Championship fixture, referee Dean Whitestone was slammed by the Middlesbrough boss for letting Branthwaite escape unpunished following a high boot which caught Dael Fry’s face.

Dael Fry showed off the nasty looking injury under his eye after the game with a revelation made at how close he was to losing his eyeball.

“How hasn’t he seen that? Ref, do you want to come over and watch the TV? They’re saying it’s a penalty on Sky, what f****** use is that?” ranted Warnock during the game.

Blackburn fans quickly turned on Neil Warnock for the full time scenes which can be seen below.

Many were outraged at the 72 year old ‘picking a fight’ with 18 year old Branthwaite, before Stewart Downing and other members of the two squads tried to stop the Middlesbrough manager from getting closing to vent his verbal tirade of abuse.

“That was an absolute disgrace, you should be ashamed of yourself,” was all that Warnock could direct at the inidividual.

Branthwaite was giving some mouth back in retaliation as Downing had to remind Warnock that he’s only a young boy before Darragh Lenihan addressed the Middlesbrough boss in an attempt to calm down the situation.

A ‘distraught’ Warnock undertook media duties, saying: “It’s the game-changing incident, isn’t it?.

“After that, I wasn’t even bothered about the result, after I saw the mess his face is in. That’s not why we’re in the game, that. I don’t think the lad meant to do it, but they’ve just read me the rules out – endangering the safety of a player. Well, it can’t be any worse than that. He’s a millimetre away from having his eyeball taken out. We miss out in all ends – we don’t get a penalty, we don’t get a sending off and we have one of our best players carried off. It’s an absolute bloody joke and I’m absolutely distraught.”

After being asked for an update on Fry’s condition, Warnock said: “They’ve got to clear the blood and everything away, but the doctor has just said he’s a millimetre from his eyeball being taken out. How can you not see it? I’ve looked at the pictures and the referee has nobody in his line – so what’s the reason why he’s not seen it? I don’t understand it. For me, that’s elementary. We deserve better. The linesman should see it as well.”

Blackburn Rovers have since chosen to send Everton, Branthwaite’s loan club, a message after the coming together at full time.

Tony Mowbray revealed that he didn’t see Warnock approach the youngster after the game but reckon his opposite number will be forced to ‘reflect’ on his actions later this week.

Mowbray said: “Listen, football is an emotional game and nobody is more emotional than me. You try to keep your emotions in and Neil is an extraordinarily emotional manager.

“I’ve managed a lot of times against Neil and as I’m sure you will know, he is a wonderful guy off the pitch, away from all the emotion and passion of football.

“He’s an amazing human being who has done amazing things in football. I’m sure he will reflect. I’m not sure he should be facing an 18-year-old boy up who is just starting his career.

“I know the boy, after working with him for over a week, 10 days, he’s a shy kid from the Carlisle area or Cockermouth, wherever he is from.

“He’s just a boy who is on a journey who can’t believe that he’s played in the Premier League for Everton, played five times in the Premier League and now he’s at Blackburn learning his trade.

“He’s just a kid. He has no edge to him. He’s not an angry kid and he’s a skinny boy. I have just seen him with his top off; he’s a skinny, scrawny kid who you could blow over. I don’t think I’d be confronting him really.

“Neil’s emotional. He probably should have thought they deserved a sending off, it never happened and they lost 1-0 in their last home game. He’s probably really hurting and that’s reflected in his emotional and his passion for his football team.”

He added: “Jarrad is doing well. Jarrad is a young boy and as a centre-half I can sit there and see where we can help him.

“I can see the flaws in his game where has to learn. I had a good chat with him there.

“I’m a bit apprehensive because we’re trying to improve other clubs players but they’re here to help us and I think Jarrad helps us at the moment.

“He’s 6ft 4 or 6ft 5, he’s a beanpole really but he’s pretty calm, he stands his ground and has a nice left foot that can play it forward for us.

“He can win headers, he has to learn the fine details of when to wrap his leg round, when to step in front and when not to not when you’ve got a big strong centre-forward against you.

“He’s got all those little things as he develops and Everton will benefit somewhere down the line I am sure.”

Fans reacted as Neil Warnock and the Blackburn player ended up being pulled apart in the confrontation at full time…

@Bigladcharlie2: Neil warnock ya pantomine dame

@jeverett10: Here’s Neil Warnock valiantly picking a fight with an 18 year and then when confronted hides behind as many men as possible #rovers

@brian__oneill: Totally agree Fred, a disgusting display from Warnock, Mowbray pretty much said the same. Branthwaite looked quite shocked at what was being said. Warnock should be ashamed, and should apologise. #Rovers

@fredcumpsteyL: Neil Warnock confronting young Branthwaite at the end of the game was was totally reprehensible. No matter how high emotions are running that is no way to subject anyone, let alone a young player at the start of his professional career, to such abuse and harassment.

@DMWHITESIDE04: Neil Warnock proving why most dislike him. Out of order, waiting till the end of the game to have a go an 18 year old. Yes Branthwaite made a mistake and yes it was a pen, but he didn’t mean to do it. The officials got it wrong by missing it, not Branthwaite.

@PaulineMilligan: Think Rovers’ staff might have anticipated Warnock’s reaction at the end there and been between him and Branthwaite as they left the pitch. #Rovers

@BCummins20: Really… He has a pop at an 18 Yr old kid then hides behind his back room staff when big @darragh_lenihan defends his team mate. Yes it should of been a penalty and a sending off but it was unintentional.

@wegerleswiggle: Warnock is a bell end. Shit himself when Lenihan confronted him.

@boulti8: Warnocks a fuckin dick always has been always will be

@nezrovers14: Warnock is an absolute wanker

@cal_howis: Proper “hold me back hold me back” from the Blackburn player. Doesn’t say anything till the big group around the tunnel.

@tomg1878: Big fan of Branthwaite wanting to put that old cunt in a not-so-early grave.

@Lutty91: Bitter old man

@Wadderss on Neil Warnock and Blackburn player being pulled apart: Lives for it Neil ahahaha

@MickeyMcArdle: Warnock having a go at an 18 year old at full time, thats the type of him

@minibhada92: Warnock giving it big licks whilst there’s 20 of em in between. Proper hard man fucking old prick

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