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National League issue statement after backlash to playoff final ticket prices

The National League issue a statement this Monday morning after receiving backlash to the 2022 playoff final ticket prices.

Grimsby and Solihull fans weren’t happy after seeing that tickets for the fifth tier playoff final was priced more than that of the Championship play off final.

The price of National League playoff final tickets are £40 for adults and £20 for children under 16, while for the Championship playoff final, it cost £36 for adults and £18 for under 16s.

Others called on clubs to get involved in the debate in the hope of some way reducing the costs with many feeling it’s unfair to charge this amount with many families in the area struggling to make ends meet and after they bigged up how ‘football is for the fans’ during times of lockdown, only to be treated like this a year or so later.

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On top of the £40, Grimsby Live report that there is a £3 booking fee per ticket and a 99p charge to have them delivered to an email address while there are also complaints over the cost of travel from Grimsby to London on top of the tickets being a huge issue, with many also suggesting the final should be played at Wembley if tickets are to cost £40.

The Mariners Trust said in a statement, they said: “The Mariners Trust are extremely disappointed to see the cost of tickets for the National League final. £40 for an adult ticket when Championship final tickets at Wembley started at £36 is a hard one to take for fans.

“When you consider the fact that there are no concessions at all in the upper tier and only available to under 16s in the lower tier it makes it even harder – football cannot be for all with that pricing structure. How can it be when a family of four have the potential lay out of £132.99 and £171.96 if they go by coach – £304.95 to find in a week and that’s without any food or drink and all during a harsh cost of living crisis?

“We’ve seen already, a number of fans despairing that they just cannot afford it, while others will use any means possible because not being there just isn’t an option to them after a previous season of no football at all. We add to all of this the fact that the host stadium is in the capital during Jubilee weekend – not new information to any of us but a puzzling one all the same.

“Since the announcement of the London Stadium as a venue, the Trust have been in contact with the Football Supporters Association to understand the reason for the venue but sadly have been unable to obtain any answers. Football without fans is nothing, so we are openly asking the National League to engage with us and help us understand the venue and subsequent pricing. Whether Grimsby Town are part of the National League or not next season, regular dialogue around decisions that impact and affect fans of member Clubs must happen in the future.”

National League chief executive Mark Ives said: “The prices are a decrease on last year and the bottom line price is in line with previous seasons. In 2018 and 2019, when the game was played at Wembley, adult tickets were £36 and £41. The National League had a problem this season in finding a venue large enough to accommodate a potential 50,000 crowd if Wrexham and Notts County had qualified that was available. The London Stadium fitted that criteria, although it was pointed out all six clubs who were in the play-offs were from the Midlands or the North. One hundred percent of any profits from the game will be redistributed to member clubs.”

Even with the alleged decrease, it’s still more costly than that of in the Championship playoff final.

Fans reacted as the National League issue a statement after backlash to playoff final ticket prices…

@nick_french: Tickets cost £41 last year, so it’s absolute lies that this year sees a reduction on last season’s final. It’s also disgusting that a booking fee is applied to each ticket rather than per transaction. I know this isn’t unique to the NL play off final, but when you’re charging that amount, it’s an unnecessary extra

@scottkmedia: Disgusting that they only took into account Wrexham and Notts County when play offs are unpredictable that anyone could make it through. Ticket prices should’ve been competitive and are a shambles when you consider travel costs for both teams’ fans

@petergoodwin92: Why the need for a £3 booking fee when you print it off yourself?

@yorkcitytom: 99p for the email is the detail I bloody love. Government needs to get a grip of these sharks.

@nats148: Oh cheaper than last season @TheVanaramaNL that makes it alright then *slow clap*

@CT_1211: If only there was some 50,000 seater stadiums in places like manchester, liverpool and newcastle.. 🤦🏼‍♂️

@wbdragons: That sort of reads “we were hoping for Wrexham and Notts County so we could get a big stadium and charge a lot for tickets”

@CleeCod71: What a load of crap that is the cost of tickets & the venue is very poor you couldn’t of picked a worse stadium for atmosphere even when it’s full total balls up by the league,next time think of the fans & don’t leave it to late for picking a stadium zzzzz😟

@MNorvock: Really poor

@CupChange: The usual BS.

@RichardWatkin09: Disgusting, patronising statement.

@safetywatto: What a BS excuse & typical of @TheVanaramaNL! EVERY ground is available next weekend bar a couple. Was it not beyond the wit of man to wait, c who qualified & then book a stadium to suit? I’m sure one could have been found it at least book a couple on a prov basis #joke

@jameswelham: Six of us – four adults, two kids – were thinking about going, but not at those prices. Greedy from the NL.

@tony4walker: Absolutely scandalous location and rip off prices, typical incompetent National League 😡

@ConnorSwales69: ah right so blame it on Notts and Wrexham for the venue and then no explanation for ripping fans off. piss off @TheVanaramaNL

@Nic_Nac_Ola: It’s probably easier for The National League to say they don’t give a shit about the fans and it’s easier and more prestigious for their board to go to the London Stadium rather than somewhere more convenient & cost effective for the fans. Using us & Notts as an excuse is BS

@Jackcoupland29: Wrexham and Notts County didn’t it make through the lottery. You could have easily sold a large majority of the stadium if you made it cheaper tickets you absolute fools @TheVanaramaNL

@AnthonyFifc: Planning for Wrexham v Notts County went well…

@GarryGtfc: Don’t let the club suffer by not going, hit the @TheVanaramaNL by:
Eat & drink before entering the stadium
Only buy essential water
Don’t buy a Programme
Turn backs at kick off
Sing ‘**** the National League’
Tweet inventive pictures of the advertising boards

@craigyjones17: Lots of outrage this morning as the National League have announced ticket prices for the play off final are £40-£45. The London Stadium decision was apparently to have a venue large enough to house Wrexham and NCFC fans, had they made it. And yes I know we’re not in it everyone!

@lumbeiro: The mad thing here is that they say they actually looked at the teams in the playoffs before choosing the venue 😂

@markbutler1978: Response from @TheVanaramaNL “it’s expensive but yeah it was expensive before and we’ll just remind you we’re playing it in London for no reason”

@MikeyMcMahon: So, £45 is less than £36 apparently. Looks like the @TheVanaramaNL defence is “well we’ve been ripping you off for years so what’s your problem” #gtfc

@di1cox: Absolutely dead at this.

@lauragale1989: And its not even at Wembley 🤦‍♀️

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