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Neal Maupay and James Maddison have it out on Insta as taunting goal celebration backfires

Neal Maupay and James Maddison have it out on Insta as a taunting goal celebration backfires in Tottenham’s win over Brentford.

Spurs fans attended Wednesday night’s Premier League clash hoping to see James Maddison’s trademark darts-throwing goal celebration on what was his first start for nearly three months.

They ended up seeing it three times with players for both clubs, Brentford going ahead first in the 15th minute when Neal Maupay netted his 100th career goal.

To celebrate, he mimicked Maddison’s throwing mock darts in front of the home crowd. But the TV camera shows Maddison far from impressed, exchanging words with Maupay afterwards.

Spurs then went on a goal spree, putting three goals past Brentford in eight minutes after half time.

Destiny Udogie levelled, before Brennan Johnson and Richarlison then got the hosts in a comfortable lead. However Ivan Toney pulled one back to make it a nervy finish, though Tottenham held on to claim all three points.

Maddison said on TNT Sports after the game: “I just said to him, he hasn’t scored enough goals of his own in the last few years to have his own celebration, so he had to copy mine.”

In a post on Instagram, Maddison wrote alongside a photo of Maupay mocking his celebration: “A short story… COYS 🤍🤣”

Maddison’s post-match interview caught the attention of Maupay, who then responded on Instagram after the game mocking his opponent’s relegation with Leicester last season.

Maupay also commented “ahahah rent free” under Maddison’s post.

And then he did his own post: “Went a bit early with that one. Gutted we couldn’t get the win. More goals and less relegations in my career than James Maddison. We go again monday bees.”

While Maddison and his fellow teammates celebrated, with Spurs fans were entertained both by the quality of football in the second half and taunting, manager Ange Postecoglou wasn’t as impressed.

He told TNT Sports: “We were getting dragged into things, that’s not who we are. We were chatting to the ref more than we were playing football. We are naive at times, focusing on the wrong things, but that’s all part of our growth.”

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Asked if Maupay’s darts celebration fired up his team, Postecoglou replied: “I hope not, because that’s exactly what I’m talking about.

“I’m not a fan of it. I don’t like the whole bravado, pushing people around. If you’re that brave about things, my players and their players, get into a UFC cage and I’ll see how brave they are.

“We’re out there to play football and that’s what I want our guys to do, focus on playing football and they shouldn’t get motivated by things that aren’t really that important to us.

“Like I said, we got sucked in first half. Second half was better.”

Here’s how fans reacted after Neal Maupay and James Maddison have it out on Insta as a taunting goal celebration backfires…

@ibbywhu: He bit the Maupay bait 😭

@BGinge8: Maupay is unequivocally the best shithouse we’ve had in this league since Diego Costa, the amazing thing about Costa is he was class at footy as well

@VivaLaBaguette_: Football needs more heels like Maupay

@WH_Unofficial: He’s rattled Maddison it’s hilarious 🤣🤣

@kieranblood3: Madison looks a bit of nob really in his post match interview. Maupay speaks facts simple as.

@douglas1_craig: I’ve a lot of time for Maupay, absolute shithouse.

@RashadTalks_: Didn’t do shit when Saka did it on his head too

@markjamess13: I fucking love Neal Maupay so much never let him leave again

@o_haskett08: Anyone want to tell him that maupay has more career goals than him

@coolman6382: that’s so weird mate clearly was just a bit of banter

Maupay career goals: 96
Maddison career goals: 82

@Ifcharry: Imagine actually getting visibly annoyed at that as a grown man hahahahahah

@GJHeidler: The awkward thing is Maupay has more career goals than Maddison. So it’s just silly for him to say this. But such is football discourse in this country now, broadcasters promote nonsense rather than talk about football

@afcDW: Maddison is one of the most insecure players in the Premier League. That much has been obvious for a long time.

@Ollie_BHAFC: I take back everything I said maupay, you’re a fucking hero

@albionroar: Maupay – shithousery? Who knew?

@sportingminute: Ahahaha you simply can’t react like Maddison does there, absolutely rattled.

@1884DT: Come on mate thats not on mate thats really disrespectful mate disappointed in you mate

@DobbySolanoNUFC: One of the best shithouses the league has seen!

@thfctomm: Why is he bragging about having more goals? He’s a striker, it would be embarrassing if he didn’t

@_callmeethan: Typical from that Brentford prick

@bennufc_18: When shit players know they’re shit and purely play for entertainment purposes>>

@ctt_carys: Maupay can wind you up like no one else 😭

@joshakers93: Sensational work from Neal Maupay 👏

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