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Neil Ruddock threatens to beat up Paul Merson after heated row

Neil ‘Razor’ Ruddock threatens to beat up Paul Merson after a heated row in the latest episode of ITV show ‘Harry’s Heroes’.

The two ex-Premier League footballers clashed over Merse’s drinking habit, which saw Sky pundit reveal that boozing may be killing him.

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‘Razor’ was left annoyed and threatened to beat him up before responding to him then stormed out of the room.

Later on in the episode, the pair could be seen settling their differences before crying it out.

During the incident, Neil Ruddock threatens to beat up Paul Merson: “Don’t shout at me or I’ll get the hump with you.

“I’ll throw you out the fucking door. This gives me the hump. F**k off.’

Merson said: “No one wants to die, do they? I’d probably say he’s scared, confused, frightened. With Neil, he’s a tomorrow man. Tomorrow never comes. It doesn’t matter if you’re the richest person in the world, or the healthiest, we only get today.”

Ruddock told viewers: “I’ve just had a barney with Merse. We love each other. We’ve known each other since we were 16.

“It’s all right if it’s people you don’t really know telling you “do this, do that”, but when it comes from someone you love, that’s why it hurts so much. It got to me.’

Merson said on Ruddock’s antics in the pub: “It’s just winding me up. He’s down there doing bombs and all that, and it’s a joke. He’s sat down with all the lads, and he’s said he’s dying, and they’re drinking with him.

“If I went in the pub now with them, and said “line me up one”, they’d all go mad. No one would buy me a drink. But they don’t get it with Razor. What’s the difference?

“You’re getting pictures through with a bra on your head. This is the sad thing, because this is me nine months ago… not knowing what to do, how I’m going to stop. Not seeing any way out. I see that in him now, and that’s why it’s quite hurtful.’

Merson has admitted that the ITV show has saved his life.

He said: “From last time, I’m 100 times better, my life’s changed around. Where I was last year compared to now I can’t explain.

“The impact of being in the team, it saved my life. I was drinking at least 35 pints a week and gambling. But I’m sober and bet free now. As soon as I addressed the drinking I didn’t gamble.

“I’ve come to realise I’m powerless over alcohol – I’m an alcoholic.

“I have a disease and it is a disease. My drinking and gambling left a lot of wreckage.

“As an alcoholic, recovering now those things are hard for me. It’s quite sad really because you look now and think what a waste of a life, some of it.”

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