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Middlesbrough’s new 2022/23 home kit causes huge uproar with own supporters

Middlesbrough’s new home kit for the 2022/23 season causes huge uproar with their own supporters, it’s easy to see why just looking at it.

The only great thing about it was Fabrizio Ravanelli modelling the new Boro jersey as the club unveiled the much-anticipated kit only for it to be a let down to many.

The signature red shirt with a white band was worn by the Italian for the unveiling to celebrate linking up with sports manufacturer Errea.

Boro have a long history with Errea, having previously worn kits made by them throughout their golden years of the 1990s and 2000s. The two shared an incredible partnership which spanned across 14 years and produced some rather iconic kits.

The latest has a retro feel, but it comes with a buttoned white round-neck collar, a white band across the front of the shirt, but it’s the sponsor logo Unibet in large black font that is the biggest disappointment due to it’s size. It means potentially awful sales figures for the club, not what they want to hear ahead of the 2022/23 Championship season. 


Boro’s official Errea home shirt for the new season has been revealed, and you can pre-order yours now from MFC Official.

In homage to our return to Errea as Technical Kit Partner, Italian icon Fabrizio Ravanelli has taken up modelling duties – with countryman Massimo Maccarone to do the same for the away shirt which will be unveiled in the coming weeks.

The red home shirts feature a buttoned round collar and Boro’s signature white band, which adorns the logo of Principal Partner Unibet.

Junior shirts, meanwhile, will bear the branding of Club Partner Host & Stay, which will also appear on the reverse of match-worn and replica shirts.

Pre-Order Now

Boro’s 2022/23 home shirts are now available to pre-order online and in-store at MFC Official.


Junior (5/6yrs – 13yrs): £42

Adult (S – 4XL): £50

*Please note that infant ‘Mini Kits’ are not available to pre-order.

Pre-order online now from MFC Official Direct

Pre-orders will be available for collection/dispatched for delivery from 9am on the official launch day of Friday 8 July.

For collection, customers who pre-order in store must bring their receipt. Customers who pre-order online for in-store click & collect must show their dispatch email.

The club shop will be open throughout the weekend of Friday 8 – Sunday 10 July.

For delivery, shirts will be dispatched from Friday 8 July, please allow 3-5 working days for UK delivery (UK), and 28 days for standard international delivery.

Pre-order online now from MFC Official Direct

As mentioned, Middlesbrough’s new 2022/23 home kit causes a huge uproar with their own supporters among others, see what is being said below…

@kennytibbs: That’s one of the worst home shirts I’ve ever seen boring and the collar is terrible 😞

@Willrichcol: Now release the actual kit

@Tomoneill84: Well that’s a huge let down isn’t it. What a waste of time. I have zero faith for this away kit now.

@davinamarieb: Not a fan 🤢

@HarryPattison77: delete

@justcalledtosay: The concept is great. The execution is really poor. Feels like it’s the first draft of the shirt.

@dellzincht: Wow, that’s…. dull

@JamesRandalll_: Simple, as it should be! Same as every year though I wish that gambling sponsor wasn’t size 200 font

@sihide1: Absolutely shocking

@DaveJohnson1969: It’s a no from me.

@SwitcherB: Not gonna lie , that’s fairly vile – I’ll be buying it anyway but it’s not a looker 😂

@Jinksyyyy: Cant just be me that thinks it looks like a PJ top? Awful especially after the hype, big opportunity missed imo

@Dann23MFC: That’s absolutely rotten lads

@_cnnxr: Well thats a disappointment 🤮

@pdbeefy: Got a lot more important things the spend £50 on at the moment

@MatthewBye13: Hmm not keen on that :/

@dlcrow_: 🤢🤢🤢

@WildersRWArmy: Take away the sponsor and it’s not that bad. Why do we have to stick with a betting sponsor that insists on having a tagline underneath it

@PAABaxter: Bloody awful. Why not adopt some of the designs that we see created by fans during the pre season. The majority of these put your ‘professional’ kit designers to shame and are far far superior than this rubbish. Is this really the best you can come up with?

@AyresomeGates: You’ll have some of the worst home shirt sales on record with this. Absolutely awful. Overly complicated sponsor squeezed in, Boro badge and errea logo not even in line. Basic stuff. Let’s pray the away shirt is better…

@PAABaxter: Crikey @boro, look at all these negative comments. Someone hasn’t done very well there have they when they choose that design. I mean, they must have spent all of 5 minutes designing that and that included the time it took to make a cuppa. SHOCKING

@ALankyNoodle: All that wait for that, it’s disgusting

@BLSports7: That’s something that looks like it’s been knocked up by a 9 year old on kit designer. Woefully underwhelming.

@j3cK_b: Can you buy it without the sponsor?

@JamesPoole10: Wow. Quite possibly the worst kit ever.

@JTGilly: They really hyped this top up 🤣 had a stinker there 🤦🏻‍♂️

@Ander9093: ‘Player safety first’ Whilst brandishing a big betting logo, enticing ‘players’ to gamble.Hey ho 🤣

@CptStonezy: Wtf is that 😂😂😂

@DaveRennie77: My god, that is horrific!

@reecewalker30: What the fuck is that

@Tylerr_day: Gambling sponsorship ruining kits for years

@MFC_Bailey: This is terrible

@AzzaMFC17: Really waited all this time for this shite

@imadoaspin: Bring back Hummel please

@Slangers: Shit and boring

@Robtheborofan: When you compare the fan concept shirts to the actual release it makes you wonder about the employed designers 🤷‍♂️ underwhelming this time. Cross between 97/98 & commemorative shirt. 🤦‍♂️
Hopefully the away shirt will have a lucky wow factor.

@JackHanlon28: So so crap

@Oli_Arnold: Wouldn’t wear that to paint the house 🤢

@davidrelphphoto: Fucks sake, that is an abomination of a shirt. What were Hummel dropped???

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