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Mikel Arteta in touchline clash and claims Arsenal were denied two ‘scandalous’ penalties vs Newcastle

Mikel Arteta got in a touchline clash and claims Arsenal were denied two ‘scandalous’ penalties in the game vs Newcastle on Tuesday.

The Gunners boss praised his side, but added that they should have been awarded two spot kicks in their goalless draw against the Magpies, who put on a strong display to keep the Premier League leaders at bay.

The result also brought to an end their 11-game Premier League winning streak at the Emirates, and frustration really showed right at the end of the game when things boiled over on the touchline.

Arteta feels the first penalty call not given came when Dan Burn pulled Gabriel back after a free-kick, before Jacob Murphy handled the ball in the final minutes.

The manager and his fellow players angrily waved their arms protesting the decisions, which were both checked by the VAR.

Matthew Upson, part of BBC Radio 5 Live’s commentary of the match, said of the second appeal: “There’s no doubt it strikes the arm but it’s not in an unnatural position and it’s not miles out of the silhouette of the body to attempt to block the ball.”

Sky Sports’ Gary Neville agreed with Upson and said the handball was “never a penalty”.

Newcastle manager Eddie Howe added it would have been a “travesty” to concede a penalty so late in the game.

“Obviously at that stage of the game you’re thinking ‘oh no, the lads have given so much’, and that would have been a travesty for us. I didn’t think it was a penalty but you just never know,” he said.

However, G Nev said that Arsenal can be “aggrieved” at the first decision and Newcastle were “very lucky” to not concede a penalty.

Referee Andy Madley dished out as many as nine yellow cards in a fractious match and crowd booed the officials’ performance come half time.

Newcastle defender Dan Burn speaking to Sky Sports: “Huge. Arsenal are really good and are a tough team to figure out. I think we did really well and weathered the storm for a bit and it shows how resilient we’ve been for probably the past year. When we’re not playing at our best we’re hard to beat.

“Bukayo Saka is a great player and he can go both ways. The wingers helped us a lot to double up on him. We got to grips with it as the game went on. We’ve got a good mix of young lads and experienced players in the team so we grew into the game. We’re happy with the point.

“We’re believing in the philosophy. We’re all working for each other and it was really important to get that clean sheet tonight.

“I think you’ve got to [frustrate them]. A lot of people expect you to let them win. There’s a lot of ways to win a football game. We managed it well.”

Newcastle manager Eddie Howe speaking to Sky Sports on the late penalty appeal: “Obviously at that stage of the game you’re thinking ‘god no, the lads have given so much’ and that would have been a travesty for us. I didn’t think it was a penalty but you just never know. I’m delighted and me and Mikel are fine.

“I think it was a very, very good defensive display and great mentality from the group. You saw good teamwork and a collective effort. I think Arsenal are very good and pose different problems so we knew defensively we needed to be rock solid.

“I don’t think there were many periods in the game where we were totally OK. We did have our moments – I don’t think we were great on the ball – but we had our moments to potentially nick it on the counter-attack or with a set-piece.

“We settled down after 15-20 minutes and started to play but Arsenal are a top side and we did well in the second half as pressure grew to be resilient.

“I was a little disappointed we couldn’t pose more of a threat. We could have done a bit better with but the lads gave everything.

“Our defensive performance has been very good and that’s full credit to everyone. We wanted to attack the game and be ourselves. I don’t think we quite were but that’s credit to Arsenal for forcing us deep.

“The next step for us is to have a little bit more quality on the ball but we’re looking to improve all aspects of our game.

“At the moment we are taking it day-by-day. We have a strong group of players but we will assess what we need in January. There are no intentions iminently to improve the squad but that may change.

“There’s no race from our perspective, it’s just about continuing to improve and that’s our main goal.”

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta speaking to Sky Sports: “Extremely proud of my players. The way we played, dominated the game, tried and continued to control the game. We needed that spark in the final third. We had so many situations. And when had two scandalous penalties.

“There were two penalties. It’s very simple. I’m talking about what I’ve seen. It was two scandolous penalties. I’m so proud of the work we have done.

“I think we lacked an extra touch or movement to finish these chances in this game.

“Newcastle wanted to set-up like this. It is not the way they play. They have not set-up like this against anyone else.

“When you cannot win you cannot lose and we kept a clean sheet and had a really good performance. Now we go again. I wanted to win the game are we drew it. We should have done some things better in the final third and we should have had two penalties to win the game.”

Options on the bench and transfers: “We had what we had. We have some injuries as well and attacking areas we don’t have that many options but it is what it is. That’s something we always try to do to improve our team and every window is important.”

Newcastle boss Eddie Howe speaking to BBC Match of the Day: “I thought we were resilient, dogged, brilliantly defending all areas of the pitch collectively. We managed the game well, a lot to like – maybe not with the ball but they are a top team.

“They [Arsenal] are very good tactically, technically and in wide areas. We had to find solutions to those problems and credit to the players for managing that. The start was tough, we grew into the game in the middle, the end was always going to be us having to be really solid to get the point.

“There were a few that weren’t bookings but once the referee sets his mark then it becomes that a lot of tackles are a yellow card. I never think that’s fair, in fairness he was strong when he needed to be especially with the home crowd.

“We want to compete in every game, we don’t want to turn up to grounds like this and not give our best. We competed to win and we didn’t manage to do that but we certainly gave them a good game.”

On Joelinton: “He does that consistently. He’s an incredible athlete and very highly motivated, a really solid team player and I’m glad he’s getting some recognition for that.”

Transfers? “We’ll try and make the right decision for the team, there’s no one imminently coming in but we will keep assessing.”

Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta speaking to BBC Match of the Day: “Really proud of team, the way we dominated the game, the way we approached the whole game, the way we generated a lot of situations to score a goal. We had some chances and there were two scandalous penalties that weren’t given.

“We opened them up a lot of times, we were just missing something in the final third, the movement and the quality we needed to hit the target more than we did. It was tough – they are a good side.

“The way we both play, it was a very competitive match. I’m really proud of the way the team played.”

On how Newcastle set up: “We can’t control what they do, Newcastle never play like this like they did at the end.

“The games are coming fast, we have the FA Cup, we have some injuries so lets see what we can do.

“We keep playing like that, performing like that and dominating we will win a lot of matches.”

This is what fans said with Mikel Arteta in a touchline clash and claims Arsenal were denied two ‘scandalous’ penalties vs Newcastle…

@VitinhoXLFC: Let’s see if he’s treated the same way klopp was

@GingerPirlo_: Absolute state of him. Embarrassing behaviour. Then look at Eddie. 👍

@wafflestomp24: Not an unjustified reaction to the level of officiating tonight

@kieraandixon: This is hilarious. Rattled by Eddie Howe’s mighty mags. Keep crying, Mikel.

@floodcolm: He was right to be. VAR should have given 2 pens in their game. Comical

@Gallowgatetwee1: Shameless Arsenal fans complaining about the ref as if he didn’t give a yellow any time a Newcastle player brushed up against an Arsenal player and Xhaka should have got a second yellow

@JosephWaheibi: This guy needs touch line ban he has been outline all year

@CormackJK9: Arsenal have always been class, but Arteta acts like a damn clown on the touchline..

@ISimpson73: Disgraceful, wants pens for nothing because his team isn’t good enough to score against the best defence in the league.

@anthonyfdshaw: a grown man. pathetic.

@RoyAndrew6: Yet when Klopp shouted at a ref Sky were screaming for a 10 game ban…

@Leewoodpanthers: Meanwhile in the real world, Grassroots coaches are constantly being encouraged to be professional show respect and lead by example. It’s time for some serious punishments for Top level coaches & staff. Fines are useless (they are all millionaires) deduct points. @Teamgrassroots_

@stevesanderstax: I like this Arsenal side, but I’ve never seen a coaching team complain as much in all my years. Constantly jumping up and down, haranguing officials, waving arms, brandishing yellow cards and trying to get an advantage. Arteta has learned a lot from Pep.

@smudgerb452: Outside the technical area more than he is in it. Forgot the rules don’t apply to him

@lewishoney29: What a helmet this bloke is

@clarkiesball: It is about time all this nonsense was stopped, too many technical area personnel running up and down the touch line. Tech area is the tech area. What standards are you setting

@santan85: If Klopp did that he’d get a ban sky sports news would have it as breaking news and they’d be calling for him to be jailed but arteta like his pal pep can act and do as they want 🤷🏻‍♂️ borderline criminal

@NUFCIrving1010: Embarrassing

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