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Missiles thrown at James McClean, signs torn down, Wigan fan’s car vandalised

Missiles were thrown at James McClean by Bolton fans, signs were torn down by Latics supporters, and a Wigan fan’s car was vandalised.

The League One meeting was marred, though it emphatically answered Ian Evatt’s claim Bolton are the best team in the division with a 4-0 thrashing of their local rivals with around 21,000 fans in attendance.

The Trotters boss was taunted by 4,000 away supporters after Will Keane, Callum Lang and two goals from James McClean earned Leam Richardson’s promotion chasers an impressive victory.

However Wigan’s dominant display was marred by second-half crowd trouble. Missiles were thrown as McLean, involved in a war of words with Bolton over his Wigan move earlier this season, celebrated his opening goal.

There were even more trouble and disturbances after goalkeeper Joel Dixon deflected Lang’s 65th-minute goal into his own net.

Advertising signs were ripped down by Latics’ followers while more debris was hurled onto the outfield by a section of home fans. A number of spectators were ejected.

Referee Charles Breakspear stopped short of taking the teams off but spoke to police, stewards and both managers before allowing the game to continue.

Republic of Ireland star McClean ensured Bolton’s heaviest home defeat of Evatt’s reign with his second goal nine minutes from time. Keane started the rout after six minutes.

Tempers of course flared after the game and outside the stadium.

Bolton News report that several fans were ejected from the stands and missiles thrown onto the pitch.

There was a heavy police presence inside and outside the stadium after police initially warned in the build up to the game there would be extra patrols and those causing disruption would face swift action.

One witness said: “Police had riot gear on as they were dealing with it.

“There we’re dozens of officers there.

“It wasn’t just the normal sort of trouble you sometimes see, it felt a lot more unpleasant.

“An ambulance drove off from near Bolton Arena with its blue lights on. I just hope it wasn’t a serious casualty.

“Clearly the match didn’t go Bolton’s way and there was a lot of anger in the stands at that. But it was all threatening to boil over.

“We saw at least three or four Wigan fans escorted out and at least one Bolton fan near us too.”

An ambulance was called left the scene at around 5.15pm.

Injuries and casualties are unknown.

Credit: Bolton News

Fans reacted with missiles thrown at James McClean, signs torn down, and a Wigan fan’s car vandalised…

@dannyfuk99: Asking for trouble showing your badge at an away game. Not condoning it, it’s just common sense

@Tomlawton17: Why is it? People should respect other people belongings regardless of teams. Don’t see me smashing fuck out my neighbours car for supporting Blackburn

@joteddyuk: Pathetic. Why would it even cross someone’s mind to do this?

@martyndavies85: Who the fuck takes paint to a football match lol?

@shaunpne: Good job they got pumped then

@AndrewCattrell1: Nah, wrong uns behaviour that…..

@DominicR26: I mean it’s a bit daft leaving that outside your local rival’s ground

@plumpne: Only attack Bolton had looking at the score 😂

@aydeepee: Not big and not clever. In fact – pretty mindless

@mattbell40: The only way Bolton could hit the target today

@hughdwiliams: Should of given it an undercoat first looks washy

@markstommo: Check list before I leave for the game, clothes on, shirt on, scarf(optional), money, phone, wallet, paint……leave brain cell home too

@good_and_rich: Should have paid the few quid to the local “car park attendants” to look after the car.

@Graham_Down: That’s disgusting. Hopefully some CCTV is around the area and it catches the bellend that did it. Can only apologise as a @OfficialBWFC supporter. We lost fair n square today and this is totally unnecessary #WAFC #bwfc

@hammersmikey: Wouldn’t leave a badge on my car at an Away ground but how stupid / childish

@eaststandtyke: That’s shit behaviour

@1970_dave: Not on. Wankers.

@hopey550: Not saying it’s right, but why are you driving away to your local rival with your club badges all over the back of your car? Idiot 🤣

@NigeWolves: What a dickhead

@layton1984: Did the fucker nip in to B&Q at half time?

@MattyMoores1: Coming from a Bolton fan absolute embarrassment on the club that absolute morons

@That_Jordan97: As a Bolton fan that is pathetic. So called “hooligans” need to grow up. Embarrassed to be a Bolton fan tonight!

@colingarner1: No need, just no need… It’s only football at the end of the day, some poor person works hard to pay for things like this.

@CobbyC91: Fucking wank this ! Just probably a innocent family attending the game and some piss pot decides to do this , find the lads who your really looking for and chance having your head caved in you bastards!

@NigeAnderson: Bolton take paint away.Charlton take dildos.😂

@TheNamesBradMFC: It’s scummy but what do you expect when your teams badge is on there? Common sense to know people… especially football fans can be pricks at the best of times

@markyatesbwfc: Fuck. That’s someone’s property. Who the fuck carries paint around to do that

@PeterWard3: Bit uncalled for like

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