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Neil Redfearn slams Michael Duff after leaving Barnsley for “average” Swansea

Neil Redfearn slams Michael Duff after leaving Barnsley for “average” Swansea City as the new boss speaks for the first time.

Redfearn ripped into Duff, claiming that they will be “average” under his tenure next season, coming in a successor to Russell Martin who quit for Southampton.

The move was incredibly delayed by a disagreement over compensation, however after weeks of knowing e would likely make the switch, The Athletic state that Duff was always the preferred choice of Swansea to replace Martin.

But now that Duff has spoken with the media about taking over, Redfearn wasn’t happy with what Duff had to say.

“It is not about me,” Duff said. “It is about Swansea City. It’s about getting a team to win by playing attractive football.”

Redfearn said: “Missed out on the easy bit, getting Barnsley out of League One and choked at Wembley versus a very average Sheffield Wednesday, so good luck Swans back to being average.”

New head coach Michael Duff has pledged to give his new role at Swansea everything he has got in order to deliver success for the club.

“I would want everyone here and every player here to want to be successful,” he said.

“But I am a firm believer that talk is cheap, I don’t need to shout it from the rooftops.

“I believe hard work pays you back, football does not owe you anything. Whether you have had a good career or a bad career, whether you are young or old.

“The moment you think you have football worked out, you find out you don’t.

“So, you might get bored of me saying it all the time, but hard work does pay you back.

“I did not win in the first 10 games of my coaching career, but I stuck to what I felt was right and what I believe in.

“In the 250 or 260 games since I think that has worked for me, but just because it worked before does not mean it works here.

“So, whatever happens here – and of course I want it to be a success – I know I can put my head on the pillow at night and now it has not been down to a lack of hard work.

“I have a good feeling, I think this is a good fit and I hope we can make it work.

“But it is not about me. It is about Swansea City. So, it’s not about me talking about what I want to do.

“It’s about getting a team to win by playing attractive football, but I won’t do one at the expense of the other.

“We will need everyone pulling in the same direction. We need to align all different sectors of the club.

“We need each other. If the team wins, we all win. Everyone is happy. The chairman is happy, the players are happy, the staff are happy and the supporters are happy.

“If we are not winning, it is irrelevant what anyone else says. I want to win playing good football.”

Chairman Andy Coleman believes Swansea City has appointed “a leader and a winner” in new head coach Michael Duff.

“I couldn’t be more excited,” said Coleman.

“Michael has everything I envision when I think of a leader and a winner.

“Outside of that, he is just a great human being, which is important to me, and I cannot wait to see the direction in which he will take this club.

“We hit it off personally. We did an extensive interview process, I respected his winning mentality. I think he is just a great leader of men and that is a very important thing for this club at this time.

“It’s been a hectic and busy period, but it is important we start to rebuild the internal football operations at this club with great leaders.

“The process, while hectic at times, was very well thought out and structured. Ultimately, we have ended up with the perfect leader of our football club.

“It was a very thorough process, Michael was an attractive candidate right from the first time I met him.”

This is what fans are saying as Neil Redfearn slams Michael Duff after leaving Barnsley for “average” Swansea…

@CorporateAK: Oof going in hard

@meganfromtarn: Tell ’em Redders!

@andytinkler: Redders! 👊

@jbsnpr: Have that

@lee_leestenn: Say it how it is redders 😂😂👏🙌🔴🏐 love it 👊

@samanthaskidm10: Get him told 😂😜🤭👊

@Spuggyno2: Redders ❤️

@co991n127: Well said, Redders, you absolute legend.

@kendraytyke77: Redders giving pelters! What a man!

@Georgrundo: I love this bloke.

@Matt05082152: Straight talking

@MJH6183: In it for the long haul though! 🤷🏻‍♂️

@swansea_indy: Seems as If another Bitter Twitter moment is upon us. No class @neil_redfearn8 #Swans fans in the main & ex players remained complementary when #Martin left. #Duff Insult.

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