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Mother gets note from school stating son had break time taken away for writing new Pompey chant

The Mother of a young Portsmouth supporting son earlier this week received a note from a school which stated that he had 15 minutes break time taken away for writing new Pompey chant.

Alison Williams took to social media site Twitter to post a photo of what her son, Jack, had written and it’s fair to say that it’s won a lot of praise from fellow fans.


The chant, which you can see below, went to the tune of Lou Bega’s Mambo No. 5…

“A little bit of Pitman in my life

“A little bit of Curtis at the side

“A little bit of Lowe is what we need

“A little bit of Evans we shall see

“A little bit of MacGillivray saving goals

“A little bit of Hawkins heading balls

“A little bit of Clarke, he’s the man

It added at the bottom, “These boys make me a Portsmouth fan”.

The tweet caught the attention of Portsmouth FC who then tweeted…

Since tweets were posted, Pompey fans urged others to make sure they sang the young lad’s chant and to kick it off by getting Mambo No.5 played out on the pre-match playlist at Fratton Park for future games.


Football fans replied to the Mother and the club’s tweets, applauding what the boy had come up with, and a few defended the boy by having a cheeky dig at the school – take a look at those tweets on the next page.


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