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Middlesbrough issue statement with father and son fans blamed for harming playoff hopes

Middlesbrough issue what has been described as a brutal statement with father and son fans blamed for harming their playoff hopes.

They have demanded police action after a child legged it onto the pitch at the Riverside Stadium during stoppage time in Saturday’s game against Stoke.

When the match got back underway, Stoke’s Nick Powell scored in the 94th minute and Middlesbrough have urged Cleveland Police to take action.

Boro still won 3-1, but the late goal means they go into the final match of the season two points adrift of both fifth-placed Luton and Sheffield United in sixth and Middlesbrough have a goal difference of 12, two worse than their Championship playoff hopeful rivals.


During our game on Saturday against Stoke City a child entered the field of play while the match was in progress, trivialising the importance of the game to our fans, town, players and management.
He was encouraged to do so by his father who recorded the incident on his mobile phone.

On returning to his father our staff asked that they exit the stadium, only to be subject to abusive and threatening behaviour.

Entering the pitch while the game is in progress will not be tolerated.

Abusive and threatening behaviour to our staff will not be tolerated.

To enter the pitch at any time is a criminal offence as is abusive and threatening behaviour.

The father and child have been identified and with immediate effect the father is banned from the Riverside Stadium for life.

We will encourage the police to take further action.

After the game four further incursions took place by children. All of whom have been identified and whose parents face banning orders from the Riverside.

Twitter users reacted as Middlesbrough issue a statement with father and son fans blamed for harming their playoff hopes…

@Borolad_1986: That’s the right call I’m afraid ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

@MarkArc62665935: Same energy for kids with cardboard signs begging for shirts next please ๐Ÿ‘Š

@TeaCider24: Good, I’d be banning the kid for a few years too.

@Lanners1: Excellent, the trend for parents pushing their kids to get shirts or get on the pitch is getting out of hand. Life bans might make people think twice. Hope my club would do the same.

@Josh_Vickers000: Great, but can the stewards not try to get the kid off the pitch or better even stop him from getting on in the first place?

@mcbrideBoro: Stewards aren’t allowed to manhandle children.

@MickyBrownless: 100% behind this. File it under the same as those begging signs for player shirts that end up on eBay

@LJacks100: Well done to the club ๐Ÿ‘. They clearly aren’t Boro fans anyway, no genuine fan would disrupt an important match like that ๐Ÿ‘Š

@boroweasel: Correct decision from the club. Never seen so many child pitch invaders in a season, was getting out of hand.

@ovyonekenobi: Brilliant MFC, incidents like these we’re getting too common place and spoiling the occasion. Please can you do the same for people with ‘Give me your shirt’ cards!? ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ˜„

@steven_metcalfe: Bravo ๐Ÿ‘….. That’s great news and exactly what should happen. The fact that the parent actively instigated it is mind boggling. Then to hear he was abusive after being asked to leave.

@relfyoftheboro: Good. This is something that’s on the rise and it needs to be stopped. This incident is made even worse by the Dad behind it being abusive to MFC staff when pulled up about it. Sends the right message.

@Steptoesyard: Good to see this, was fuming Saturday that the kid got to stroll off the pitch, if the dad was encouraging him then right to ban, needs the strongest deterrent to stop other dingbats.

@Chris_BoroUTB: Well done @Boro ๐Ÿ‘ Him running on the pitch resulted in the extra added time, which led to them scoring. No exaggeration to say his actions have the potential to cost the club tens of millions of pounds

@kathleitch: Good call by the club. They should also tell the players that if it does happen they don’t stop and pose for the selfie like Tav did. Others see that happening and think they can do it as well

@Charlie1876_: What about the thousands of other kids there that know not to run on though. Got exactly what they deserved imo to not ban them would be encouraging it

@RodEmmett: Class. Hope Gibson goes even further and sues the dad if we finish 7th.

@AlanHewitt10: Ban them all if it is premeditated and encouraged by parents. Getting sick of it.

@_TightWadBill: Glad theyโ€™re banning parents for sending the kids on the pitch. Now weโ€™ve gotta ban shirt signs

@jess_dalts: Absolutely right to do and about time. Been too many little whoppers going onto the pitch lately – both kids and adults might I add. Cringe and embarrassing. All need banning.

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