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Nathan Jones sends message to furious fans as atmosphere turns sour at Southampton

Nathan Jones sends a message to furious fans as the atmosphere turns sour at Southampton, who have lost yet another Premier League match.

Nathan Jones expressed his disappointment after the Saints fell to a 1-0 home defeat to Nottingham Forest, with Taiwo Awoniyi netting his 27th minute strike, the only shot on target, after receiving the ball from Brennan Johnson, who had intercepted Lyanco’s square pass.

The result means that Southampton are bottom of the Premier League table, with 12 points from 18 games played and four points from safety.

“Really frustrating,” Jones reflected, as per the club’s official website. “We started really well, front-footed, we wanted to get that first chance, got a glorious chance and didn’t take it.

“We didn’t really have many problems, apart from counter-attacks, and then we gifted them a goal, which really created a poor mood here.

“We kept trying to chase it, kept trying to move the ball, kept trying to create stuff and we had enough opportunities in and around the box to have created certain things, but we didn’t. That cost us in the end.

“We’ve just got to be better, we’ve got to demonstrate that, we’ve got to take a chance and give ourselves an opportunity.

“Then sides have to come out and space opens up and then you can be a better football team.

“The Premier League is brutal, and you can get punished for the mistakes you make. At the minute we are getting punished for absolutely every mistake we make, but we are still making mistakes in games.

“We need to keep clean sheets, we need to show a little bit more bravery in the final third, and then we can become a better team.”

“I can’t pre-empt what fans are going to do, that’s entirely up to them,” said Jones of the toxic atmosphere, as per Hampshire Live. “It doesn’t concern me. It surprises me a little but that’s their prerogative. We need everyone and that includes fans. I understand their frustrations but that’s not adding any positivity.

“I went around and clapped all the fans and it was tough to do that with the reaction. But I do it because that’s what I am used to and that’s what I can affect.”

Southampton manager Nathan Jones, speaking to Match of the Day, said: “I’m really disappointed. It was a big game for us. We started well, had a glorious chance to take the lead then we gifted them the goal and that’s symptomatic of what has been happening over a long time.

“Then we didn’t have enough quality to break Forest down. We tried to play with tempo but we didn’t show enough quality and that’s an issue. We have a lack of confidence and have to make sure we change that, that’s just work and we worked hard tonight.

“The blame lies solely with me, I set them up, asked them to do certain things but we need to give ourselves a better opportunity to win the game. We can’t gift a goal a game and we’ve done that almost every game. Something has to change quickly and we need a bit of luck.

“We need to be better. It’s all on me, I fully take the blame for that. The crowd are frustrated, we’re bottom of the Premier League and they want to see more quality. Pretty much everything we have to do better. We need a bit of help, a bit of quality and everyone is working hard to bring us that.

“We have to do certain things better. One, we have to keep clean sheets, two, take chances, three, show more bravery in the final third.

“We’re in a situation that’s not entirely of my doing. We’ve only won one game here and I understand the frustration. There’s no lack of effort.”

Southampton captain James Ward-Prowse, on his side being booed off at half-time and again at the final whistle, said: “We as players know and understand their frustrations. They have to bear with us, it’s a different squad to one we have had before.

“We’re in early days with the manager and it’s going to take a bit of time. Obviously time is not our friend and we need to turn it around quickly.”

Nottingham Forest manager Steve Cooper, speaking to Match of the Day, said: “We didn’t start the game too well in the first five minutes and gave a chance away but that got us into the game.

“We looked a real threat in the first half, we controlled the game and we wanted to keep that going. We haven’t won away from home this year and we were desperate to get the three points.

“No shots on our goal for Dean [Henderson] and even though we defended deep I never thought we would concede. We defended set pieces very well and were more than good for the win. We showed everything in our game to get it.

“We’ve learned quickly that every game is a real challenge but I never felt we were going to concede, if anything I thought we might get the second.

“It’s better to be out of the bottom three than in it for sure but it’s one step at a time. I really challenged the players to get the first away win and challenged myself and the staff, we’re all in it together.

“We had a couple of chances in the last two games to get out of the bottom three, now we’re out, but the objective is not just to stay out but move up the table, but that’s easier said than down and we will do everything we can to get results.

“There’s a long way to go and tough moments make you stronger.”

This is what fans had to say as Nathan Jones sends a message to furious fans as the atmosphere turns sour at Southampton…

@nathanjonesout2: For me, Nathan Jones has to go. I think we are going down, but he won’t be the man to take us back up. I know he hasn’t had many games, but we don’t even look like picking points up under him. The question is, who will want to come here at the moment? #SaintsFC

@naish_r: Needs sacking now

@LeeHobs98167385: Appointing Jones you would have expected a new manager bounce. Only problem it seems is that the ball was flat to begin with. Not mocking Saints as we’re not doing any better atm 🙁 onwards and upwards for both clubs soon 🤞

@Wames_Jaters: I’ve seen us lost 9-0 TWICE. Somehow, this was worse.

@henrydaly72: Club need to own up on the huge mistake they made by appointing Jones.. Absolutely embarrassing

@lisasaintsfcfan: Unless the board uses their sense and admit their mistakes in appointing Jones it will get more and more toxic it will be back to the Branfoot days Its our club they are ruining the fans are well within their right fair play to them.

@salter_sam: Nathan Jones should go. Lost the fans. Spouting same old clichés whilst the team goes backwards. Didn’t think it was possible to get worse and here we are. Unless he goes and we bring in experience then we are well and truly fucked. My ❤ for this club is fading, fast. #SaintsFC

@HarryMac06: I hope each and every single person at Southampton football club hangs there head In shame. From the players to the coaching staff nothings fucking working. Everyone though rasmums and our new owners were the bollocks but realistically they are some of the worst in the league.

@cainedawg: He did this after every loss we suffered as well, granted we playing much better now but think we won 7/33 under him, never good enough to be a prem manager, surprised you guys have him a chance when facing relegation, get rid quick!

@RhysTheSaint: Awful awful performance… it’s okay though he’s a hard working Welsh miner 🫶🏻

@Darrenforeman2: We are too to slow in transition, 3 CBs doesn’t work especially when none of them is that confident on the ball. I get that you need to play the occasional long ball but it’s an option not every ball. It doesn’t look to me as if the players have bought into Jones way of playing

@SaintMikeB: Totally out of his depth and dragging us down with him. Ralph had to go, but bringing in NJ has basically confirmed the situation.

@nottherealjon: I’m not am armchair or social media football manager but I can recognise when the wrong person ends in the wrong job and the senior management take too long to be decisive. He may be a nice guy but leave him place much longer and it’ll be too late to take action.

@DTagg64: He looks and sounds broken, not surprisingly. Apart from anything else it was unfair to appoint him to a league he is wholly unready for. The #SaintsFC board need to shoulder the blame for this and take action now, for his benefit and the club’s.

@MollyShep: He’s so out his depth 😅 He was at Stoke in the Championship, so unsure why those who make the decisions thought he would fair any better in the league above 🫣

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