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National League North club ‘might have to move down some the leagues’

A certain National League North club ‘might have to move down some the leagues’, something he said before the season was made null and void.

Step 2 of the English non league pyramid season has come to an end following voting from clubs, which means the season has been ended with no promotions/relegations to or from the divisions. National League clubs have voted to continue their season. See the result HERE.

Voting on whether to resume or halt the season came with the news that there would be no further grants coming from the government.

The season got underway behind closed doors thanks to a £10million grant through the National Lottery promotional fund. Seems to be all for nothing with the season now ended.

Clubs say they were also under the impression that further grant funding would be forthcoming if fans weren’t allowed back in.

The DCMS have since hit back, denying that ever was the case and say the Sport Winter Survival Fund, distributed by Sport England, that offers low interest loans, with repayment breaks, will help clubs, while grants available in exceptional circumstances.

Some clubs are adamant they will not take loans just to get the season finished and a number at Step 2 had chosen not to fulfil fixtures while the voting outcome was still to be announced.

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The National League North club chairman Wayne Salkeld said when asked if they got no funding in the form of grants, where would it leave their football club: “We probably won’t fold but, we might have to move down some the leagues or whatever.

“Our football club, it’s not just our first team, it’s our community.

“You know we have one of the biggest junior set ups in Greater Manchester with over 300 kids. We have our disability teams, veteran teams, they will be disappointed if we can’t get any grants to finish the season.”

On the 7th of February 2021, chairman Wayne Salkeld, provided an explanation to supporters as to the current position. Worth a listen by clicking play below…

Curzon Ashton manager Steve Cunningham said after the vote outcome was announced: “I’m gutted to be in this situation but proud of the job we have started at Curzon.

“A lot of hard work and unselfish hours have gone in to making our journey a successful one, by so many, and I cannot thank them all enough. We have assembled a great group of players who have backed me and the club in tough times. They have shown true character and a desire to play for the club.

“The foundations we have built will only help us reach our ambitions as a club. The hard work continues, .

“Finally, a message to the supporters. Thank you for all your kind support in my short time in charge. I look forward to the day I can stand in the dug out with you guys supporting from the stands. Be safe and see you all soon.”

www.fanbanter.co.uk – Fan reaction to the latest football news, gossip & funnies

Chester boss Anthony Johnson said: Two weeks suspension for what? We’re wasting time, we’re wasting money.

“We’re one of the clubs that had to go furlough, so by the time we play our next game, a game which we’ve been told is on the 6th of February, we won’t have trained for two weeks, we got half a dozen people at the club playing for free or staffing for free, that’s because there is no money left.

“They need to try and find a way to fund these clubs in the season, if we have to play, there will be no more Chester at the end of the season.”

Meanwhile, following the vote results, representatives of clubs are giving their reaction and revealing what happens now.

The Gloucester City co-chairman “we have now formally started legal action against the ‘null and void’ outcome.”

Alex Petheram: Disappointing is the word of the day… but we’re never out the fight. I can confirm that we have now formally started legal action at @GCAFCofficial against the ‘null and void’ outcome. This isn’t to make club play on, its to allow promotion and relegation. #PromoteStep2

With the National League at Step 1 voting to continue, there’s a question mark over what happens with Dover Athletic. The club has said it “will be unable to fulfil further National League fixtures until appropriate funding is made available.”

Dorking Wanderers have also said: “At this stage we are in ongoing dialogue with our legal team and are taking high level legal advice to ascertain the validity of the resolution.”

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