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Much loved ex-Prem and EFL keeper hints at retiring after watching opening weekend in pub

Much loved ex-Prem and EFL keeper Ben Foster hints at possibly retiring after watching the opening football weekend in a pub.

The veteran shot stopper is currently without a club after departing from Watford at the end of the 2021/22 season… and these days is spending free time with a pint in his hands watching the beautiful game like millions across the country.

The 39-year-old has been enjoying himself this summer and has been in no rush to find a new club or if it comes to it, even hanging up his boots and gloves it he doesn’t find new suitors.

“It has been the best summer of my life,” the goalkeeper told talkSPORT Breakfast.

“I left Watford at the end of last season. Normally, when the season finishes you get a month or six weeks off and you jam pack your holidays in.

“I didn’t really think I would be signing for a new club near enough when the season starts.

“I thought I could give myself two months of holiday, have a nice time and then take it from there.

“I’ve had the best three months ever, been on holiday, just doing normal things when the kids finish school.

“We normally have to take the kids out of school to go on holiday. I’ve enjoyed being a normal person.

“I got to sit in the pub on a Saturday afternoon and watch the early game and the afternoon fixtures, it was brilliant.”

He said: “One of my concerns was when the seasons starts I would get this longing and would miss it. I would get itchy and have to find a club.

“The Championship kicked off over a week ago and then the Premier League, I didn’t get any of those feelings.

“I’m sitting there with a pint in my hand in the pub with a packet of crisps. It was like heaven.

“Because I have so much stuff going on on the side it keeps me busy. I get just as much buzz from that as I do from football.”

He added: “I felt for some of the Watford lads. They went back on June 20, they had less than a month off.

“I was talking to some of them when they were doing all the running and it sounded so miserable.

“I don’t miss it.”

Foster has earned himself a huge following on YouTube with his Cycling GK channel, which as of of 10th August 2022, has 1.13m followers.

He also hosts a popular podcast called the ‘Fozcast’, where he interviews top level athletes and other content creators.

When asked if he considering a return to football, he added: “Not football-wise yet. If something really juicy pops up then I will look at it.

“What I’m doing with all the digital media and the podcast, I’m really enjoying that. You are basically doing this and just talking.

“I’m happy cracking on with that.

“If something does pop up then cool, but if it doesn’t then I don’t think I will miss it.”


Senior career
2000–2001 – Racing Club Warwick
2001–2005 – Stoke City
2002 → Bristol City (loan)
2002–2003 → Tiverton Town (loan) – 16 games
2004 → Stafford Rangers (loan)
2004 → Kidderminster Harriers (loan)
2005 → Wrexham (loan) – 17 games
2005–2010 – Manchester United – 12 games
2005–2006 → Watford (loan) – 44 games
2006–2007 → Watford (loan) – 29 games
2010–2012 – Birmingham City – 38 games
2011–2012 → West Bromwich Albion (loan) – 37 games
2012–2018 – West Bromwich Albion – 172 games
2018–2022 – Watford – 125 games

National team
2007–2014 – England – 8 games


Football League Trophy: 2004–05

Football League Championship play-offs: 2006
FA Cup runner-up: 2018–19

Manchester United
Football League Cup: 2008–09, 2009–10

Birmingham City
Football League Cup: 2010–11

Watford Player of the Season: 2006–07
Alan Hardaker Trophy: 2009, 2011
Birmingham City Player of the Season: 2010–11
Birmingham City Players’ Player of the Season: 2010–11
West Bromwich Albion Supporters’ Player of the Season: 2011–12, 2013–14, 2016-17, 2017–18
West Bromwich Albion Players’ Player of the Season: 2011–12, 2013–14
London Football Awards Goalkeeper of the Year: 2019

Fans reacted as the much loved ex-Prem and EFL keeper hints at retiring after watching opening weekend the in a pub and enjoyed it…

@douglas_orns: In other words no one decent has come in for you…

@Robinson7Alex23: @BenFoster is absolutely slept on as a goalkeeper and probably one of the most normal blokes in top tier football. Always had respect for him ☝🏻 @TSBreakfast

@valiantrobbo: Wish the Vale could afford you ⚽️ help our young keeper too

@TiernanCal: Class goalie and seems a class lad @BenFoster love how he talks about everything!

@mikeseat: Bit of news for you Ben- “normal” people don’t get to spend their entire lives on holiday and in the pub 😂

Mike Corcoran: Dear Ben, can you phone Harry maguire up and tell him he must join you in the pub every match day please 🙏🏻

John W Chaundy: Pint in hand and a G in he’s pocket 🤷🏻‍♂️

Robert Popkin: I thought he retired years ago.

Joe Jackson: We need him back at the baggies

Derek Kered: Come to Sheffield Wednesday

Jason Lee: Would be a shame to see him retire, would love to see him have one more go at it even if league one or two level, can’t see it happening though. he looks like he might have other ventures he could easily take up. as well as youtube, i could see him as a pundit like

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