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Nathan Jones mocked over interview after Wolves defeat as fan taunts boss with giant P45

Nathan Jones was mocked over his interview after suffering defeat to Wolves as a fan taunts the boss with a giant P45 through the game.

Charly Alcarez scored his first goal for the Saints to break the deadlock, with Mario Lemina getting dismissed for two bookable offences, the second yellow deemed a tad harsh.

Jan Bednarek scored a comical own goal to level the scoreline, before Joao Gomes struck late to give 10-man Wolves a crucial win.

One fan ended up being escorted out for trying to give Nathan Jones his P45, with majority of those inside St Mary’s Stadium chanting “you don’t know what you’re doing” after the full time whistle blew.

The defeat leaves Southampton four points from safety, while 15th-placed Wolves moved five points clear of the Premier League relegation zone.

“It’s very tough, not just myself, for the guys, for the club,” Jones said to the club website.

“I thought for 60 minutes we were really good – first half we were excellent, probably as good as we’ve played at home.

“We were front-footed, aggressive, went after the game, created enough chances to have taken more of a lead, but we didn’t.

“In the second half we had a real glorious chance to go two up, and you just fear then. We tried to make positive changes to make sure we stayed front footed, but it wasn’t to be.

“They showed a little bit more quality in the final third than we did. They scrambled in one goal, but the second goal is a good finish and we just needed to show a little bit of that.

“It’s understandable. With the team, what they do and everything it’s really understandable that confidence is low and they’re a bit worried, but I didn’t really see any issues.”


Jones, speaking to Sky Sports about the growing pressure: “I couldn’t feel any more pressure than I have been under this week. We have to keep fighting.

“I’m really disappointed and frustrated. We created chances and we looked a proper team in the first half. We should be in control of the game with 10 men.

“We have to show a little bit more quality and killer instinct. We had 17 shots. We had a glorious chance to go 2-0 up. When we don’t take that chance and put balls over the bar then it’s always going to be tough.”

Jacob Tanswell tweeted: Asked Nathan Jones if he thinks that was his final game at #SaintsFC. “I have no idea.”

Asked Jones why he went straight down the tunnel at full-time.

“I’ve never done that in my managerial career, in my 390 games.”

Also said walking around the pitch and clapping supporters may have fuelled the flames further.

Jones: “There’s a real structure there and I can be really proud of elements of the performance, but its hard not getting points”

Jones played AMN at CB due to his athleticism

“That’s my decision (on Caleta-Car) and with Mislav (Orisc) I felt others were ahead of him”

Jones: “In terms of everything we did, there were elements of pride in the performance, but it’s difficult because we lost.”

“But you make your own luck when you play aggressively and do the right things day in, day out.”

Speaking about heading straight down the tunnel at the full-time whistle, he added: “I’ve never done that before – 390 games I’ve not done that. But I’m not sure going around clapping would have showed respect, so that’s why I did that.”

This is what social media users said with Nathan Jones mocked over quite possibly his last post-match interview after suffering defeat to 10-men Wolves as a fan taunts the boss with a giant P45…

@agbnufc_: This guy is from the Bruce school of excuses. Playing 10 men was a disadvantage! 😭

@TheVillaHome: He really doesn’t help himself does he?! 🙈

@JayVtid: What an awful mentality. You should have taken advantage and put all of the pressure on them. You had more than 60mins vs 10 men. No excuse for that loss tbf.

@RealisticMagpie: So he’s saying the red card HELPED Wolves?? I knew he was out of his depth when he took the job, but Christ Almighty. I feel for the Southampton fans.

@MitchellBeel: Get out of my fucking club you 🤡 #SaintsFC #JonesOut

@nosnikmoTekuL: Watch all the pundits make this about how bad our opponents have been again, piling all the misery on Nathan Jones while never acknowledging how huge our two back to back wins have been and how good we are now under Lopetegui.

@lucyhighnett: It’s getting to the point where I don’t even know if these are real quotes or a parody… #saintsfc

@MartinC_94: “A free hit in terms of stuff” Stuff?! Is this a similar metric to Jones’ famous “aggression stats”? Clueless. Absolutely clueless. #SaintsFC fans gone from anger after Brentford to pure what-else-were-you-expecting feelings towards the board now.

@SteveGrant1983: This is up there with Glenn Hoddle’s “well when it went to 3-0 to us, that’s when it’s really got dangerous” (paraphrased) nonsense when he was Spurs manager

@HaleEndWill: I thought Nathan Jones was the best in Europe or so he said? 🤡 Have to feel for the Southampton fans, sacked a manager who would bleed for the club for some reject from Luton with a big mouth!

@ConnorFrieze1: Jesus wept his head is gone 😂😂😂

@DazLegend: Why do football clubs keep employing Nathan Jones??! You can see by his interviews that he doesn’t know what he is doing and his manner just says ‘amateur’! 🤔😊😆⚽️

@ConnorArmstrong: This guy has such a small-time mentality. Can never just accept a bad game as a bad game

@wwfcjoe_: Yeah fair enough mate maybe we’ll go down to 10 men more often then

@SaintRob__: You have to be joking.

@bluntyboi: Going 10 men down worried him? Most teams are delighted and push on to punish with an extra man. Not jones though, pound for pound that was utter drivel.

@52Wolf: So is he blaming us for going down to 10 men??? 🤣

Nathan Jones
– All round football management
– No accountability
– No respect
– Weird interviews
– Alienates Croatians
– Small man syndrome
– Self-proclaimed fittest human being in history
– Wife isn’t Welsh
Get him gone now

@jamesdelve: Glad the Premier League is getting to see how much of an arsehole Nathan Jones is. Just a weird, weird bloke.

@Saint2882: Nathan Jones get out of our club! You’ve turned @SouthamptonFC into a global embarrassment & enough is enough, just go or I hope the board have the balls to admit they’ve made a disastrous appointment. I don’t think a manager has been as hated since Branfoot! #SaintsFC #jonesout

@Hibberd8: How is Nathan jones seriously claiming the sending off on the 27th minute, when we were already winning, was the turning point in the game? Fuck offffffff this guys a fucking clown

@Wispa133: Nathan Jones, do the the right thing, go to your office, collect your LadyBird Book of Football Management and leave my beloved football club, I’ve been a Saints fan for all my 55 years, will continue to my dying day, you should not be our manager for another second. #jonesout

@Fuzzard07: Must be a tiny tiny percentage where teams have been 1-0 up at home against 10-men and manage to lose. The only pressure you brought upon the team, instead of attacking, you let Wolves attack for an entire half, the pressure you built was trying to defend a 1-0 lead. #SaintsFC

@mrlknightt: Breaking news: Jones’ next tactic is to play with 10 men, as it gives him a free hit and puts the pressure on the opposition🙃 #SaintsFC

@sfcharryy: What a lousy excuse. That’s pathetic. What a cop out man. Embarrassing

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