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Nathaniel Chalobah issues statement after altercation with fans at Stoke v West Brom

Nathaniel Chalobah issues statement via his Twitter account after an altercation with fans at the Stoke v West Brom game in midweek.

The Baggies midfielder took to his personal social media to say sorry with Birmingham Live reporting that on Wednesday (9th of August) that he was spotted making a rude gesture towards his own club’s supporters at half-time of the 2-1 defeat at the bet365 Stadium.

After a disappointing first half, Chalobah and his fellow teammates were walking back to the tunnel in front of the travelling fans.

An incident took place and the midfielder was then booed as he made his way onto the pitch in the second half.

Posting on Twitter, he said: “You may have read that I got into an altercation with a fan on Tuesday night and for that I apologise to the fans and the club. I’m sure you’ll all be the first to tell me that you haven’t seen the best of what I can do on the pitch since I signed…

“…I’m very aware and frustrated myself and I let my emotions get the better of me. I’m working hard every day to make sure I can deliver my maximum on the pitch and I hope you’ll see that this season. Once again, sorry to you all, Nate.”

The Potters went ahead at half-time thanks to a Josh Griffiths own-goal, only to concede early in the second period through a flick from Brandon Thomas-Asante.

Stoke’s Andre Vidigal grabbed the all-important final goal 25 minutes from time as they edged into the Second Round of the Carabao Cup.

Stoke City: Travers, Hoever, McNally, Wilmot, Tymon, Sidibe (Pearson 87′), Thompson (Rose 91′), Laurent, Chiquinho (Johnson 61′), Wesley (Gayle 61′), Mmaee (Vidigal 61′)

Subs: Stevens, Pearson, Rose, André Vidigal, Gayle, Johnson, Bonham, Okagbue, Lowe

West Brom: Griffiths, Taylor, Bartley, Pieters, Ingram, Gardner-Hickman (Molumby 69′), Chalobah (Yokuslu 57′), Mowatt (Sarmiento 74′), Townsend (Fellows 69′), Malcolm (Thomas-Asante 57′), Swift

Subs: Ajayi, Molumby, Sarmiento, Thomas-Asante, Cann, Fellows, Yokuslu, Andrews, Faal

Stoke City manager Alex Neil said post-match: “To make changes like we did, a lot of credit needs to go to the front three, who were tactically brilliant considering they’d never played together.

“We asked Ryan to play off a side to see if he could do it, we put Wesley up top as a target, because last time we played against West Brom we found it difficult, and I thought he did that brilliantly. Chiquinho was that threat and loose spirit off the right.

“I thought Wesley did that all game,” City’s manager continued. “He caused them all sorts of problems throughout the game.

“He gives us a platform to play against teams that want to jump on top of you and don’t let you play so many balls out from the back, sometimes you need to turn the ball and play off the second ball and we didn’t really have that option last season, which meant we had to force the ball all of the time.

“He gets us up the pitch, is a focal point in the box – so he naturally attracts defenders and frees up space for other people – but he is much more than that because technically he is good, he can take the ball in, he knows where people are, can flick things down, is a threat in the box and showed great technique to roll his defender and get his strike away.

“The one I need to mention most is Sol Sidibe,” Neil added. “I thought he was brilliant in the game, I really did, and I think that you could see that he is in the team on merit.

“Tonight he justified why I have had him in and around the first team, why I brought him on at the weekend and why I gave him a first start tonight – I was delighted for him.”

Carlos Corberán said: “When you have the target to create a competitive team and a competitive squad, you cannot do this with just 11 players.

“I wanted to see more players in the team who we want to be able to compete in the league.

“The fact we only started two players tonight from Saturday’s game shows we need more players to be ready to compete at any moment in the season in any scenario. We know we are going to need everyone this season.

“The target was to go for it and to try and win the game, with the idea of adding more players who will be ready to compete in the team for the league.

“Unfortunately we didn’t achieve the result that we wanted to achieve, but we are ready to now add more players to the league competition which was also a target of ours.

“I don’t think we showed enough of our level in the first half. They were dangerous in attack and we couldn’t create many things in attack, but in the second half the team was much better.

“We then went and scored our goal, and I think before our goal, we were very dominant.

“We were trying to find ways to adapt to the game and create opportunities. We tried to put the ball in the attacking half a lot more and we tried to create a lot more things.

“Unfortunately, we lost the ball in one individual action and they recovered it in a dangerous area and went and scored the winner, which is disappointing.

“They counter-attacked us and we knew they’d be dangerous from those situations and we had spoken about it. We wanted to avoid it, but in football unfortunately you can’t always do so.

“Tonight, we have got more minutes in the legs of some of the players who we needed to, such as Erik Pieters, Kyle Bartley and John Swift.

“We know we’ll need all the players in the best condition this season.”

This is what Twitter users are saying as Nathaniel Chalobah issues a statement after his altercation with fans at Stoke v West Brom…

@AllAlbionFans: Owning it takes character. Fair play. It was just 1 or 2 people and no-one deserves abuse in their face. Anyone would react. A line is drawn through it. Our fanbase are behind anyone who gives 100% wearing the colours. Win, lose and draw together 👊🏻

@sarah_WBAx: Didn’t have to come out and apologise so fair play, end of the day we all want what’s best for the club and that’s you doing well on the pitch and Albion likewise, let’s start against Swansea 🙌

@WBA_Rhys: You reacted like anyone would receiving that abuse, fair play for apologising time to stick together and win some games 💙

@Baggieboy75Mike: It takes a big man to admit when he’s in the wrong and for that you have out respect. We as fans just want our players to give their all for the badge. If you say you’re going to do your best mate then that’s great we look forward to seeing this! Onwards and upwards

@TBWBA: Fair play for apologising, hope your quality picks up throughout the season UTA.

@DanOBFFC: Takes a big man to admit they are wrong and apologise. Takes a proud man to show emotions and get angry or frustrated & lash out. At least you show passion. Thinking of Jake Livermore at WBA, different circumstances but good fans there, @chalobah go right that wrong son 👍🏻

@UncleSock: fair play for apologising Nate.. if you happen to score this week can you give us the middle finger in celebration 😂😂👍

@lewis_botfield: Takes a lot to own up and apologise, these things happen and emotions can get the better of all of us, however these things can turn into a blessing in disguise, now time to crack on and show us what you can do.

@WB_A_: Fair play. I’m sure if most of us were in your shoes, we’d have done the same

@DeanBamford5: Tuff respect Nathaniel. You’ve taken time to think it over. Good to hear that your humble enough to address it all. Hope you can enjoy your time at the club. 👌

@JimiNicholls: Fair 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 If you pull that famous Blue & White shirt on & give your all I/we will be behind you till the end, time to pull together more than ever at min 💪🏻💙🤍

@StattoGK: Fair play for fronting up. When you got injured at Blackpool last season you looked like you were getting there after finally getting a run of games. The performance at Stoke was excellent. It will come again.

@East_Algarve: Well here’s a man who cares and I like that a lot. To apologize only comes from a top man.
Thanks Nate I know we’re a few short but us fans are so keen to see the best of you and every other player of our club. Let’s ave it !!! #wbafc

@charlietheo: Didn’t expect him to address it all so good on him. Performances collectively (not just him) have to be much better but not sure Chalobah specifically has deserved the overwhelming amount of individual abuse compare to the rest of the squad tbh. Onwards and upwards

@WBATDM: I wasn’t one to jump into criticising you as I’ve seen close up what some fans can be like. A lot of respect for the apology though….and I really hope you can recapture previous years form and be an asset for the team this year

@_andrewwww: Respect this a lot. You’re right – your performances have been below par but the fact that you acknowledge that goes a long way. We need more. Run that extra yard & give that extra 10%. We need it from the whole squad now more than ever. Hopefully you can turn a corner for us. 👊🏼

@LewisChilds7: You will have earned a lot of respect from fans for publicly coming out and saying this. I don’t mind your reaction as it shows you care. Now let’s get the best out of you on the pitch, for the team and yourself #WBA

@JoeStevens2110: I respect you for this mate, takes a big man to admit you’re in the wrong, in my eyes it wasn’t your fault anyway, shit happens, onwards and upwards🙏🏻💙🤍 UTA

@NeilRH1974: To be honest Nathaniel, you now play for a club that will forgive poor performances as long as they see the effort going in. If you truly want to connect with the fans we need to see more heart and a lot more urgency. We all know there is a player in there, release him.

@johnwba01: Full respect now for this. A lot of players would just go into hiding and not say anything. All us fans ask for is you to try your hardest and give 100%. Keep working hard and hopefully the performances start to show!

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