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Morecambe manager resigns to link up with League Two club

Morecambe manager Derek Adams resigns to link up with a League Two club according to reports, yep, the worst kept secret is confirmed.

The newly promoted Lancashire outfit have announced that he has left the club – paving the way for him to be unveiled as the new Bradford City boss.

The Bantams have been confident of wrapping up their hunt for the next manager in the next 48 hours, with the reveal potentially coming at early as Thursday morning.

It is understood that Adams has been the primary target for chief executive Ryan Sparks since being interviewed for the post in December.

The Bantams decided to keep Mark Trueman and Conor Sellars in position at the time – and promoted them to a permanent role two months later – after pulling the club clear of immediate relegation danger.


Derek Adams has today left Morecambe Football Club to pursue an opportunity elsewhere.

Co-Chairman Rod Taylor commented, “Derek did a fantastic job during his year and a half at Morecambe, not only guiding the club into League One, but also acting as a catalyst for positive change and encouraging everybody at the club to aim higher.

“For all of that we thank him, and we wish him all the best for the future. However, the club is now solely focused on moving decisively to appoint the right manager to build upon the huge opportunity that promotion creates for both the football club and the town.

“That manager will be tasked with delivering the club’s ambitious vision and strategy, and conversations have started already.”

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Co-Chairman Graham Howse added: “We are absolutely confident that we can recruit the right manager to move the club forwards.

“Not only in terms of competing on the pitch, but also in progressing player development and ensuring that every part of the club’s football operations are run as effectively and efficiently as possible”

This change and the timing of it presents a challenge, Morecambe Football Club will rise to that challenge and is relishing the test that awaits in League One.

After winning promotion with the club, Adams says there is no reason the club cannot eventually reach the Championship.

“We’ve shown this season you can do whatever you want to do,” he said.

Asked by BBC Sport where the club could go next, Adams said: “The club can go to the Championship if it wants to because if you believe then you’ll get somewhere.

“As a seven-year-old, I watched Aberdeen beat Bayern Munich and Real Madrid, so tell me what you can’t do in this world.”

In a game of few chances and on one of the hottest days of the year, the Exiles had earlier been denied a penalty of their own when Morecambe goalkeeper Kyle Letheren clattered into Scot Bennett.

“There was always going to be a slight twist in the game that was going to win it,” Adams continued.

“Wembley is a slow-playing surface that isn’t conducive to quick attacking play. Today, both teams dealt with the heat, and they tried to water the pitch the best way they could but it wasn’t free-flowing, there weren’t a lot of opportunities on goal.”

Speaking to the media at Wembley, the Scot said he had not committed his future elsewhere.

“There’s no deals done with any clubs. There’s a lot of speculation on players and managers’ futures. All I can say is that there’s no deal done,” he said.

“Today is all about making history and we’ve done that exceptionally well throughout the season.

“I’ve got a contract with Morecambe and that’s what I’m playing to.”

Fans reacted after seeing that the Morecambe manager resigns to link up with League Two club Bradford city, see what they tweeted…

@addmck: Thanks for everything Derek, just don’t take all our players please

@CRparker88: Absolutely gutted by this, but thank you Derek for making our dream a reality! Morecambe legend!

@bentomlinsonMFC: Cheers for everything Derek and good luck #legend

@wijnaldom: Fantastic how it’s written “an opportunity elsewhere”, otherwise understood as “the £££ don’t lie do they”. Never expected it from a man like him, thought there was a credibility to him. Not angry just disappointed, thanks for everything Dez. Morecambe FC legend.

@alexdore19: Its happening lads #bcafc

@EllanorRose: Gutted, an absolute pleasure to work with, always gonna be a shrimps legend

@StuartAkister: Least Evatt left us for a much bigger club in the same league……not one in the division below

@pompey_goals: Derek Adams reminds me of five a side teams who rather relegate themselves to division 4 cause they win promotion every season than play in the higher league cause they can’t cut it.

@TerraceTalk4: Leaving a new L1 team to probably stay in L2, a huge lack of ambition from Adams. Always liked Morecambe so hopefully they find someone who can give them a good run in League 1

@TravellingFan: I thought when Jim B left we’d be right in the shit and now it’s League 1. So while disappointing, good things can come of it. Hopefully the club have a decent idea on who they want already.

@MayflowerLad: Derek Adams is the perfect man to get #BCAFC back to League One. Just hope for your and his sake he doesn’t piss everyone off too quickly!

@rooobellis: Mega wounded by this but I would expect a L1 Morecambe to be much more appealing to higher-level managers. Fingers crossed we can hold some of the squad together though, big (and quick) task ahead for whoever comes in!

@DanielJonKnight: Whats the lowest ever points tally for a League 1 club?

@LiamStewartWFC: I really don’t get this

@iamtylercarter: Not really worried about this, worst kept secret in football. Faith in the board to make another great appointment. With that said, I hope Bradford crash and burn and he gets the sack after 1 month

@DRFC_ITEN: Brilliant, we get the bonus of a good club joining League One without having to put up with the cretinous, arrogant fool that is Derek Adams.

@CA_Annapurna: Derek did a fantastic job for the last 18m, culminating in Monday’s Wembley win.We’re in a fantastic position now to move confidently up a division in great health with the three year plan ahead of target which is a great time for a new manager to take the reins. We will succeed.

@louishart_: That’s Bradford up next year then

@georgemarshhh: Onwards and upwards now. New gaffer with a completely blank squad sheet apart from Lavelle and CMG. Loads of quality players out there, plenty out of contract and with payout from Adams and CMG transfer fee we will have some £ to spend. What a time to be a Morecambe fan

@mattsc9_: All aboard HMS piss the league. Shithouse Adams taking the roosters up #BCAFC

@Mattbcafc: oh yes you sexy beast

@RobertTopham7: He’s a first class shithouse him. Could have at least tried to keep them up.. Shithouse football, shithouse man.

@joecook69: Keith hill in!

@escapehere: He must be mad honestly. Be a hero at Morecambe or jump on the scrapheap of failed Bradford City managers.

@airevalley_nige: I supported Morecambe through the play offs because despite our recent history we are traditionally the underdog. It sounds patronising but I wish you all the best. I even tried to buy a shirt but they’d all gone. See both of us in league one in 12mths hopefully. #Shrimps

@ForeverAYellow: Just want to see Ellison shout at his face again next season lol

@AdamSalisbury1: Saddened by this. Derek Adams has done the impossible at Morecambe, and now walking into a complete basket case of a football club in Bradford City. I’d be surprised if he didn’t regret this.

@Michael62486649: Derek Adams will go down in Morecambe’s folklore. A legend. He has galvanised a group of players into a formidable force, whereby his successor will undoubtedly retain their status quo in the 21/22 League 1. TEAMWORK is the key to success.

@thescreenster: Gutted. Thanks for everything Derek, always a Shrimps legend

@DW94_: He’s just the king of league two really

@georgemarshhh: Morecambe legend forever and always. Thanks for everything Derek. You’re the man.

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